My Best Friend is a Pixie

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Shia is a pixie who was banished from her hometown, Pixie Island, to the world of humans. After 14 years, when her punishment is finally about to end and she is eager to go back to her real home, she stumbles upon an exchange student, Narissa, who is a damaged soul. She devotes her remaining months in the Earth Realm to her new best friend, who starts to grown on her. But then her grandmother is mysteriously killed and doors to old hidden secrets start to open up one by one for Shia. Secrets that connect her to the human world. But will she have enough time to discover the truth behind her parents and grandmothers' deaths? And that too, with the newly crowned Pixie King on his way to get her back?

Fantasy / Romance
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The sun rose high up in the sky, illuminating every flower bush there was to see. The daffodils and the dandelions all danced to the rhythm of the morning wind. The leaves shook and rattled, dangling from the edges of the branches of the trees they hung with. The wind created small ripples in the otherwise still surface of the lake.

The tiny-figured, dressed in a small green frock, girl with blonde hair walked along the edge of the pond, staring at her own reflection as she twirled her magic wand around her fingers. She leaned over and touched the surface with the stick with magical powers, sending a sparkling wave of mysterious lines along the water body.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed as the water waves went around in circles in the air, “My magic must be weakened again! Dear lord, I must do something.”

Turning away from the small circus she had conjured up infront of her, she hurried over to her grandmother’s house near the cabbage garden. She ran as fast as her small, grey pumps would carry her. As she neared the small cottage, she noticed her grandmother bent over, planting a fresh bed of cabbages.

“Grandmother! My wand,” she squeaked in her little voice as she neared her, “it’s weakened again.”

Her grandmother straightened up and looked slightly annoyed. After the death of her parents, she had been her sole guardian. At first, she had been rather skeptical about taking in a baby just 6 months old, but as the days had gone by, she had grown fond of the girl and refrained from handing her over to the Pixie King.

“Well dear. It musn’t have weakened, rather you must’ve overworked it, haven’t you?” She inquired.

The little girl nodded, her small cheeks turning a crimson colour. “I was out playing sparks with the children again.” She admitted, a slight blush on her cute face.

Her grandmother laughed and dusted the sparkle off her small wings. “You should know your limits, little one. A pixie must always control her magic, and not use it for her own selfish reasons.”

She nodded, laughing. Her laughter was like the chime of the most melodious bell, a chime anyone would fall in love with.

Suddenly, the light and sparkly atmosphere darkened. The air around the two filled with noises.

Human noises.

The tiny girl turned her attention towards the bridge, far away near the coastal area. A look of fear crept over her grandmother’s face.

“Grandmother! Are those humans?” She said excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to meet one!”

Her grandmother roughly grabbed her hand and dragged her inside the cottage, shutting the door behind them and bolting it. She also drew all the blinds and the cottage plunged into gloomy darkness.

Lighting a candle, she turned towards her innocent, young granddaughter. “Listen to me, Shia. You must never let a human know your true identity. They are mysterious creatures, always wanting to know more than they ought to know. No one knows what they might do to you. You must always protect your wings, my child.”

The tiny girl now had fear within her beautiful, black eyes. She nodded.

But in the back of her head, she was still curious to know about these “creatures” her grandmother called humans.

What were they like?

How did they live?

Did they also have pointy ears and nose like she did?

Could they also cast spells and use magic wands?

Did they also live in a magical, sparkly world?

What would happen once they found out her true identity?

So many questions swirled inside her head as she stared at the shade-drawn window.

Grandmother sat down in one of her old, reclining chairs. Holding a story book in hand, she told the most fascinating tales to her granddaughter. The little girl curled up beside the fireplace, listening to the voice of her grandmother.

The next morning, Shia walked out near the lake, enjoying a walk on her own. Her other pixie friends were all there too.

She joined Aramana, a small, blue haired pixie. The riddles from yesterday were still fresh on her mind.

“Aramana, do you know any humans?” She asked, curious to know.

Aramana seemed startled as she stared at Shia. “Just what are you talking about Shia? Why would you mention something as disgusting as humans?”

Shia seemed baffled. “How come you think they’re disgusting? Have you ever met one?”

Aramana shook her head. “I haven’t. And don’t want to either. Mum says they are hideous creatures who use others for their own benefits.”

“Well I think they’re fascinating.” Shia replied, dreamily.

Raine, the bell pixie, walked out, banging her spoon against the golden bell. “Come on children! It’s past sundown already. Hurry on back to your cottages!” She called out.

Every single pixie flew away, back to their cottages, except Shia. She dropped her wand somewhere in the flower bushes and now she couldn’t find it. Everyone left, not noticing how Shia was now the only one left.

“Oh, where did I drop it? It must be around here somewhere.” She wandered off towards the coast.

The sounds of hooves filled the air as the oblivious little girl wandered closer to the tidal waves. Her wings flapped slightly behind her back in the dark.

“Oh there it is!” She exclaimed, spotting it near an apple bush. She bent over to grab it and when she straightened, a baffling sight met her eyes.


5 of them. Wandering the coastal area, a few mysterious objects in their hands.

Pointy, sharp objects.

There were 4 grown men and a tiny boy, just the size of Shia. But before they could see or hear her, a hand clapped over mouth. She turned to see her grandmother holding her.

Once they were back in the cottage safely, her grandmother yet again warned her of nearness with humans. Shia nodded and went to bed early that night, the sight she saw earlier still fresh in her mind.

She was awakened by the loud horn of the emergency trumpet being blown. Her grandmother quickly awoke her and led her outside and the two joined the swarm of pixies gathering outside the grand flower villa.

The Pixie King’s messenger, a medium sized leprechaun, stood holding the royal scroll in his hand. “A human has been found trespassing the grounds of Pixie Island. It is believed that someone led it here, causing it to discover our premises. It’s memory has been erased but the king is furious. He seeks the one who led it here. Whoever knows or saw the pixie commit this heinous act of crime will be rewarded with 6 gold coins for the confession.”

The crowd fell silent. No one knew or saw anyone that night.

“You know the punishment of revelation, yes? The accused shall be banished from land or stripped of powers as punishment.”

I wonder which one of the humans was it. Was it the little boy? Shia thought to herself.

“I know! I know the one who committed this sin!” A voice called out from the back.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice. It was Heidi, Aramana’s mother.

“It was Shia! Tricia’s granddaughter! My daughter saw her near the coast area yesterday.”

Shia’s eyes widened as she stared at her grandmother.

“No! My granddaughter never did such a thing!” Tricia yelled back.

Several murmurs went through the crowd before another voice spoke up, “That’s right. Our children have also heard her talk with fascination about humans very often.”

Murmurs rang throughout the crowd in agreement.

Before Tricia or Shia could say anything in their defence, the bulky palace guard pixies grabbed them and dragged them towards the palace doors. Shia cast a look of terror in her grandmother’s direction, who tried to calm the little girl with her eyes.

“How dare you?!” Bellowed the Pixie King, “How dare did a low-life pixie lead us to be discovered?”

“My King! My dear king! Please don’t be so harsh on the child. She’s so little. She doesn’t know what she did or the consequences of-”

“Silence!” He yelled.

His tone made Shia shrink behind her grandmother in fear. She was afraid.

She wanted to protest how she never led anyone to their island but she knew she had no alibi. And everyone had testified against her already.

The King slammed his large wand on the ground, sending waves of sparkles up all over the grand hall.

Dark, red coloured sparkles.

Shia moved away, staring at them with utmost fascination.

The King, seeing her joyous reaction, became even more furious, “Seeing as she has no remorse whatsoever, I hereby declare that Pixie Shia and Pixie Tricia have been banished from Pixie Island for a period of 15 years!”

Tricia collapsed on the ground, unable to bear the words that were coming from the King’s mouth.

“They shall live among the humans, eat among the humans and bear the consequences of what those creatures might to do them if they are to, ever, discover their true identities!”

Shia, oblivious of what just happened to her, continued to play with the dark sparkles that had been released in the air. Her child like innocence never fazed her. She turned and saw her grandmother sitting on the ground, her head hung low.

She flew over to her using her tiny, green wings. “Grandmother! Is something-”

Before she could finish her sentence, they were surrounded by pixie dust. A huge storm of swirling pixie dust.

“Grandmother,” she whimpered, “what’s going on?”

“Have mercy dear king! You know my Shia can’t go back there!” Her grandmother yelled but the King refused to back down.

“She belongs among them! Those filthy beings!” he yelled.

Shia grabbed onto her grandmother with her tiny hands as the dust storm closed in on them.

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