The Last Shifter Alive

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This word is different from what it used to be… There was a war, before all this mess the world had turned into. There was a war between all kinds of mythical creatures. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Witches, Demons, Angels and Shifters, they all went to war for power, power no one should have. Vampires won, in the prosses making Angels, Dragons and Shifter go extinct. No one has seen them after that. Until I came along...

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Chapter 1

Vampires took over the world and humans are just pets for them. I wasn’t a pet yet, but I was in a pet shop, let’s hope it’s for long.

In this world, mythical creatures rule over humans and the ones above them. Fairies rule over humans, Demons rule over Fairies, Witches over Demons, Werewolves over Witches, Vampires over Werewolves, and there are Hunters, all they basically do is hunt down the creatures. Dragons, Angels, and Shifters rule over everyone. But no one has ever seen them after the great war all over the world.

About one year later...

Every day mythical creatures come to this shop, some buy pets, others buy supplies and the rest just look at me and the others. Actually, all they do is laugh at me, not the others, me.

I was tired of it, I was tired of every single creature that came here, I was tired of every single thing. I was tired of life.

But today was different. A Vampire boy, about 16 or 17 years old, came to the shop. After he looked at everyone he started asking the pet Master about me.

Please don’t buy me. Please don’t. Please. I silently pleaded sitting in the corner of my cage with my eyes closed.

“Get up!” the pet Master said, banging on my cage door. “You have a new Master.”

W-what? No. Please, please tell me this is a nightmare. I don’t want to be a pet!

“Get up I said!” I slowly got up on my feet and looked closer at my master. He’s kinda cute, I’ll give him that.

The door opened and he came in, he put a collar around my neck. Not too tight and not too loose.

“Let’s go,” he said pulling me out of this goddamn shop. When we stepped out I covered my eyes with my hand because it’s so bright out here. I haven’t been outside for, literally, ages. I even forgot how warm the sun is.

Honestly, now I’m grateful for him buying me. Oh, god, how I missed the warmth of the sun.

“Come on. You’ll have lots of time on the sun,” he said getting into some fancy car.

About 30 minutes passed and we are still driving. But the good thing is that he let me sit on the seats and not on the floor.

“What’s your name?” my Master asked me.

“Aliya, Master,” I answered, looking at the floor.

“Full name.”

“Aliya Matthews Carter.”

“Carter, you say?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Where’s your family?”

“They were killed when Vampires broke into our house.”


How could that be f**king interesting?!

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