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Luna’s POV

I knew something wasn’t right as soon as I walked in through the gate of my flat. The air inside the flat seemed cooler and denser. Before I could register, a hand pulled me back and dragged me towards the garage. What the hell!

The grip was too tight for me to struggle. Mom? I turned to face my mother, whilst she pushed me into the car and lowered beside me, her hands were trembling as she steered out of the garage. She was already weak at nerves and her medicines never did the job but the way her hands trembled, it weren’t her nerves that were triggered, but her fear.

My head twisted around just in time to see two men barging out and shouting as we sped off. I turned back to the woman beside, who no longer looked like my mother, but a stiffened body with no expressions at all. I caught the glimpse of terror flickering in her eyes. I have never seen her that worried my entire life.

I decided to keep my eyes on the road, because I knew how hard it was for her to keep calm and if I had freaked out, there would be no way she could have held on.

But suddenly she took an instantaneous turn towards the murky forest almost scaring me to death. The thicket scared me even more, with the streaks from the headlights, I feared of accident as it was barely visible out there and by the manner my mother had been driving.

“Mom, where are we going? Who were those guys?” I received no response, she kept driving with her shivering hands, “Mom!” My voice was brittle, as I couldn’t hold my sanity for longer and my eyes widened with fear.

She glanced at me for a split-second, still keeping minimal eye-contact and added, “Honey!” Although her voice was low, it had a hint of trepidation as she drove the speeding car, “Promise me! No matter what happens, you should never trust anyone, ever. Never tell anyone your real name. Do you hear me?”

“What are you talking about? What’s going on?” My voice became heavier and my lips quivered. I was the only person among the both of us, who could never keep calm and seeing the role reversed, I wasn’t thrilled.

“Celestria Raven. Your name...” She kept her attention towards the road and without even looking at me, she added, “Never take your name in front of anyone, Luna. You can only trust The Blazemen Hounds and stay away from vampires.”

Vampires? There was a time when she used to scare me with those nonsense and there’s no way that was the time for it.

“Are you kidding me?” I blinked, once, twice, she still didn’t respond. Frustrated, I added, “Why are we talking about vampires? I’m not a kid any more, mom! ” There was an unknown worry in her face that I could not point out. I really hoped if I could.

“Just promise me. Promise!” She squeaked and I flinched back at my seat, “Never look back, Luna.”

“Mom? What is going on?” I asked her with a brooding expression, with my eyes glistening with tears. There was a time when my mother used to share everything with me, but by all, the sudden events that was taking place, I felt deeply that she was hiding something but then again, I was clueless.

“Survival, honey! Just remember you are very important. Your survival is very important. Do not believe everything you hear. When the time comes you’ll know who to trust. Believe your mother.” She said with tears rolling down her cheeks as the words came out in a breath.

My heart started aching seeing her cry before me with my mind equally confused about the situation. ‘What is going on? Believe your mother?’

“I promise. Please just tell me what the hell is going on.” The moment she was about to speak, a black SUV blocked our car. Mom hit the brake hard and tried to reverse when another car parked behind us.

She clasped onto the steering whilst breathing heavily when two men stepped out of the vehicle ahead of us. I narrowed my eyes to look at the men. They wore black suits and had weird lavaliere with ruby stones, identical to that of my mother dangling around their neck.

“We are just here for the girl. Give her to us, and we’ll be gone in no time.” One of the men spoke walking near our car. His eyes were dark like anthracite and a huge scar ran from his forehead through his left eye down to his cheek. His lips are bent into a smile so devilish that shivers ran down my spine. I had never seen a face that scary, my entire life.

“Stay here.” Mother instructed and got out of the car without even giving me a chance to speak. They looked dangerous and I couldn’t trust her alone with them.

“No. Mom.” I whisper-shouted at her but my efforts went vain because the next moment she was already out of the vehicle.

“Over my dead body,” My mother spat, throwing her ruby pendant to the ground, I observed that her hands that had been trembling all the time, weren’t any more. Was it because of the pendant? The moment she threw the pendant away, the colour of her hair changed. I had always known that she was a brunette, but she wasn’t any more. The colour dwindled off, from brown to completely gray.

She peaked at me and I could see that her eyes had changed its colour too. Her ocean green eyes that were identical to mine had become hazel. What the hell! My eyes widened with shock. She looked like my mother, but she wasn’t, or how should I have said that, she was my mother, but she didn’t look like her.

“It took us almost two decades to track you down, you really think we’d let you go this easy?” the scar-faced man smirked.

Ignoring him, my mother spread her hands wide while whispering inaudible words under her breath. Blue flares of light escaped from her hands. Before I could react, my eyes drifted to a red-haired woman who stepped out of the same car. She too had a lavaliere but hers had a blue stone attached to which was emitting light. Her whispers were loud and unlike my mother there were red flames around her hands. She shot the flame at my mother who immediately dropped to her knees, letting out a loud shriek, as it hit her chest.

Tears of knowing ran down my cheeks and I attempted to desperately tank open the gate. A new type of helplessness gnawed me when I realized that it was already locked by my mother who was then lying on her back with a tilted head while soundless words escaped from her lips. No!

What was worse? The scar-faced man’s devilish smirk.

Fear dawned me when I saw him pace towards the car. He looked overwhelmed. The red-haired woman was turned at me too. But what was frightening were the scar-faced man’s eyes, they were golden, with his veins visible under his eyes and fangs hung out of his mouth, and he licked them once he reached the window beside me.

He tried to hit the window forcefully with his elbow, in an attempt to break it. I tried to move away but the seatbelt held me in place, it was stuck. I looked over to the window which had started showing cracks. After a few forceful attempts he was finally successful, the window shattered into pieces and piercing sensations roved through my skin when a few splinters of broken glass poked into my cheeks and hands.

I felt a hand grab me and fainted yelling floated to my ears, “No...“. The grip was strong but I felt his hands disappearing and a feeling of floating away.

There were yellow flashes all around me. My eyes shuffled between my mother who was lying silent by then and the red-haired woman who had started yelling as well but I couldn’t hear anything. Then the entire vision started blurring out and went completely dark before my eyes.

Mom? What was that you tried to tell?

This is my very first book and I worked so hard on it. It took me three months to just get the plot in order.

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