Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 5

Dinner had come and gone at the O’Malley residence. Bart had come to enjoy being around the Irish father and son, though they were quite odd, it was nice to be around a family.

“Come follow me.” Mr O’Malley said as they got up from the dinner table “We have many things to discuss Mr. Winchester. Ali, mind cleaning up dinner?” He turned towards his son who was already grabbing the empty dishes.

“Already on it Pap.”

The older man chuckled and gestured for Bart to follow him upstairs. When they got to the hallway Mr. O’Malley stopped in the middle of it below an attic door. He grabbed the rope pulling down the ladder that slid down and touched the wooden floor “After you.”

Bart started up the latter into a large dusty attic that had old furniture and knick knacks that were covered in webs and dust. Ted came up behind Bart and headed over to a large black trunk. He grabbed two dusty chairs and set them in front of the trunk. “Uhhh, what’s in there?” He asks curiously but also a little nervous.

“This.” Ted patted the top of the trunk “This belonged to your brother. It has most of his belongings in it. He gave them to me to look after when he was expelled so that when you became of age to attend Ethelwine, he could pass them along to you. But sadly...” His voice trailed off. He didn’t need to continue, Bart knew what he meant.

“May I ask you something.” Bart didn’t want to go any further into this before he figured some things out.

“Of course my boy. What is it hm?”

Bart took a deep breath “Why was August expelled? I mean from what I can tell he was really good.”

“He was extraordinary!” O’Malley exclaimed “Best of his class but I’m afraid that is a very long story. Good thing we have time then.” He gave a quick smile but then his face went serious again. “Do you know how your parents passed?”

Bart stared at him blankly “Umm...well I was very young, so I don’t remember a lot, but they died in a gas explosion.”

Mr. O’Malley looked down disappointed “That’s what I thought. It was portrayed as that in the normal world yes but that is the fabrication people tell so others don’t know the truth. But it is just that, a lie.” He looked up at Bart “As you hopefully know, your father attended Ethelwine, he and I were classmates actually. He was a Grim and a very good one at that. As i’ve told you before Grims tap into dark magic for their powers for good rather than evil like most dark magic users. This makes them very susceptible to being pulled towards the darkness. Your father, was not one of those people. He resisted time and time again, refusing any offer that was made to him. Then he met a German girl, your mother, while on one of his quests and fell in love.

He gave up his magical life and settled down and made a family. That’s how you and Augustus were born. Obviously you two took after your father’s side. When it was discovered that William Winchester had two sons that had strong magical presence inside of them, it was decided that you and your brother could potentially be future threats. Though, no one really knows why or who could possibly was threatened by William’s children.”

Bart’s head was spinning as he took in all this information “Wait so my parents were murdered? How could August not tell me the truth about this?! I can’t believe this!” With tears in his eyes, Bart started to get out of his chair.

“Calm down Bart, please sit down and let me finish the story.” O’Malley states calmly eye the boy. Bart took a breath composing himself once more. So many thoughts were running through his head. He took his seat again allowing Ted to continue.

“As I was saying, it was decided that your family was now a threat and something needed to be done. The deed was given to a terrifying dragon by the name of Apophis. All it took was one swoop and the beast came down upon your house, fiery breath and all. Miraculously, you and your brother survived, although to this day, I have no idea how.” Bart was now wiping tears out of his eyes.

“That’s a lot to take in...” Bart said trying to take steady breaths. “What does this have to do with my brother’s expulsion?”

“I’m getting there. Well, after your parent’s tragic ending. You boys were not parentless and homeless. OMA’s department of Human... in our case InHuman Resources, arranged for you and your brother to go to an orphanage that uh...well...sympathetic to our world despite being run by simps. And well your brother became of age, he was recruited to Ethelwine where he excelled in his Hunter classes. I mean he was phenomenal. Some time during his second year, he discovered the truth about the true passing of your parents and wanted to avenge them.

Obviously the Dean and headmasters of the school could not let Augustus go hunting a dragon and get himself killed. So we forbade him from doing so much to his dismay. He studied and studied, digging up every piece of information he could find on Dragons and one dragon in specific, Apophis.

In his fourth year, he disobeyed and went after Apophis by himself. To everyone’s disbelief he got his revenge. The dragon was slayed, something very few people have ever done.”

Bart stared at him in complete shock. “He...k-killed a dragon?”

Mr. O’Malley nodded his head in confirmation “But he went against our rules. He cared very little about what anyone said or thought as long as he got his revenge. So the head council of the school decided this requires some sort of punishment and a vote was put through. He lost 3-2 and was expelled from the school.”

Bart was silent trying to process everything that he was just told. Mr. O’Malley sat there, not sure what to say “But my dear boy, something good came from your brother’s disobedience!” He said trying to sound as cheerful as possible. He stuck a key inside the lock on the truck, turned it, and opened the top. “Dragons are extremely powerful, and some of their parts have amazing magical qualities.

Your brother harvested parts from Apophis and made this out of the defeated dragon.” He reached inside of the trunk and pulled out a beautiful ivory colored bow. “He made this out of the bones of it. He named it DragonsBreath. Here, have a look hm.”

Bart took the bow in his hand in awe. He loved every inch of it from the smooth texture of the sanded bones to the bow string that seemed to shine multicolored at different angles. It was magnificent, a masterpiece. “Pretty cool hm? He left that to you, along with is.” He pulled out a quiver full of arrows.

“Dragon scale arrows. Can penetrate almost anything and able to be enchanted with anything.” The arrow tips were a purplish color that shines at different angles like the bow string. “And I know that you’ve been worrying about how you would pay for supplies.” He continued then reached into the trunk pulling out a smaller chest and opened it.

Bart’s mouth fell open as gold, rubies, and emeralds sines in his face from the best. “This should set your for life or anything close. It was all he found in the dragon’s cave. It should help you get through your school.”

Bart was speechless. He didn’t know what to say or do. He just sat there. His brother left all this for him.

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