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Luna’s eyes slowly fluttered open and as soon as her eyes caught Lothaire’s she jumped up to her feet. The feeling that he was getting was very strange and new to him.

Her face was so innocent that it was luring him to believe that she was blameless. ‘But the ravens are searching for her which means she has to know something about it.’ Lothaire reminded himself and said, “I shall give you an escape plan. Tell me about the portal and how you got here and I will let you walk out of the dungeon. I want an honest answer.”

Her expressions were a mixture of pain, anger, and fear as she leaned back widening her emerald eyes at him, ” I don’t know, trust me. I want to know the exact thing. How I got here or where I am. The last thing I remember is being attacked. I don’t even know where my mother is or how she is, whether she is alive or not. I blacked out and woke up here. So I don’t even know how I got here.”

Lothaire hated to see tears in her eyes. She didn’t seem to be lying but he had always had trouble with trusting people. He feared trust and that was the reason why he still couldn’t believe her even though he wanted to.

“I wish you would have made a story a little stronger than that. I have lived for a thousand years. Do you think that your story can fool me? This is not how easy trust is to gain.” These were the only words that he could manage to spit at her.

And without wasting a minute he rushed out of the room. He somehow knew that if he were to stand there for a little more then he would have weakened which he wouldn’t have wanted in a million years.

Hale was still standing where he was told to, with a hand on his sword strap. They both started walking towards the Keep. Hale could easily sense the tension in his sire’s face.

“Hale. I need you to do something for me.” Lothaire’s voice was hoarse but guilty as it sounded, Hale nodded, “She said something about two men chasing her and her mother. I don’t know if I should believe her but if she is telling the truth we need to get to the depth of it.”

“Okay sire, I shall look into it,” Hale reassured.

The Keep was being guarded by Gavin Chesterfield, the only human and also one of the most trusted men besides Hale. Gavin was powerful enough to stake three vampires alone, therefore, being the most skilled and tactful man that Lothaire had under his domain.

“Gavin!” Lothaire called out to the tall man standing talking with the guards of the Keep in the shadows.

Gavin turned to look at Lothaire and walked to him, “My lord.” He bowed showing respect to Lothaire who gestured him to stand straight.

“Have you gotten any news of the second traveler?” Lothaire’s frown was bigger than usual. The fact that he was worried about the travelers and the motives behind the Ravens wanting them, was no surprise.

Gavin shook his head in denial and answered, “I am afraid, my lord, he seems to be very tactful in hiding. Irene helped her but she won’t open her mouth to us. She has been wanting to speak to you. What should we do?”

Lothaire stayed quiet for a while and the nodded, “Then we shall talk.”

Gavin simply nodded and Lothaire left leaving Hale and him at the Keep to the library.

To Lothaire, the library had been the place to relax, ease his tension.

The library had all his answers, with grimoires to family histories, he had collected them all as a hobby for the last five hundred years. He looked at it as a period of gaining knowledge. After five hundred years of partying with the novelties and gaining a reputation at the council, he had to keep his mind off.

Pages of almost all the books were missing and surprisingly enough the books were either about the Ravens or Valfred Prowler. Whoever had taken the pages down surely didn’t want people to know of the complete history of Xaeleaxus.

The only book or grimoire that he had completely intact was his mother’s.

‘Does the reason why everyone is looking for the traveler, have something to do with the disappearance of Valfred Prowler?’ Lothaire took out the family history of the Ravens and shuffled through the pages of the old book.

Nothing. He found nothing in the huge books. All of them were filled with words only praising them for the things they shouldn’t be upheld for.

They were sinners. Miscreants.

A mild knock on the door dragged Lothaire out of his thoughts and he answered clearing his throat, “Come in.”

Hale entered with a shocked expression on his face. He came over to the table and looked into Lothaire’s eyes and said, “She told me everything, sire.”

Lothaire stared at Hale before he finally managed to ask, “What is it?”

“Vector, sire.” Lothaire couldn’t have been more shocked. The name left the ground shaking beneath his feet.

The fact that someone from their realm went to some other realm without even being detected had become the scariest topic besides the one with the Ravens.


A/n: As I keep reading through the chapters again and again the plot gets clearer. So there are a few chapters that have been added along the way while editing. So cheers.

And thanks a lot for reading my book.

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