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“Is she the one?” The king asked, his voice was deep and husky, soothing yet with a hint of arrogance.

“Yes, my lord.” One man answered with a quavering voice.

Luna looked down at her feet to hide the nervousness that was building up in her nerves and calm her mind because the more she looked at his remarkable beauty the more expeditiously her heart drubbed and intimidation dawned her.

“What about the other traveler? How is the search going?” He asked curiously.

There was a strange thing about his stare even though she couldn’t see him, she could feel his stare through every nerve in her body.

“The other one seems to have entered The Blazemen’s territory, sire.” The man from the cellar responded.

She couldn’t understand what they were talking about but her mind caught hold of their mention, ‘Blazemen. The Blazemen Hounds?’ That was the first thing she could familiarize with after all these days in that godforsaken place. Her mother had told her that she could trust them.

The king let out a sigh, “You’ve done a good job, Hale.”

“Thank you, sire.” the man from the cellar presumably Hale, walked out of the room with the two men that had entered with the king.

She knew that the king was no longer on the throne as she heard footsteps nearing her. A loud growl followed, “Look at me.”

The guards that had been holding her down, immediately let go and she hesitantly lifted her head and paused at his bold amber eyes, that were distrusting yet compassionate.

How can a man this beautiful even exist?′

His locks fell over the side of his face and long dark hair rested on his shoulder. His eyes were stuck on her and refused to look anywhere else. Suddenly he broke eye contact when he looked up to the guards and gestured them to step back.

He then turned to her, gazing deep into her eyes as if he was trying to annex into her heart. Luna wasn’t sure what his eyes were searching but they were filled with curiosity. She hesitantly looked down, avoiding his gaze.

“Who are you?” He asked in a rough voice.

“Luna,” She said looking up at him. She didn’t know him and above all the vibe that she was getting from him was heart churning.

“Where are you from?” Hw scowled.

“Manhattan,” She looked around the room investigating the faces that had gathered there. Too much of an audience made her anxious.

He looked at her confused. She was considered a traveler there so they wouldn’t have known anyway.

“Right!” She whispered under her breath rolling her eyes at him.

There was a sudden change in his expressions as she watched his nostrils dilate, “You seem to have fun in the dungeon that you hold the audacity to talk to your king like that?”

“Bu- But I didn’t... I-” she said stammering and he cut her off, “Tell me! Why are you here and how?” His growl rang through the walls of the huge hall, his growl was louder than the roar of a lion, a vicious lion. The room was silent and the only thing that Luna could hear was her heavy breath.

‘I should have prepared a story beforehand as that man, Hale had advised.’

“I am as clueless as you are...” She spoke looking up at him with pleading eyes, “I, myself, would very much like to know the answer to that.”

He turned to her while frowning, she could see anger weld up in his eyes. Turning to the guards he ordered, “Take her back to the dungeon and lock her up. I shall be there in a while.” With that, he hovered out of the room before she could manage words out.

‘Isn’t a king supposed to listen to the verdict before getting to his conclusions?’ The guards immediately followed and dragged her back to hell. Not even a single word could be uttered by her.

When they dropped her back to my cell, she fell back to one corner of the cell, holding her knees closer to her chest. Tears ran down her cheeks at the realization that she was alone yet again.

She had no friends at home, but she had never felt this alone because she had her mother, but then she wasn’t there anymore. Memories had then begun haunting her.


While being stuck at her befouled thoughts, she didn’t realize when her eyelids fell shut.

A strange feeling of being stared at pulled her out of her sleep. She opened her eyes to meet the king standing in front of her and she immediately startled up to her feet. There were just Luna and the king present inside the small dungeon. ′Wasn’t the air already suffocating enough, that he had to show up to make it completely unbreathable?′

“I shall give you an escape plan. Tell me about the portal and how you got here and I will let you walk out of the dungeon. I want an honest answer.” He quirked his eyebrows.

Luna leaned back to the wall. ” I don’t know, trust me. I want to know the exact thing. How I got here or where I am. The last thing I remember is being attacked. I don’t even know where my mother is or how she is...” she paused to take a deep breath as her eyes flickered with tears, “...whether she is alive or not. I blacked out and woke up here. So I don’t even know how I got here.” she said in her defense, panting for breath and sniffled.

He sighed and turned to leave while adding, “I wish you would have made a story a little stronger than that. I have lived for a thousand years. Do you think that your story can fool me? This is not how easy trust is to gain.”

She rushed to the door, but the guard slammed it right over my face and she hovered back, “No, I am not lying. I told you the truth... Please let me go.” The doors to the dungeon closed and again she was left in the suffocating darkness. Even the moon wasn’t at the mercy at that time.

She fell back trying to constrain the tears, but nothing worked. Survival was her main motto but escaping had become hopeless then.

I am scared.′ her hands trembled and her entire body shivered with fear.

‘How am I supposed to get them to believe me?’


mérité = Earned

So much has been changed, If you are a returnee, thank you a lot for rereading. And if you are new then thank you for taking out time to read my book.

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