A Touch of Magic

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The Monsters Within

I gulped, this was more serious than I’d previously thought. Saurian didn’t even look slightly worried, Kate trembled as usual and Fragnerth sipped the cup of dryad tears contently.

“So what exactly are we going to do next?” I asked, feeling like no one was taking this seriously.
Saurian smiled, “You’re going to keep training. Getting your strength up will be our highest priority. Fragnerth has had a lot of experience with blades so he can train Kate. When we aren’t training I’ll take you both out to the forest, teach you how to brew potions. Lastly Fragnerth and I will give Tom the Sorcerers Insignia. It allows the sorcerer to summon his or her power instantaneously. It acts as a channel, directing the flow of energy through your body.”

“And it looks badass.” Fragnerth added.

I sighed, “I want to go out kick Kragen’s ass. But if that’s the only way I can do it, then so be it.”

The wind howled viciously through the dark streets, it mercilessly whipped the dead trees into the oblivion that was slowly consuming the once-beautiful city of Eden. A lone figure stood at the end of the street, his silhouette melted into the shadows behind him. He did not fear the dark, to fear was to let something defeat you and Alvard had never been defeated. Alvard glided with purpose, his feet never once taking a step upon the filth-covered ground. He could smell the humans, their cowering made his mouth water. There were not many creatures like Alvard, but the ones that survived the Great War had taken refuge inside his castle fortress. It was a fair distance from Eden and Marlhelm, but distance was not something of concern to him and his vampire brethren. They could cover thousands of miles in mere seconds if they wanted to. Vampires were ancient creatures, originating from a time before the Old World. They only started preying on humans after the first vampire, Lord Trapirious, had feasted on a human for the first time. Since all vampires shared a link to the original vampire, it drove the followers to crave human blood. Lord Trapirious died after a powerful sorcerer killed him. It was this sorcerer that Alvard was seeking.

Alvard sighed as he knocked on the door of a small, rickety shack. “Open up, Karlos. I am not in the mood to break this door down myself.”

“Alright, alright. All these years have passed and you, Alvard, have still not yet learnt patience.” Karlos spoke in a weak voice, as if every word caused him pain.

After a series of clicking and sliding bolts, the old door slid open revealing the face of an older vampire. Karlos had gotten much fatter since Alvard had seen him last. Alvard’s nose wrinkled in disgust.

“Why have you not kept yourself in shape all these years, Karlos? It’s quite distressing to look at a man, who was once a feared warrior, struggle to get himself back into his chair.”
Karlos groaned as he sat back down, “Alvard, old friend, can you pass me the bandages from the shelf to your left. I’m afraid I’ve bled into these ones too much.”

Alvard’s eyes widened as Karlos revealed a hole in his side. It was the size of a soccer ball.

“Oh Karlos, why hasn’t your healing factor healed your wound?” He asked.

Karlos shook his head, “I have not had human blood in a century, Alvard. I know in your castle you kept stores of the stuff from the humans you abducted in the Great War, but I have tried to give up my vampiric ways. I had actually grown quite attached to the ones that lived here in this city. I tried to protect them when Kragen invaded, but my attempts led to failure. I know you don’t particularly like humans Alvard, but you need to stay away from Kragen. There were two other vampire outcasts living peacefully here. They were much weaker than me but Kragen killed them both just by imploding their brains. Heed my warning Alvard, Kragen is out to destroy the sorcerers but he won’t stop there. He had already instructed his soldiers to keep an eye out for vampires. He has special soldiers, with weapons that cause wounds that vampires cannot heal. You need to find Saurian, he is in possession of a Deviant sorcerer.”
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