Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 8

With all the necessary shopping done and sensing the sun lowering it was time for Bart to see his dorm for the first time. It would be his new home and he was very nervous about it. It’s been so long since he’s had a place of his own.

Bart headed up to the 3rd floor of Dormitory 3.

“307, 307, 307” he thought to himself as he walked down the hall looking at each number above the doors.

He stopped in front of a door with a number above reading “307”. He struggled to pull his key out and stick it in the lock with his bags of supplies hanging from his arms but he finally nudged the key to turn right as he heard the click of the lock. The door swayed open as he stumbled in.

The room was decently sized, bigger than what Bart would have thought a dorm room would be. Except where one of the two beds should be, there was a military green cot with a bags neatly tucked under it that were the same green color as the cot.

Laying on the cot, was a girl. She had platinum blonde hair in a high ponytail and was wearing a plain black tank top with jeans and a pair of black low top converses. Sitting at the desk a couple feet away from the cot was a boy, who looked similar to the girl. He had buzzed blonde hair that seemed a few shades darker than the girl.

Laid out across the desk was white towel with black smudges all over it and parts of what Bart could only guess were to a pistol spread out. He seemed to be cleaning the parts. The boy turned in his chair and looked up at Bart who was still holding his supply bags. “You must be my dorm mate” the boy said with a straight face. He got up out of his chair, wiped his hand on the towel and stuck it towards Bart.

“The name is Trevor. Trevor Johnson.” Bart glance at his hand for a second awkwardly realizing his hands were full. He places his supplies at his feet and shook Trevor’s hand. “Bart Winchester. It’s nice to meet you.”

The boy released Bart’s hand. “Winchester. Like the rifle, I like it.” He took a step back.

“Ahem” the girl on the cot was sitting up now and was looking at Trevor expectedly. “Oh right.” He said, unenthusiastically “This is my twin sister, Hope. She’s not staying in our room, she was just up here bothering me while I was trying to get stuff done.”

Hope got up ignoring Trevor’s last comment with an infectious smile on her face. She took a step towards Bart and wrapped him in a big hug. Bart stood there unsure of what to do with the stranger who had her arms around him.

“Oh right, she’s a hugger. Should have warned you.” Trevor said, rolling his eyes as he turned back to his gun parts. Hope released Bart and stepped back. “It’s nice to meet you. She smiled again at Bart.

Hope was a shorter girl, maybe around 5′3 but had an athletic build to her. She had a medium tan with freckles on her nose, and black smudges in different areas of her arms. “I see that you’re a hunter!” Bart looked at her confused. “What? How did yo-”

“Your pistol case came out of your bag when you set your bags down.” Bart looked down at his feet, and sure enough, some of his things had poured out of his limp bags.

Trevor has turned around again as Bart started picking up his supplies and setting them on what he assumed was his bed.

“Let’s see it then.” Trevor said standing up and pointing at the pistol box eager to see the gun. Bart handed the case to Trevor to put on Bart’s desk. Hope rolled her eyes. “Before you do that don’t you want to show him your tattoo? My brother here is a Brute. Go on show him!”

Trevor rolled his eyes at his bossy sister but rolled up the sleeve of his left shoulder revealing the black inked tattoo in the shape of a German Shepard. It was simplistic but clean. Bart stared at it in amazement “That’s amazing.”

“It hurt like hell though.” Trevor remarked smirking slightly rolling his shirt sleeve back down, returning to the gun still sitting in its case. One thing about the Brute’s tattoos, it was a very painful process. Not only were you receiving an actual tattoo but your DNA and the DNA of whatever animal you choose morph together. If a student wanted to be a Brute, they had to be really sure they wanted to be in the class. The marks were permanent after all.

“Excuse my brother he’s sort of an expert on guns, always loves comparing guns with people, he gets it from our father really. I’m an architect myself, taking after my mother. Or so I’m told anyway. We never really knew her. She passed before we could even walk.” Hope continues to ramble on.

Bart was all too familiar with that. Trevor was now inspecting Bart’s gun. “Where are you from then?” Bart asked looking between the Twins.

“USA originally.” Hope answered cheerfully. “But dad is in the army so we’ve moved around from country to country.” Trevor moved his gun out of the way and replaced it with Bart’s.

“You’ve got a good one Winchester. Here, pull up a chair and I’ll show you how to clean it and take care of it properly.” He sat down at the desk and started taking the gun apart.

Hope gave an amused smile at her brother and then to Bart as he grabbed the other desk chair. “Well I’ll talk to you boys later, I’m gonna make sure I’ve got everything set for classes.” She walked over and gave her brother a kiss on the top of his head. Then backed away to avoid his hand hitting her in the face as he tried to wave her off.

“It was nice to meet you Bart.” She says and walked out of the room. Bart pulled a chair up next to Trevor and watched him take a part his gun.

“This isn’t so bad.” He thought to himself.

The next morning Bart woke with a start hearing his alarm blare. He hit the button and sat up slowly. Trevor was sitting on the edge of his cot lacing up his boots. “Rise and shine Winchester. You mumble in your sleep.” Bart pulled his covers off and got out of bed. He opened his wardrobe, now full with new clothes that he had bought. He hasn’t had a closet full of clothes in years.

“First day of class.” He thought to himself. Bart pulled on his new hoodie, and then his denim jacket over it. Bart pulled his hair back into a ponytail and popped open his trunk and pause for a moment looking at the ivory bow and quiver laying next to a locked chest. Bart grabbed the quiver, slung it over his shoulder so that it leaned towards his right shoulder and grabbed his bow.

“Bow user huh?” Trevor said looking at Bart’s gear. “Not bad, that’s a nice one.”

Bart places his bow around his shoulder and then picked his pistol off of the table and placed it into his holster that sat snug on his thigh. “First day, let’s get started.” He said to Trevor and they both walked out of their dorm.

Trevor had a campus map in his hand studying it as they walked out of the dorm building. “Okay.. we’re here sooo we go-”

“We go this way” a voice had cut him off. Bart and Trevor looked up from his map. Hope was leaning against the dorm building, as if waiting for them to come out. She was wearing overalls with a long sleeve shirt under them. She had a tool belt around her waist and her blonde hair was in a high ponytail like the first time Bart had met her. She had a large smile on her face as she walked over, hugging her brother and then Trevor. “Are you guys excited for today? I can’t wait to go to Class Training.”

Bart was about to reply when Trevor spoke first “Why are you waiting out here for us? Don’t you have class to get to?” Bart realized that this was a good point, it was kind of odd that she would wait on them. Hope had an amused smile on her face. “I wanted to walk to class with you guys, we’re going to the same place after all!”

Trevor looked up as if he was horrified at this news. “Don’t tell me you-”

Hope laughed. “I took a sneak at your schedule yesterday, we have first session together.”

“So you have History of the Unknown World too? That’s great!” Bart was thankful that Hope had class with them. He likes Trevor but he seemed a little standoffish and maybe Hope would be able to help him break through his shell.

“Yepp! We should probably get going!”

The group started walking. “I guess you’ll get to meet a couple of my friends then. I met them the day of orientation and we seem to get along really well. I think we’re meeting up right before class starts anyway.” Bart states as they followed Hope’s directions.

Sor and Rena made their way towards their class, walking past numerous other students, most glancing down at their schedules searching for their class.

“What a chance of luck that we have the same class first session. History of the Unknown World. Sounds interesting right?” Sor says glancing between both of their schedules.

“Yeah super interesting.” Rena replies rolling her eyes and avoiding a student not watching where he was going. “Too bad that’s our only class together besides lunch hour. How am I supposed to find my way around this giant place?!”

Sor let out a soft laugh covering her mouth with her hand. “I’m sure you’ll find your way around. Should have taken that tour of the school.”

Rena chuckled, ready to reply before noticing a familiar figure ahead of them, “Look it’s Bart. Come on.” Rena grabbed Sor’s wrist and began pushing past students to get to her friend “Hey Winchester!”

Bart looked up from his conversation with Hope and Trevor. “Oh! Hey Rena! I want you to meet Trevor and Hope.” Hope smiled and took a step forward towards Rena but Bart nonchalantly grabbed the back of Her bag to hold her back.

Rena was definitely not the person to try to hug. He gathered that much since meeting her. Hope gave him a confused look that he ignored. “Trevor is my roommate and Hope is his twin sister.”

Trevor tried not to stare at the dark haired girl in front of him. She was...beautiful. All coherent thoughts left his mind as she walked closer to them. How was Bart friends with someone like her?

“Get ahold of yourself Johnson.” He thought snapping himself out of his trance once the girl began to speak.

“Twins? That’s pretty cool. I’m Irena Beasley, but you can just call me Rena.” She grinned then gently shoved Sor in front of her “This is my roommate Sorina.”

Sor shyly waved her hand to the three “Sor is just fine, it’s nice to meet you all.” She says softly.

“Where’s Alister? I thought he was going to meet us before class?” Rena questions eyes wandering the hallway.

“Yes, g’d morning. Move. Move. MOVE! People have places to be THANK YOU!” Ali’s unmissable voice echoed through the halls as he and Garrett, his silent companion, pushed through waves of students on their way to class.

“Swear some kids like to stand around wide eyed with no intent of actually doing anyth- GUYS!” Ali finally made his way to the group at large, mushing one last student. “Sorry it took us so long. A right nightmare this morning yeah?” His eyes scanned the area in front of him. “And who are these people?”

“This is Hope.” Bart started to grab her bag but then got an amused smile and decided not to. Hope gave Ali a hug which puzzled him and then she proceeded to give Garret a hug. Bart grinned in amusement seeing the boy look so uncomfortable.“And this is Trevor, my roommate”

Ali and Trevor shook hands. “These two shared an oven, aye?” Ali laughed. The twins, while distinct, had a certain quality to their faces that were indescribable.

Rena rolled her eyes and coughed to get Alister and Garrett’s attention. “Sor, this is Garrett,” She begins gesturing to him. “He doesn’t say much but he’s pretty cool.” She grinned over at the boy whose lips twitches upward slightly.

“And the loud Irish boy is Alister, Ali, this is Sor. My plant obsessed roommate”

“Hey! I’m not obsessed!” Sor blushed slightly then shook Ali’s hand “Nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure, Sor.” Ali forgot about the rest of the room, looking exclusively at this green eyed girl in front of him. “Plants, yeah? Not many friends growing up?” He asks with a charming smile.

Sor blushed harder and shook her head, her golden curls shaking back and forth. “More like having an overprotective father. I was never given the chance to have friends.” She shrugged.

“We should probably get to class.” Bart interrupts. “Do you two have History of the Hidden World as well?” He said looking at Sor and Garrett who nodded their heads.

“Well maybe University life can help with that, bean. Yeah Bart, we’re all in that. Just down the hall here. Follow me!” The group filed through the hallway to a set of tall wooden doors.

“After you, friend.” Ali held the door for Sor who entered first, followed by Rena. As Garrett walked through, Ali gave him a playful, back hand tap on his chest and raised his eyebrows. Garrett chuckled quietly, shook his head and entered into the classroom as the rest followed suit.

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