A Touch of Magic

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The Hidden World

I ran through the forest, finding it surprisingly difficult to keep up with Mr Bayes. An old man shouldn’t be able to run that fast. I pushed that thought, along with all the others, to the back of my mind and focused on staying alive. After what seemed like hours of running Mr Bayes suddenly stopped and held a finger to his lips. Kate was about to open her mouth to ask why when I clamped a hand over it and dragged her down next to Mr Bayes who, in a split second, was now behind a bush, observing the group of hooded figures walking in front of us. They were people, that was for sure, but their clothing was strange. It looked clothing of the Old Times. They wore what my history books described as “hoodies”. The leader of the group however, was dressed differently; he had a long black cloak with the hood pulled over his face and an emblem sewn into the back of the cloak. It was an open hand with a red circle in the middle of it.

Mr Bayes cursed, “Goddammit, this isn’t good. The Disciples of Chaos were wiped out decades ago, what are they doing here?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, I just wanted to go home, put my feet up and drink a nice cup of tea, but instead I was stuck running around the forest with Kate, which isn’t that bad, and a lunatic with glowing eyes. There were five ‘Disciples of Chaos’ in front of us, with one lookout. From our position we had no way of getting past them without being seen. Mr Bayes frowned; he must have been thinking the same thing. All this time I didn’t realise that my hand was still over Kate’s mouth. I let her go.

“What’s going on, Tom?” She asked softly.

I shook my head, “The only guy who knows that is right next to me and keeps rambling on about people who shouldn’t exist.”

Mr Bayes turned around, “Would you two shut up, they’ll hear-” He was cut off by the sound of footsteps coming near us.

“Hey boss, I think I heard something.”

The lookout was walking towards us cautiously. I frantically started searching for a weapon, spotted a stick but before I could use it Mr Bayes was up on his feet, lighting shooting from his palm. I looked at Mr Bayes in disbelief.

“How did you-”

He grabbed me, “No time to explain I was hoping I didn’t have to use this but it’s that or die.” He pulled out an orb the size of a golf ball and grabbed Kate and I. When I opened my eyes we were inside a small wooden shack. Dust covered everything and the house smelt musky, like it hadn’t been opened up in hundreds of years. Mr Bayes took off his hat and sat on an armchair, “Welcome to your new home.” He said.

I walked over to him, “You have some explaining to do. How did you shoot lightning from your palm?”

He let out a deep breath, “I’ll give you all the answers you want on two conditions. The first is that you believe everything I say. The second is that I’ll give you the answers when I feel you are ready, too much at one time could be more than you can handle.”

I swallowed. How could I possibly know if Mr Bayes was going to tell the truth? But I don’t have a choice, Kate and I can’t go home and forget what we’ve seen. I looked at Kate, she gave me a weak smile and nodded. “Fine, we agree to your terms but you better give us all the answers.”

Mr Bayes smiled, “Well to start off with, you can stop calling me Mr Bayes. My real name is Saurian. I’m a sorcerer. Magic is real, though probably not in a way that would imagine it. There are many different types of sorcerers, though not many are left after the disaster. There were many different types, all great in their own different ways; The Temporal, they have the ability to manipulate time and space, they are the rarest type of mage. Then there are the Psychics, they can manipulate the mind, communicate with animals and other beings. Then there are the Shape-shifters and, as the name suggests, they can transform into any being they have seen before. To my knowledge none are left. Then finally we have the most common and psychically strongest of all the Sorcerers, The Elementals, they each have power over one of the elements, earth, water, fire and wind. As you can see, I don’t really fit into any of those descriptions. That’s because I’m a Deviant, a hybrid between two types of Mage. These hybrids were diagnosed with sociopathic tendencies; some of the most infamous serial killers were actually hybrid sorcerers. We were the reason for the downfall of the Sacred Covenant, the mage’s government system. We didn’t fit in anywhere and were regarded as impure. My kind of people didn’t like that and grew agitated. Eventually it led to civil wars, and eventually caused the downfall of mankind itself. Humans never learnt of our magic, but we were the underlying reason that humanity went to war.
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