Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 26

The Winter Dance Part 1

The day of the Winter Dance had quickly approached and the school was buzzing with excitement.

“Sor I promise I’m more than capable to get myself ready alone,” Rena says as she, Hope and Sor walked down the hallway together, the final class of the day had finally been dismissed and all the students were in a rush to get themselves ready for the biggest event of the semester.

Sor pouted her lips “Oh come on Rena, where’s the fun in that? Girls always get ready together for this kind of stuff. Besides I don’t trust you enough to not wear your dress.”

“Your lack of trust hurts Sor.” Rena replies with mock hurt placing her hand over her heart. Hope giggled and shrugged, “I think it’ll be fun to let Sor give us a makeover. Just do it, Rena.”

She looked between her two friends who were giving her pleading looks before sighing in defeat “Fine. But I better look damn fantastic when you’re finished.” She pointed a threatening finger at Sor who was smiling triumphantly.

“So you have any ideas of who you’re going after at the dance?” Bart and Ali we’re walking into the basement from class.

“Awww, you ask as if it’s just one person.” Ali winked and slapped Bart on the chest with the back of his hand. “I figure I have enough admires that I’ll have my pick of the bunch. Besides,” he said as he threw himself down on one of the couches. “Girls feed off us this weird jealousy type thing, aye? They see a few beans getting cozy with ole Ali, and then they want in. Like clockwork.”

“I think you’re an idiot sometimes.” Garrett, who was already hanging out in the basement said.

“You’re my wingman! How could you say something like that?!”

“Because he’s an idiot too.” Bart laughedGarrett shrugged.

“Fair enough”

“Well I’ll be the idiot with dates lined up all spring semester, how about that?” Ali joined in laughing.

“’s going to be a great night lads.”

Trevor walked in the door with a hanger bag. “People are going crazy out there. Someone broke down in tears on the sidewalk because they dropped their tie in a puddle”

“Rena if you don’t sit still I’m going to murder you!” Sor yelled out trying to tame Rena’s curly hair. Hope sat on Sor’s bed in amusement watching the scene before her. “Ouch! You’re tearing my hair out!”

“Stop being dramatic!”

Rena grumbled as Sor began curling and styling her hair “Why do I need to curl my hair again, when it’s already curly!?”

Sor glared at her through the mirror on the wall “Because I said so, now shush and let me work.”

Hope chuckled flipping through one of Sor’s plant encyclopedias “Relax Rena, Sor knows what she’s doing.”

“I’d relax more if she wouldn’t manhandle me!” Rena exclaimed.

“Again, you’re being dramatic!”

It didn’t take long to get Hope ready, the lack of complaining and resistance helped. “Okay come on, I told the guys we’d meet them in the basement in a few minutes,” Sor says once the two girls were dressed.

“Uh you’re not even ready yet?” Rena pointed out strapping on her heels.

Sor smiled “Give 5 minutes.” With a wave of her hand, her hair had begun to magically move and style itself, while she applied a small amount of makeup. True to her word five minutes later Sor was dressed.

“You could have done that this whole time?!”

Sor smiled innocently “But that wouldn’t have been as fun. Now let’s go.”

Rena knocked on the basement door loudly “Hope you idiots are dressed because we’re coming down!” Trevor was leaning against the table. He was wearing navy dress pants with a pinstriped light blue shirt. He had a navy tie on with light brown shoes and belt. “Yeah come on in.”

Rena was the first one down, grumbling as she stumbled in her heels “These damn things are annoying.” Her hair was in a high updo, stray curls framing her face. She wore a red satin a line dress that stopped at her feet, a high side slit reached mid thigh “Not a word.” She huffed out avoiding their gazes crossing her arms nervously noticing Trevor gaping at her.

“Y-you look great!” Trevor gave her a beaming smile.

Ali and Garrett walked out of the kitchen. the bathroom door opened and Bart walked out as he was tightening his black tie. Bart was wearing slim charcoal gray pants and vest with a light gray shirt underneath. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. “Now I know why people in suits always look unhappy. Ties choke the li- oh hey Rena.”

Just then Hope walked through the basement door. Bart stopped in his tracks. “Whoa” Hope was wearing a sky blue halter v neck dress that reached the floor as well, Sor had added intricate crystal details that shimmered with each step she took. Her platinum blonde hair was down and fell over her shoulders in waves.

She blushed under Bart’s gaze “What? Is it too much?”

Bart opened his mouth to reply wanting to let her know that she looked stunning but was interrupted as Sor walked in behind her with a bright smile.

“Aw look at all of you dressed up! You guys look so great!” She was wearing a green floral floor-length dress with a deep v neck and hugged her small waist, the color contrasted well with her skin and make her green eyes pop. Her hair was thrown into a low bun, curls framing her face.

Ali did his best not to stare at Sor but he couldn’t help she looked...beautiful. He shook his head looking away from her, throwing a smirk on his face, he was about to go and surround himself with other beautiful girls who weren’t one of friends. Tonight was going to one for the books.

“Well, looks like we’re all here. Time to head out!” Bart says holding his arm out for Hope to take as the group made their way out of the basement.

“Let’s do this thing!” Ali said, throwing open the door to the gym which was now fashioned into a winter dance hall. The lights were a low, warm blue and the walls looked like a snowstorm. A theme of Winter Wonderland had been chosen and the Architects did not disappoint.

“Arch did a really good job on this here. Hope, did you do any work on the design?”

“I designed the DJ platform.” Hope pointed upward. Hovering around the room, 25 feet in the air was a large platform. Nothing was holding it up as It floated around the room. Each corner of the platform had large speaker towers. There were tables all along the edges with soundboards and DJ equipment. Standing in the middle was the DJ himself.

The bottom of the platform was covered in dozens of low white and blue lights, to light up the areas directly under it. “It’s enchanted AND wireless. Students can make song recommendations just by saying the name and the artist and it will appear on his list of requested songs.” Hope smiled proudly at her design.

“Right on! Hey Trev, know any good showtunes?” Ali said, much to the disdain of his friend. “So, where do we begin?”

“I’m going to get some punch!” Hope said excitedly.

“I can get it.” Bart claims stopping her and giving her a smile.

She looked at him in confusion.

“I’m your date right? I’m supposed to get your punch”

Hope gave him a smile. “Well aren’t you a gentleman.”

Bart nodded towards the other guys to come with him as he walked towards the food and drink table. As the boys were walking to the table Bart noticed Ian standing against the wall with a group of girls around him. He still had a cast on his arm from his encounter with a vampire. “I’m just glad that it was me and not someone else. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did. What? Yes, it hurts a lot but it’s okay, I’m used to pain.” There was an audible aww coming from the group of girls.

Bart rolled his eyes. “What a tool. It’s been like what? 2, 3 weeks? Anyway, see anyone you might like to talk to Ali?”

“Plenty.” Ali scooped some drink into his glass. “ I just gotta wait for Mr. Hotshot to lose some steam out here.” He winked at one girl across the table. She scoffed and turned away walking off with her friends.

Bart shook his head and laughed.

He grabbed two glasses and filled them. “Any girl who is going to fall for that is not the kind of girl you need my friend.” They started walking back towards the girls.

“They’re the same ones who are falling for ole monkey breath over there.”

“No way dude.” Rena replies looking uninterested at the boy in front of her, she recognized him from her hunter training class and knew he was a grade A tool. Ever since the boys left they had been bombarded with guys asking for dances and for all of them to be rejected. It has only been a few minutes and Rena was already tired of it.

“Oh come on just one dance!” He begs with a smirk his eyes wandering up and down her body appreciatively. This guy obviously can’t take a hint “If I would have known you could look that hot Beasley, I would have asked you to the dance a long time ago.”

Her mouth dropped open in disbelief “What the hell did you just say?!”

Sor and Hope looked at each other with wide eyes both thinking the same thing ‘She’s definitely going to murder this guy.’

The guys walk up and notice the young hunter. Trevor hands Rena her drink as he stopped next to her and turns towards the guy, eyeing him. “Everything all good over here Rena?” “I was just asking Beasley here for a dance and letting her know how good she’s looking tonight.” The boy responds winking at Rena.

She opened her mouth to reply, most likely to curse at him, but Trevor beat her to it.“Yeah, she is looking good.” Trevor said in a cold voice. “Too good for you. Keep your eyes to yourself and beat it.” He stepped between Rena and the boy.

Rena glared over Trevor’s shoulder as the hunter angrily stomped away. Sor let out a sigh of relief and a small nervous chuckle “I really thought she was going to kill that guy.”

Rena snorted and crossed her arms “Oh I was. He’s lucky you guys showed up.” She then smiled gratefully at Trevor “Thank you, by the way.”

“Of course. What kind of date would I be if I let other guys be jerks to you.” Bart clapped him on the shoulder.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Hope said. “It’s a dance isn't it?”

Rena grinned “You’re right, let’s go dance!” She grabbed Trevor’s arm and dragged him to the dance floor. Hope took Bart’s hand and they followed behind. Bart was a little uncomfortable on the dance floor. Hope laughing at him didn’t help but the longer they were there the more he loosened up.

Sor stood off to the side with Garrett as their friends danced “Not one for dancing?” She asks giggling as she watched Bart attempt to dance.

He chuckled and shook his head tucking his hands in his pockets “No. I don’t dance. Why aren’t you out there?”

She shrugged “Oh being a third wheel doesn’t sound like fun. It's been a while since I've actually danced.”

“Well if you embarrass yourself out there, you probably won’t look as bad as O’Malley does right now.” He nodded his head over to Ali who was attempting to flirt with a girl over at the punch table, the girl though looks incredibly uninterested.

Sor frowned slightly before masking it with a grin “He’s failing miserably isn’t he?”


Ali sulked on his way back over. “This is a disaster! What is going on, Bean? Why aren’t the fish biting?” He sat his drink down on the table next to them.

“Maybe don’t call them fishes.” Garrett said, sipping a drink and eyeing the floor.

“I don’t want to hear it! You’ve been holding the wall all night! I’d like to see you do better!”

“Okay. How about her?” Ali pointed at a tall girl with wavy hair in a red dress.

Garrett handed his drink to Ali. “Yeah alright. Here goes...” He gave Sor a humored look as he made his way over.

“She is sooo hot. Meagan LaBlanc. Third-year. There’s no way Gar makes this..”

And with that, Garrett and Maegan were lip locked in the middle of the dance floor. The two mages gaped at their friend unable to believe what they were looking at.

Sor giggled behind her hand “Guess Garrett has more game than you do!”

“I’m going to get a refill.” Ali stomped off.

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