A Touch of Magic

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An Old Friend

Saurian ordered everyone to get down; I hid behind a large pot plant while Kate took locked herself in a cupboard. Saurian approached the door cautiously; his right hand was glowing blue and the barely audible crackle of electricity broke through the still air. Saurian took a quick glance back at Kate and I, then thrust the door open and assumed a battle stance.

“Saurian, my old friend, how have you been?” A voice spoke in a friendly tone.

Saurian laughed, “Fragnerth! I thought you were dead! Come inside, I have two important people for you to meet.” Saurian stepped back inside, “Tom, Kate, you can come out. This is Fragnerth, the Earth Elemental I told you about, he was the one that created most of this place.”

I stepped out from behind the plant and Kate opened the cupboard and put Garseth back in its sheath. “Hi, I’m Tom and this is Kate, we’ve heard a lot about you.”

Fragnerth nodded. He was old, probably as old as Saurian, but was tall with broad shoulders and clearly defined muscles. He had a sharp jawline that was almost pointed at his chin and long white hair. I thought he looked like your stereotypical wizard on steroids.

“Hi to both of you, I know this may be sudden and unwanted but I’ve come with a dire warning for you all.”

Saurian nodded, “I’ll go fetch some tea, you three sit and I’ll be right back.”

Fragnerth waved a hand dismissively, “I’ve brought my own drink.” He pulled a small flask from his hip pocket, “Authentic Dryad tears, hard to get but do wonders for the complexion.”

Saurian chuckled, “He doesn’t mean that Tom. Dryad’s tears are the magical equivalent of coffee in the human world. They restore huge amount of energy, which brings me to another question for you, Fragnerth. Were you followed and did you meet any resistance?”

He sighed, “I suppose I better start the tale at its beginning. After our group fell apart, I went and opened a blacksmiths shop in Marhelm. It was a good little place; I made quite a turnover financially. Then one day news got back about the fall of Eden and two days later Kragen’s forces showed up. I knew it was time to leave so I was packing my things when I overheard some of Kragen’s soldiers talking as they walked past my shop. They mentioned something about Cerberus and your name. I knew I had to get out and find you but Marhelm is a walled city, the only way out was through one of the four gates which were all heavily guarded by Kragen’s men. There was resistance when Kragen arrived and the Mayor has offered his co-operation to help them find you. Anyway, I had to escape and be fast. Luckily I had a plan. In my cellar I had tunnelled out an old passage way almost as soon as I moved into Marhelm. Ever since the great disaster I knew that I always had to think a step ahead. I opened the trap door to my tunnel, said a brief goodbye to my former home and was on my way. Except for one small obstacle, there were two of Kragen’s soldiers at the end of the tunnel. They must have been his elite’s because they were wearing leviathan scale amour and wielding dragon bone swords. Because of this heavy armour I thought that these soldiers had little or no magical ability but I was gravely wrong. I summoned a large rod of iron and shaped it into a spear. This was especially foolish of me because leviathan scales are almost impenetrable. So I swung at the first soldier, catching him by surprise. He went down but not for long. The other one charged at me and I swiftly sidestepped him. Then I ran. I collapsed the tunnel on both of them. I don’t know if they died and I didn’t stay around to find out.” He took a deep breath, he suddenly looked even older than before. “Now I’m here, safe and sound. At least until the Cerberus find us.”
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