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Dark Elve Cleanna Lucan, assassin of Queen Valeria of the Eunoch Clan. gets send on a mission to the Firio Clan. The Firio Clan is famous for their earth stones, the stones can turn anything into a powerful weapon. Cleanna's mission is to steal them and kill the Ferro family that protects them. But something goes wrong and Cleanna refuses to kill the youngest daughter Leah of the Ferro family but instead kills her squad. She escapes the Elve realm called Eurothia with Leah and the Earth Stones and hides in the Dark Realms. But danger is far behind.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Cleanna and Leah's First Meeting

Blood drips from the dagger and falls unto the ground. Three bodies lay unmoving and blocking the path to the entryway. My breath comes out in ragged puffs of smoke, making it hard to breathe. My heart is beating so fast it might burst if I don’t calm down. I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes, I thought of a place that wasn’t here to help calm my mind. I couldn’t afford to panic now, my heartbeat slowed down. I opened my eyes and looked at the three bodies on the ground. I need to dispose of them. Queen Velaria will send out a search party if we don’t report to her soon. I wiped the dagger clean and put it back in its sheath. A noise rattled in the house, it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. I walked silently in the direction of the noise and decided to inspect it to see what it was, while my hand hovered over my dagger in case I might need it. I opened the kitchen door and saw that a young girl was sitting on the ground beside a body. Blood was spilling from the wound in the person’s back. As I walked closer I could see that the person was an older female, she’s probably the girl’s mother.

“Mommy please wake up! We need to get away from here.” the young girl said between sniffs. I walked closer and saw that the girl was still holding her mother’s hand, but she didn’t move because she was already dead.

“Your mother won’t be waking up again because she’s already dead,” I said while kneeling and looking in her face.

“You can’t stay here, Queen Valeria will send more people to make sure that the Assassins did their job. When they find you here, they will kill you.”

Tears streamed down her face, but she didn’t look up when she said, “But why didn’t you killed me? You are part of the bad people who killed everyone else including my mother.”

She lifted her head, although she was still crying our eyes locked and she refused to look away. It made me smile, she was very brave but that’s expected of the Firio Clan.

“Yes, I am or rather, I was part of the bad people but not anymore. I refuse to follow a Queen who just kill for the sake of killing. There’s no honour in that, or any purpose in that I’m done walking that path. That’s why I’m leaving Eurothia. You can stay here if you want but you won’t live long on your own. I will dispose of the bodies and then I’ll ask a neighbour to look after you. The choice is yours.”
I stood up and push the sleeve back from my left wrist, to reveal a tattoo with two names connected and put two fingers on the tattoo and said.

″Anouska Ahh- Muun!”

The tattoo unfurled and transformed into a blue dust of smoke and formed a cat-like figure and Ahh- Muun appeared.
“At your service Mistress.”

“Ahh-Muun I want you to stay here with the girl while I go and dispose of the bodies.” The Servikal bowed his head and said. “Yes Mistress, but I have to ask are we in trouble?”

“No need to worry about that right now. I will fill you in along the way. We don’t have much time we will be leaving Eurothia soon. So prepare for anything.”

“Yes, Mistress” the cat sat down while watching the girl and her mom. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

I turned around and headed to the front entrance where the bodies lay. Luckily there were no people around this late at night. The Earth Stones of the Firio Clan had many uses, and not just for making weapons. They can make fire that can turn anything into ash in an instant. So disposing of the bodies would be easy.

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