Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 20

Halloween Part 2

Garrett helped Rena to her feet “Thanks Garrett.” She says getting up.

“What the hell just happened?”

Behind them was the large stone wall, a head was a long dark hallway. The rest of the group was who knows where.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. This is just part of the experience.” Garrett spoke out noticing Rena’s frightened look.

“I’m not scared!” Rena denies crossing her arms glancing warily at the large stone wall before realizing something. “I think that’s the longest sentence you’ve ever said around me.” She points out with a chuckle.

He rolled his eyes in response “Let’s get going.” He began leading Rena through the hallway without another word.

"So, I don’t think we’ve ever had an actual conversation Gar. Tell me something about yourself.” Rena says breaking the silence as the pair walked down the dimly lit hallway.

“There’s nothing much to me.”

Rena rose an eyebrow “Oh come on! Nothing?” He remained silent “No crazy family? Interesting hobbies? Not even a girlfriend?”

Garrett’s lips twitched upwards at that “Yes, I have a girlfriend.”

Rena stopped mid stride not really sure heard him correctly. “Wait what?”

“You asked if I had a girlfriend didn’t you?” He pauses with a raised eyebrow pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Uh yeah.” Rena was looking at him with wide eyes, it was quiet for a moment “So..what’s she like?”

Garret shrugged “She’s cool.” With that he resumed walking, leaving her gaping at him.

“Wait up I have SO many more questions!” She called out jogging to catch up with the British boy.

Bart pounded on the wall urgently “Ali! Rena! Can you guys hear me?” Silence came from the other side of the wall.

“What’s going on?” Sor said in a shaky voice.

“Must be part of the building.” Suddenly, all four walls surrounding them slid into the ground and disappeared. Bart and Sor were now standing in an empty classroom.

“Where are we?” Sor asked.

“Looks like a classroom...with no door.” Bart observed. Sor looked around, and sure enough, all four sides of the classroom were solid wall.

“I think Kaiden got separated by himself.” Sor said studying the walls. “I hope he’s okay.

Bart scoffed. “I think we need to be more concerned with how we get out of here. There’s probably a spell or enchantment we have to find to get the exit.” Bart started rummaging through desks and shelves.

“I don’t understand why you dislike him Bart.” Sor was running her fingers along the wall searching for any hidden enchantments. “He’s nice”

Bart dumped books out of a shelf. “It’s because he’s a nice guy. That’s my problem. Nobody is that nice.”

Sor stopped and looked at him. “Bart that’s ridiculo-”

“Sor look,” he tripped and caught himself on the shelf. “Oh for heaven’s sake, is there anything you can do about these?” He point towards his very large clown shoes.

Sor giggled “Not at the moment but you might be in luck.” She bent down near a wall. There were small cupboards along the wall where students kept their things. “Aha. Lucky you. I found these, hopefully they’re your size.” She tossed him a pair of rugged shoes.

“Anything over those death traps will do.” He sat on a desk and changed shoes, tossing the clown shoes into a corner. “Anyway.” He started again. “Nobody is that nice Sor. And usually, the nicer that a guy tries to acts, especially to a girl, the more he’s trying to hide his nasty side.” Bart opened drawers in the teacher’s desk.

“Well you should still give him a chance” Sor said defiantly. She then paused for a moment to think. “You know, I’m an only child. I never had any older brothers or sisters that looked out for me. Even if I don’t agree with you on it, I appreciate you doing that. Looking out for me I mean.”

Bart dug through a pile of rubble. “Yeah well, big brothers are overrated anyway.” He kept walking around the class slowly searching. “They pick on you. Use you for their painful experiments. Test their pranks on you.”

Sor pursed her lips. “You never talk about him. Your brother I mean. Do you miss him?” Bart stopped and went silent. Sor wished she hadn’t said anything.

“Every day.” He looked at Sor for a second and then turned to keep searching.

“Is it just me or is it getting hotter in here?” Bart took his afro wig and red nose off and set them on a desk. His hair fell down his head.

“No, it definitely getting hotter. Keep looking, there has to be an exit somewhere.” Bart kept running his hands along the walls and across objects.

“So..” Sor took the clock off the wall, examined it and then placed it back. “You and Hope have seemed to get pretty close the last couple weeks.” Something caught Bart’s eye in the corner of the room. It was a spring door stopper.

“Uh-huh. And?” He tried to sound as nonchalant as possible as he made his way over. “Why would this be here when there’s no door?” He thought to himself.

“Oh nothing.” A small smile formed on Sor’s face. “I’ve just heard some rumors that you two might be going to the dance together. That’s all.” Bart looked at the wall by the door stopper.

“Your roommate has a big mouth.” He said calmly. His voice was broken up from heavy breaths of trying to push the wall open. He started running his fingers through the grooves between the bricks.

“So it’s true! AND you wore an embarrassing clown costume because she liked it. You must really like her.”

Bart rolled his eyes. “Look, I’m just waiting for the dance and we’ll see what happens after that. The important thing is that we don’t do anything that could ruin our friendship.”

His fingers found a niche. “There.” He pushes in and the wall split apart and swung open creating a door. “Now do you want to keep talking about Hope and I or do you want to get out of here?” He motions for the large opening in the wall that led out.

Sor’s smile got bigger at the sight of the exit. “Both” She said as they walked out.

“OW.” As soon as they stepped out Bart ran into someone and fell to the floor. Garrett was standing there holding his head. Rena was next to him.

“Guys!” Rena exclaimed “Finally we found someone. Garrett and I here have been walking around forever!”

“It hasn’t been tha-”

“Forever, Garrett.” She interrupts with a glare then returns her attention to her other friends “Haven’t found Ali and twins yet I’m guessing?”

“We just walked out of a closed classroom that was sealed shut 30 seconds ago. What do you think?”

“I thought clowns were supposed to be happy.” Rena grumbles “Is someone grumpy because he lost his size 27 shoes?”

Ali noticed that he, Hope and Trevor were in a walled off room by themselves. “This is a new feature...this is-”

“Say spooky and I throw you through the wall, Vito.” Hope said, voice in a slight panic.


There was a moment of silence before Ali approached the wall not liking the lack of conversation.

“Alright, there’s gotta be a way out of here! Hope, you’re an architect. What’s the best way to bust down this wall?” Ali said, patting on the smooth surfaces.

“Well seeing as how they magically appeared, maybe YOU have some magic spell to get them removed??”

Trevor was twirling his toy hammer. “Maybe we just have to wait it out. You said it’s part of the show, right Ali?”

“It would make sense to me...but I’m getting booored.”

“We’ve literally been here for 5 minutes”

“Five minutes I could be doing some spoo-”


“You know what I mean! Besides, Officer No-Fun has to get back to her clown date!”

“ WHAT now?”

"Your. Clown. Date. That boy you’re obsessing over.” Ali turned from the wall to stare eye to eye with Hope. “Trev, am I wrong?”

Soon the argument grew more intense as the twins continued to go back and forth, fighting like school children.

“You are SO annoying!”

“You think you’re sooo cool!”

“At least I don’t watch musicals!”



Ali was at his wits end. “Both of you! Shut the hell up already!” He put his head against the wall and sighed. And in the brief moment of silence, he could hear distant voices. The familiar tone of his friend’s conversation was on the other side of the wall. “Hey! HEY! Guys are you there?!?” Ali called out as loudly as he could.

Bart turned his head. “Did you guys hear that?” He started down the hall looking for where that voice came from. “Hello?” He walked a little farther.

“Bart! Lad! We’re behind the wall!” Bart looked bewildered. The voice came from straight ahead but there was nothing there. He walked slowly forwards with his hand out before being stopped. His hand hit something. He felt around. “Guys! Over here! There’s some kind of invisible wall. Ali?” He put his ear to the invisible wall

“Bart!” Hope said, joining Ali at the wall. “Bart we’re stuck! We’re in some kind of room but there’s no way out!”

“Can’t you do something Garrett?” Rena asks hitting the wall with her hand in frustration.

“Not sure.” Garrett wasn’t even sure what this was. They couldn’t see a wall, or their friends, or anything but them empty hall.

“How the heck are we supposed to get them out of there?” Rena asks turning to her friends. “Any ideas?”

“Okay Ali listen. Sor and I got trapped in a classroom with no door. We searched for almost half an hour before we found a secret latch that opened the door. Search for one, we will look out here.”

Suddenly there was a blood curdling scream from behind them. “What was that!?” Trevor said from the other side of the wall.

“Tell me that was just one of the haunted house jump scares.” Rena looked behind her.

“No.” Garrett said. “That one was different.”

“That was Kaiden!” Sor said in a panic recognizing the familiar voice.

“Garrett, please tell me those stairs don’t lead down to where I think they do.” Garrett didn’t answer. “Okay we have to get them out NOW.”

Ali, Hope and Trevor each searched every crevasse of the walls. “Guys, wait a second.” Hope said, turning to the center of the room. “The walls would be too easy.” She began violently stomping on the floor tiles until finally, one caved in and the walls disappeared. Suddenly, they were reunited right in front of each other.

“Thank God! I couldn’t have taken another minute of that.” Ali shouted to himself.

“I think Kaiden wandered into the forbidden floor.” Bart said quickly. “We have to go get him! Sor was starting to shake, remembering her time spent there.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Rena orders before turning to Sor “Don’t worry Sor, what happened last time isn’t going to happen again. We’re all going to stick together.” She offered a small smile and put a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her.

“Well couldn’t we ju-”

“NO.” Rena slugged Ali in the arm before he could finish his sentence.

“Here.” Hope pulled the baton out of her costume belt and handed it to Rena. She pulled the taser out for herself and then un-holstered the pistol and gave it to Bart. “It’s not much but it’s something.”

Bart pulled the slide back on his pistol and let it go. “Come on, we need to go.” They made their way to the stairs. Stopping at the top then taking a deep breath they all stepped under the caution tape that blocked the stairs off and once more made their way into the forbidden floor.

“How could he have possibly gotten himself here? I’m starting to think we should have left him at the dining hall” Ali said as the group filed in through the stairwell door. The floor was exactly as it was when they were here last. Not even a touch of the Grim’s cosmetic magic could be found.

“Yeah maybe he had something in his fanny pack for Ian’s nose.” Bart snorted. It was pitch black. Bart felt himself kick something as he walked. “Ali light it up.” He spoke quietly. A white light appeared behind Bart. He bent down to pick up what he kicked. It was a long and red float with a cross on it. He looked at Rena. “Kaiden’s definitely down here.”

“Let’s look through all the doors.” Rena says leading the way.

“He has to be around here.” Bart’s voice was in a whisper. “Nobody goes through a door alone got it? And we need a way to find the entrance.” Garrett nodded. A Purple energy emitted from his hands. He shot it at the wall and big glowing purple arrow formed pointing back the way they came. “I’ll set these at every turn”

The group went through the dark hallway opening each door. The further they walked, the darker it got. Ali’s light seemed to get dimmer and dimmer. “Ummm... Guys...” Hope called.

“What is it?”

“Come look at this.” They other 6 came to the door where Hope was. It was closed, and scratched into the wood of the door was a name.

“Alister O’Malley.”

“Not now...” Ali said. He recognized the door immediately. He stood there, clenched fist, blank expression.

Sor placed a hand on Ali’s shoulder, her brows furrowed in concern “Are you alright?”

“This door stays shut.” Bart ordered . “We don’t have time for this.”

“That’s not how this work, Bart. I HAVE to go in.” He finally turned back to his friend. “Garrett will watch the door. He knows what to do.”

Garrett nodded.

“You guys go find that lifeguard.” Ali tried to force a smirk, but the anxiety was evident.

“We split up last time and it didn’t seem to go so well.” Trevor said. He was holding his fake Thor hammer as if he was going to swing it at the first creepy creature he saw.

“Aye, but unlike you lot...I know what I’m doing.” He flung open the door, and shut it quickly behind him.

“Ali you idiot!” Rena shouted after him. She turned to Bart with a raised brow “What now?”

“Ali!” Bart hit the door with his fist. He sighed in frustration. “Garrett stay at this door. I need you to bring him out ALIVE so that I can kill him when we get out of here.”

Garrett let out a chuckle. “Yeah okay. But here, so that we can get back to each other.” Purple energy emitted from his hand again and 6 strands came out wrapping themselves around each other Wrists. “The strand will tug at you if one of us is in danger.” Bart nodded his head.

“Okay. So..” he looked at the others. “Who wants to take lead?”

“Come on” Rena says taking the lead “the quicker we find Kaiden, the quicker we can get out of here.”

“Alright, Ali boy. It’s not real.” Ali muttered to himself behind the shut door as he closed his eyes, steadying his shaky breathing.

He opened his eyes, and he was back in Galway. A modest home was in front of him. There was a tire swing hung from a tree and an old SUV in the driveway. He walked up to the front porch, and kicked the door mat aside.

Smiling, he picked up a spare key hidden in the cracks. He turned the lock, and walked through the entryway. The living room was adorned with photos and paintings placed over a fireplace. Ali continued towards the kitchen, where a woman no older than 40 was washing vegetables in the sink.

“Hey Ma.”

Time moved on slowly, which neither of them seemed to mind. Ali flipped through an old book at the kitchen table while his mother finished with a stew. Maeve was a beautiful woman, with bright eyes and strong facial features. She was tiny, yet commanding.

And it was evident that the gift of gab that Ali possessed was in due part to her. They laughed and talked about everything from school to Maeve’s family and the like. “Here, meals ready. And piping hot.” She brought her son a bowl with a hearty smile.

“Aye, I’ve missed this. Chefs at the school don’t know shite-”

“Language, boy!”

“Sorry! they don’t know the first thing about making a real Irish meal.” Ali finished the last few slurps of the broth while Maeve cleaned dishes. “How is the school? Are you making friends?”

“I am! I have plenty. We’ve really bonded over sports and classes and all that.”

“That’s great, son.” She said while scrubbing plates. “Have a girlfriend yet?”


Maeve laughed. “Well I have to ask, son.”

Ali paused and looked to be in deep thought. “No girlfriend. It’d be too distracting, aye? With my classes and homework and the like.”

Maeve rolled her eyes. “Kissing arse does you no good.”

“‘Language!’” Ali said, mimicking his mother. They both shared a good laugh.

“Besides, if I had a girl around the house all the time, I’m sure Pap woul-”

Maeve slammed a dish down on the countertop. “I’ve told you. Do not speak of him in my house.”

Ali’s demeanor shifted. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean, you’re bleeding!”

Maeve’s hand now carried a deep laceration. “I’ll grab a bandage!”

“NO! I don’t want your help!” Maeve’s tone completely shifted. Rapidly, her appearance began to change from the youthful appearance she had when Ali was a child to a frail, decaying corpse. They both looked shocked. Maeve’s shock soon turned to anger. “YOU DID THIS! YOU AND THAT BASTARD FATHER OF YOURS!”

“N-n-no! No, ma, that’s not it and you know it!”

Ali fought through tears, took a few deep breaths and came back up. “You’re not real. But I’m so sorry.” He darted for the front door, while the monster shouted after him. “DON’T LEAVE ME HERE! ALISTER!”

He opened the door, and the scene changed. He was back in the hallway, with Garret. He sunk to the floor with nothing but a blank stare and a few yet dried tears.

“Same dream?” Garrett said in a voice that conveyed understanding and concern.

“Every time, lad.” Ali took time to collect himself. “Let’s go find our friends”

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