A Touch of Magic

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Kragen Kane

The horse trotted to a stop, the echo of its hooves on the cobblestones ceased as quickly as the life that once roamed the street was taken away. A new sound took up the empty air, the sound of unforgiving boots treading firmly on the stones. A door opened, changing the sound of thud of stone into the creaking of floorboards. Kragen Kane spat on the floor of the house, it reeked of a goodness that made his nostrils retreat in disgust. He turned to his lieutenant, who quivered in fear as a raspy voice drifted from the cloaked face, “Merlonius, what is the news on this place? Did the soldiers find anything of interest?” Merlonius’s voice shook as he answered, “My Lord, they have found enough evidence to be sure that the old sorcerer who attacked our men in the forest was the same man that lived here. We found a whole room full of enchanted items that may come in handy for our forces. We also spoke with the Mayor of Marhelm, Eden’s main supplier, and he has offered his full cooperation as long as we can guarantee his protection.” Kragen’s hood shifted, as though he was nodding, “Tell him his protection is ensured, we need to find that Deviant before he can interfere.” Merlonius nodded and hurried away to perform his duties. Kragen pulled out a dark red capsule from his cloak, an image of a three headed dog was stencilled in black. “Cerberus, you will not fail me. You can’t hide forever, Saurian.”

After a week of gruelling, aggressive and constant training, I was just about fed up with Saurian’s attempts to coax out my magical abilities. We were sparring in the training room; Kate was hacking madly at a training dummy with Garseth, the enchanted katana. I deflected Saurian’s blows and spun around to counter kick, but Saurian suddenly threw a right hook at the back of my head. I staggered back, let my instincts kick in. I charged towards him, I felt a strange tugging sensation at the back of my head. From then on I don’t remember much, just Kate’s scream, Saurian’s cheers and blasting a torrent of fire at the space where Saurian should have been standing. I stared at my hands, amazed at the power I had just wielded, and then collapsed to the ground. I felt so exhausted, my body trembled vigorously. “W-what just happened?” I murmured.

Saurian strode over, looking pleased with himself, “I did a little bit of research and figured out why we couldn’t get you to be able to use your powers. In Eden people are to live peacefully but your magical aptitude is combat based, so in other words, I had to get you really pissed off. It should be easier for you to use it in future.”

I laughed, all this hard work finally meant something, but like all good things, there were always bad things that followed.
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