Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 2

There was a tangible drop in humidity to almost non existent levels. You could see for miles! The entire atmosphere of such a place was amazing. It was here in Greenland, where the civilian world and magical world changed hands.

Mr. O’Malley and Bart were standing on a paved walkway. Behind them on the road was a quaint little town, places to eat, to shop, and to rest were scattered about in European styled buildings. In the distance the surrounding mountains could be seen indicating they were in a valley. There were rows and rows of houses settled in the valley just beyond the town. It was...quaint.

Bart furrowed his brow seeing the weather outside the town looked different than in the town. There was something keeping the temperature warmer here almost like a barrier.

“This is Dry Ridge,” said the Professor to his younger counterpart. “And this is Ethelwine.”

In front of them was a winding path that led to the steel gates protecting the courtyard of a towering, Gothic university building.

The two stepped towards the archway of the grand courtyard that somehow seemed even larger once inside. The buildings were massive in scale and looked as if they stepped off the page of an Epic of Old. Bart had seen some crazy places back home, but nothing this vast and full of splendor.

“Perhaps your brother told you stories of this place hmm? Of the nice variety I would hope.” Professor O’Malley spoke with the cadence of a poet, but always with warmth and invitation to more in depth discussion.

“Um.” Bart gulped as he looked all around “Nothing much more than the name.” They passed groups of people talking, a jumble of languages reaching his ears.. Bart stared at them in bewilderment “ are they talking? They were all speaking different languages?”

“Ah, yes I guess that must seem strange. Hold still, hm?” The tall man pulled a tiny, beaten up book from the satchel draped over his shoulder. “Typically we would have waited until orientation for such a thing, but special circumstance calls for certain exceptions, hm?”

O’Malley read from the text in some incoherent phrase, and Bart watched in awe as the words left from the page! “Now just breathe anddd.” as O’Malley spoke, the words became gold dust and with a snap of the fingers, covered the boys throat and dissolved. “That oughta do the trick.”

Bart gagged and waved his hand in front of his face trying to get the dust away. “Please tell me that wasn’t just some cremated fairy or something.”

O’Malley let out a laugh that was much more than the comment necessitated. “If it were a fairy, it must have lived a horrible life to be turned into a simple speech spell.” Bart knew this was a joke, but the dry tone made him wonder.

“Speech spell? Why do we need that?” Bart wondered as O’Malley put the book away.

“As you may have noticed, we have many students from all over the world attend Ethelwine. The speech spell makes it easier for us all to communicate with each other. Your accent will stick, weather or not that is unfortunate is up to you.”

They began walking together through the courtyard heading towards registration. “Now we have a few hours before orientation begins. How about I show you the great hall, hmm? I’ll fill in on anything you need to know.”

“Okay then.” Bart replies glancing around, admiring the architectural details. “So these five classes, what are they?”

“Ah, the five classes of magic, we have the Hunters, The Mages, the Brutes, the Architects, and the Grims. You will be administered a wee test to start the day. Very simple, just a way for us to better know you as a student, but in the end it is your choice what you like to be.”

“So tell me about them.” Bart urged impatiently.

Theodore chuckled “The Hunters are trained as the best of the best in the offensive side of protecting magic types against evil. They are the ones who take care of the things that go bump in the night, from vampires to giants. It’s all about physical and mental strength as well as weaponry skills. Truly a great class to be part of. Most of our graduates tend to drift towards The Order of Magical Affairs to become full time Hunters or Enforcers. You’ll come to learn more about them later.

Now the Mages are your magic folk, wizards or witches as simps like to call us. We operate with spells, potions, charms, you get the rest. We handle all things magic that goes on in our world, most of Ethelwine is enchanted. I must say, with no particular bias, being a mage is not a bad path, hm? Some Mages tend to be very useful in our world. OMA is particular about having as many Mages in every department as they can.

Ah let us continue with the Brutes, known for their immense strength. They have the willpower to shift in any creature they would like. An enchanted mark is tattooed into their skin, granting them the power to do so. If you spot random animals in the school, it may just be a brute.

Architects are truly a remarkable set of people, those are your genius’ taken to a new level. Combining engineering and magic, they create most inventions that are used in our world as well as here in Ethelwine.

And finally we have our Grims, they are similar to Mages but operate in all things dark magic. It’s quite a difficult class to be part of due to the mental strain that comes with using such dark power.”

“Whoah.” Bart says taking in all the information, all the classes sound so interesting. How was he supposed to pick just one? A small group of people walked past him gaining his attention. One had a crossbow on his back, another with camouflage painted across his face and a sword on his waist, while the last had a bolt action rifle slung across his shoulder. Bart stopped walking to watch them. Those had to be Hunters.

’They’re allowed to just walk around with weapons like that? Those are Hunters right?”

O’Malley turned, ever perspectively “Ah yes, they are indeed hunters. Carrying around the much firepower is a privilege most students are able to attain but do not worry, the school is enchanted making their weapons almost useless. is awesome yeah?”

“Very.” Bart said still looking as if in a trance.

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