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Two || Crypt's Legion

Luna’s POV

Hours seemed to have passed but no one showed up. There was a small window with bars, high up on one of the walls and it was already dark outside. The dungeon was pitch dark with just glittering rays of moonlight pervading through that small window.

I had always had a fear of the dark. Mother always used to say “Try closing your eyes and remember the best memory you have of us.”

The best memory? All the memories that I had were with her. It had always been just me and her. After dad died, not that I ever saw him, mom had me and I had mom. But now I am stuck here whereas mom might still be in danger. I might be in danger. Whenever I closed my eyes all I could remember were the faces of the people who chased us, the red-haired woman, the scar-faced man, and my mother features. I didn’t know how the colour of her hair and eyes changed but that was enough to give me chills to the bone.

I started to process the entire thing, trying to pull out at least one explanation but do not succeed.

In order to figure something out, one needs to know the details and all my mother has filled me in with are, ‘Blazemen hounds, Celestria raven’ and ‘Stay away from vampires.’

I have seen things like that happening in movies but now my life seemed to have become one.

‘Where those men vampires?’ My eyelids started to feel heavy and I began dozing off leaning onto the rusty bars hoping to dream of the good days. But how?

My eyes fluttered open when the creaking of the main door to the dungeon reached my ear. Quickly getting up, I stepped away from the gate, when a man with heavy armour and a sword to his left, came to my view. Holding and plate and a torch, whose flames lit the darkest corners of the dungeon, he came towards my cell.

“Here!” He said sliding a plate and the glass into the cellar. He had a huge muscular structure with small scars running all over his face and a bushy beard. His emerald eyes were scrutinizing my appearance.

“Who are you and where am I?” I asked the man, standing stiff to my position.

Two guards entered and bowed to him. I stood still and observed them as the went into the other cell. That woman... As soon as they turned her, my entire world crashed down. She looked almost like a skeleton but the only difference was that she was still moving her eyelids and her chest heaved which meant she was breathing as well. I was unaware of my state and moreover devastated at the view of the woman that the guards had carried out with them. What are they going to do to her?

“What will they do to her?” I asked shivering.

He looked towards the gate and then at me, “Why? You want to see? Don’t worry, darlin’. Everything on the right time. If you do not answer his Majesty’s questions honestly, that is what will happen to you.” My heart stopped at the dreadful comment. I hoped he was joking, but then he didn’t look like he was, “You travelled through an unknown portal that our gatekeepers could barely sense. How did you do that?” He asked, narrowing his brows and running his hand through his dark, long wavy hair.

Wait! Unknown portal?

“What are you talking about? What portal? Where am I?” I could feel a knot form as fear and nervousness hit me. He wouldn’t tell me anything I guessed, and he didn’t.

“You really don’t know, do you?” I shook my head in denial. Putting on a grin he added, “Well, that could be a problem. You have entered the wrong territory in that case, lady. Our king won’t spare you until he gets the answers he desires.”


Are they freaking kidding me? Or is this some kind of joke. The only thing that kept swirling in my head was that we were heading through the forest with some crazy men chasing us and then I woke up here and everything outside of this, was beyond my proficiency. Who those men were, why they chased us, what my mother was about to say and where I was. These questions were just like a jigsaw puzzle with hundreds of missing pieces.

“Honey, if I were you. I’d either have come up with a story or kill myself.” He said before turning his back to me. His appearance was making the air heavier than it already was and made it difficult to breathe.

“Wait. Just tell me where I am?”

“You are in Crypt’s Legion.” smirking at me, he stormed out of the room, after adding, “At King Lothaire Crypt’s territory.” The way he took the name already scared me. I didn’t want to face that king. I prayed not to.

Three days had already passed. I had been kept as a prisoner with no change of clothes and an open toilet. I felt dirty inside out. My entire body had been hurting due to the cuts and bruises on my body but what hurt most were my heart and lungs. Lungs because it was suffocating and heart because I had no idea where my mother was. It began to feel as if the longer I was stuck there, far the chances of saving her went.

The man I had encountered, on the very first day hadn’t come back since then. Other people showed up, a different person each time, but they refused to talk back. Not even a single word and what’s worse? They pretended as if I were non-existent.

As clueless as I was, I kept thinking about mother’s words ‘Survive!’ And that of the man’s ‘... Or kill myself.’ There’s no way of escaping. I didn’t even know what lies beyond the gates of the dungeon.

I was cowering at one corner of my penitentiary, unaware of my crimes when I heard the door to the dungeon bang open, followed by a few men in armour walking in. I looked up at them. They wore heavy armour like the man from before, but their appearances were rather more ordinary, but they were seemingly scary.

Without any further delay, one of the men pulled me up on my feet. “What the hell? Let me go.”

I tried to fight off of his grip, throwing my arms and legs in the air when another man gripped the other arm and then both of them dragged me out of the dungeon while the other men followed. I was basically floating to the direction that they were walking.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked them grunting as they carry me through a long corridor. The walls of the corridor had the darkest shade of red with silver linings and on the walls hung, huge paintings and portraits parallelly. The portraits seemed that of the kings and queens. I couldn’t see them properly since the guards were hovering through the corridor. I couldn’t stay calm even though I wanted to because of these six-footers who looked more frightened than I was. They let me go in front of a huge double-door with two gold-coloured knobs on it.

Wait, is that-′ my thoughts were cut off when the door opened revealing a huge room with pillars parallel to each other and a huge, oversized, bejewelled chair with a touch of gold, a few feet from me. The room was huge and a lot of people had gathered on each side. I figured that they were either the citizens or slaves. They started talking among themselves as soon as they saw me. I tried to find a few familiar faces but failed.

The man from the cellar walked into the room, eyeing me. “Why am I brought here?” I asked, my voice trembling with fear. Are they going to kill me? I started praying when they forced me to kneel to the ground. The entire room fell silent. Not even a faint whisper could be heard.

“Lady! Just because we had a conversation once doesn’t mean you’re allowed to talk to me.” He said moving aside allowing a brawny figure in clothes almost hidden under his extremely large cloak to enter with two armoured men by his side.

I couldn’t help but stare at his immense muscularity yet undeniable beauty. With sharp features, chiselled nose, broad shoulders and his long wavy hair darker than coal, he was miraculously admirable. Without even glancing at me, he got up to the throne and took his seat while resting his hands over the red armrest cushions. So he is the king? Lothaire?

The appearance of the man from the cellar was heavy but the aura that this man was excluding was heavier. I felt as if my heart had stopped beating and when I looked around to the people that have gathered, they had their palms fisted and sweating and bowed their heads at him, and they felt his hefty presence too.

No wonder he is the king.

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