Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 21

Halloween Part 3

“How big is this place?” Bart checked what felt like the hundredth door. “Kaiden could literally be anywhere.”

“I dunno but we have to keep looking.” Rena murmured. Suddenly another loud yell echoed through the hall causing the group to pause “That’s Kaiden!”

Bart turned the corner in a hurry. The first door was cracked open. He opened it with the tip of his gun and looked inside. “Guys over here.” Kaiden was on the ground against the wall. His face was pale and he was sweating profusely.

“Come on snap out of it.” Bart started smacking his face. “Kaiden come on.” He got him to his feet but Bart supported all of his weight on his shoulder.

Sor stepped closer to Kaiden and shook him slightly as Bart supported him “Kaiden? Wake up! It’s not real.”

He groaned after a few moments snapping out of it and gave her a lopsided smile “Sor? God I really hope this isn’t a dream right now or else I will be very disappointed when I wake up.”

She shook her head and smiled at him “No it’s real. Don’t worry we’re going to get you out of here.”

Ali and Garrett came running down the hall just in time to see the two Mages in a close embrace. His jaw ticked at the sight”Well, isn’t that nice. What’s say we get out of here now, aye?”

“I should leave you down here after what you just pulled.” Bart said but he clapped Ali’s hand.
“You good?”

“Good.” Ali said, sharply but not coldly. “Can we leave him instead?” He whispered to Bart, gesturing towards the half naked American.

“Unfortunately not. If he saw the vampire down here then he’s the only person who can let everyone else know where to go.” Bart held up his hand showing the infinity symbol on his palm.

“That’s too good of a chance for us to leave down here.”

“Guys as much as I love being here.” Rena interrupts sarcastically “can we PLEASE leave?”

The group made their way back following the arrows. They turned to the final stretch of hallway that led to the stairs. They got closer and closer to their exit. “Ummm.. who is that.” Trevor asked with a shakey voice. There was a figure standing in the stairs, blocking their exit.

Bart’s pistol raised pointing at the figure. It took a few steps closer. “I wouldn’t do that, whatever you are.” Bart called out.

“What do you think you’re doing.” The figure snarled as he approached with lightning speed. Bart was so caught off guard by the figure speaking that his gun aim lowered and the figure grabbed it from him. Ali’s light revealed Professor Mort’s pale and angry filled face. “How dare you come down here. All of you in my office. NOW.”

“We can’t catch a break tonight can we?” Rena grumbled as the group followed the professor towards his office.

“Aye this is a load of bull s-”

Hope elbowed Ali in the side “Shut up you idiot before you get us in even more trouble.”

If Professor Mort heard any of the conversation, he didn’t show it. He held the door open for the 8 students. “Sit.” He slammed the door shut behind them. The professor set the pistol and red lifeguard float on his desk. Bart notices something silver on his desk as well but couldn’t see it from his angle.

He stared at the group of students In their now rugged costumes. “What do you think you were doing down there. Do you have any ide-”

“It was my fault sir.” Kaiden cut in. “We all got separated by the walls in the building and I somehow ended up down there. If these guys hadn’t come and saved me I think I’d still be stuck down there.”

Professor Mort’s eye twitched. “I see, Mr. ...?”

“Reed sir. Kaiden Reed.” “Ah Mr. Reed. Well seeing as I do not have you in my class, you would not know this so I will give you this one pass. I do not like being interrupted.” Professor Mort’s voice was icy cold. “And as for your little story, I oversaw any enchantments to our spooky festivities” he said spooky in a mocking tone.

“And none of the walls transports you into the forbidden floor, so I am inclined to say that you are lying.” It felt like he was spewing venom with his words.

“But that is what happened! He’s not lying!” Bart exclaimed.

Professor Mort glared at him. “If I wanted you to speak Bartholomew.” He emphasizes ever syllable of the name. “I would have asked you to”

Bart clenched his teeth. “Don’t call me that.”

Professor Mort paid no attention to these words. “Now, I will be alerting all of your headmasters of this. And you will all serve detention with me this Sunday at 8 am.

“But sir,” Hope raised her hand as if in class “we have stronghold that day and half of us are on the teams.”

“Then it’s good that your teams have plenty of back ups.” He didn’t break eye contact with Hope. “Because I expect all 8 of you in this classroom at 8 AM on Sunday morning.”

Ali stood in protest. “That’s a load of s-”

“Would you like to make it two Sundays Mr. O’Malley? Or do you think that just because your father is a headmaster that you are immune to punishments.”

Ali gritted his teeth and slowly say back down.

“Now get your things and leave. I want you out of my sight.” The group slowly got up. There was a low grumbling between all of them. Kaiden went to the desk and grabbed his float. Bart followed after and grabbed his pistol. He was about to turn and head out when he saw what the silver thing he had noticed was. It was his knife, the one that he lost in the forbidden floor.

“How did that..” he grabbed the knife to observe it.

“Are you coming Or do you plan on spending the night in here?” Professor Mort snarled.

Bart gripped the knife and turned to walk out of the door with the rest of his friends. The group headed back for their dorm. None of them felt like talking. They all walked Hope to her dorm first and went their separate ways from there. “I’ll walk Sor and Rena to their dorm.” Kaiden offered smiling down at Sor. None if them protested. Nobody felt like protesting or making sarcastic comments. They all split off from the front of the Dorm Building 1. Trevor and Bart headed to Building 3, Ali and Garret to Building 4, and Kaiden walked Rena and Sor to the doors of Building 12.

“Crazy night huh?” Ali observed with his friend, their costumes now sweaty and covered in dust.


“I’d do it again, aye?”

“I know you would.”

“Hey Rena, do you mind if I talk to Sor alone for a sec?” Kaiden asks as they approached the entrance of the dorm.

Rena did her best to hide her smile “Oh yeah sure. I’ll just be up in our room Sor.” She glanced between the two with a knowing look “Okay I’ll just uh be going now.” She quickly left but not before glancing back at the two once more.

Kaiden chuckled as Rena left “She’s something else.”

Sor rolled her eyes “You’re telling me.” She nervously fiddled with her fingers realizing that they were now alone “So, did you have something you wanted to tell me?”

“Well it was more like ask.” He gave her a sideways smile “I was wondering if you’d be my date for the winter dance? I’ve tried asking you a couple of times tonight but we keep seeming to get interrupted.”

Sor’s eyes widened in surprise, oh boy. How was she supposed to answer that? Sure she liked Kaiden but going to the dance together could give him the wrong idea. Besides, she was still holding on to the thought that maybe someone else would ask her. “Oh. Well umm.” She not knowing what to say then sighed “It’s been a really long night Kaiden, can you give me some time to think about it?”

His grinned faded slightly before he nodded his head “Yeah sure, take all the time you need Sor.”

She smiled at him “Thanks Kaiden” Then made her way to the entrance of the dorms. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Sor.”

Sor had successfully managed to avoid Rena all morning, getting up early before her, and even taking the longer route to History of the Unknown Word. Rena stood outside the door of the classroom with excitement. She tapped her foot excessively on the floor glancing back and forth between the halls. “What’s got you all jittery?” Hope asks approaching Rena, Ali, Bart and Trevor behind her.

She smirked “Kaiden asked Sor to the dance yesterday and I’m dying to know if she said yes or not. But the little brat has been avoiding me.” She grumbled the last part out.

“Surely she didn’t.” Bart said hoping Sor listened to what he told her in the Grim’s building.

“Well we’re about to find out, here come Sor now.” Hope says inclining her head towards the blonde girl walking down the hallway.

“Sor!” Rena exclaims moving from her spot to run towards her roommate.

Sor’s eyes widened as turned around quickly to walk the other way. “Hey don’t run from me!” Hope let out a laugh as Rena began to drag Sor towards the group.

“Ow! Let me go you crazy person!” Sor exclaims

“Come on tell me please!” Rena begs as they neared the rest of their friends.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sor replies trying to escape her grasp.

“You do. We know Kaiden asked you to the dance.” Sor groaned as she tried to hide her blush “There’s nothing to tell Rena because I didn’t give him an answer!”

“Wait what do you mean you didn’t give him an answer?” Rena asks incredulously letting her go “Kaiden Reed asked YOU to the dance. How could you not give him an answer!? The other girls at this school might actually explode from jealousy once they hear about this!”

Sor adjusted her cardigan with huff “Can we please just talk about this later Rena?” She looked over at her friends, her face still feeling hot.

Rena crossed her arms and rolled her eyes sighing “Fine.”

“He already had a bad night Rena. She didn’t want to make him feel worse when she said no.” Bart suggested with a grin on his face.

Rena elbowed Bart in the side “You don’t know that. We all had a long night last night, she’s probably just waiting to say yes to him.”

Sor threw her hands up in the air in annoyance, “Can we please go to class now instead of discussing Kaiden and I?”

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