A Touch of Magic

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I sat back, not quite sure how to take all the information Mr Bay- Saurian had just told me. The world I grew up in and thought I knew so well was only just a small part of the actual world. Had I met sorcerers before and not even known it? I glanced at Kate; she wasn't handling it so well. She was shaking and her face was slightly pale.

"Kate, look at me. It's going to be fine, ok? Saurian will protect us, we may not have magic, but he does!"

Saurian cleared his throat, "Actually Tom, you "have" magic too."
"What?" I said, "But I'm just a normal guy, perfectly human."

Saurian laughed, he seemed much more jovial now that he had told us who he was, "Magic isn’t something you possess inside you, it’s an aptitude your brain has for manipulating the world around you. Most humans only use a third of their brain, sorcerers use two thirds and the most powerful Warlocks use their whole brain. Sorcerers are able to potentially unlock the third part of their brain but it requires a “Token of Power”. These come in many different forms but are extremely rare. There are five in existence. They are held by each of the sorcerer types, and one is held by a Deviant Warlock, who goes by the name of Kragen Kane. He is the most powerful of the five Warlocks, the last I heard, he has master the Psychic and Temporal practices and was developing Elemental powers. He is the result of interbreeding of two Deviant sorcerers and who both despised the Sorcerer community. Oh and one more thing, he's the head of the Disciples of Chaos.

I sat silently for a moment, all this information was making my spin. Saurian stared at me, his blue eyes seemed to cut straight through me, reading my thoughts. I knew this wasn’t the case, he said he was an Elemental, but I could still feel him inside my head, “Saurian, how do you know I have an aptitude for magic?”

“I am the son of an Elemental and a Psychic, you were right to think I was probing inside your head, I can already tell what magic you have an aptitude for. It is very rare, and also, like me, you are a Deviant. Both of your parents had a magical aptitude. You have a very rare mix, it’s a combination of Temporal, Psychic and Elemental. Your abilities should be on par with Kragen Kane, except that he has a Token of Power. I will train you in magic, combat, and much else you need to survive. Kate you will also learn combat and I have something very special to give to you.” Saurian rummaged around in a large wooden chest for a while. He pulled out a rusty Katana. “Meet Garseth, it’s a magical blade, given to me in the old days by a long dead blacksmith. It has a store of magic inside it. Unlike humans, objects can store magic and anyone can wield it, even if they don’t have the magical aptitude.” Kate took the blade, it seemed to calm her down.

“Thanks Saurian, but we’ll need to clean it a bit.” Saurian shook his head,

“No, say these words: Un Gosa, Serath.” Kate muttered the words and the rust and corrosion peeled off the blade and it radiated a blue glow in her hands.

“This is amazing!” she squealed with excitement. She twirled the blade, it left a small arc hovering the in the air for only a moment. Saurian opened a steel door that looked grossly out of place in the sleepy cabin. As I looked at what lay beyond the door I couldn’t believe my eyes, the door led to an elaborate training room. Wooden and bronze training dummies spanned one wall, while rows of plastic weaponry lined shelves on the other half of the room.

“What is this place?” I asked, in awe of the vastness of the room, “How can all this fit in such a tiny shack?”

Saurian laughed, “A long time ago I ran a guild of sorcerers who, like me, were Deviants.” They had trouble getting paid work in Hazeth, the largest and most powerful of the sorcerer cities. So I founded a guild with my most trusted friend, Fragnerth. He was an Elemental with a strong ability to control the earth, along with its metals and minerals. He could literally summon gold out of the ground, so the High Council of Hazeth ruled that he was forbidden to use his magic. Unable to do anything extraordinary he came to me, saying that he had a particular ability to create wealth, I didn’t believe him at first, but when he pulled a chunk of gold as big as my head out of the ground I knew he wasn’t lying. Fragnerth manipulated the earth and created a large network of underground rooms, which are now beneath us. I managed to get an advertisement into the Hazeth Newspaper about mercenary recruitment, surprisingly we attracted about twenty members. I can’t remember all of them, but they all had a diverse range of unique and powerful talents. Kragen Kane was among the twenty who enlisted but back then his name was Dmitri Ar’tenzo, a young man brimming with ambition and hopes of power. Anyway back to the topic, in my travels I came across and enchanter who said he could create “compression buildings” where the enchanter shrink the physical space of an area and compress it into a pre-existing building. This was the only room I paid him to compress but it did the job. All the other rooms are located over about three floors underground.”

I nodded but all this was making my head spin but I took a deep breath and asked the burning question, “So when are you going to teach me how to control and use magic?”

Saurian shook his head, “You have a lot of study to do first, and old laws prohibit me to teach magic to someone who is uneducated about our traditions. The Disciples of Chaos won’t find us easily, the shack constantly shifts location, you won’t feel it because it happens in a spilt second, it’s just another line of defence this place has. But it does use a lot of power, so we must only use it as a last resort.” Saurian led the two down to the library on the second floor, sat them down at a table and dropped a large pile of books down in front of them, “Read, once you get through a few of these books I’ll test both of you, then we can start the hard stuff.” He said with a wink, “I’m off to make coffee, don’t waste your time.”
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