Silenced: Book 1 of the Bound Trilogy

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Chapter 13

~Devin’s POV~

I was trying hard to get my urges under control. So far standing under the freezing spray of my shower was not helping. I know Leah will be upset with me for leaving her in the study the way I did but I had to get out of there. Her questions, and the images that book invoked…I stuck my head under the spray again. I needed to get these thoughts out of my head before I forced myself on her like the animal most thought us to be. Maybe a run will help.

I was about to turn off the water when I heard the bathroom door open and close.

I turned my head to the right and saw Leah on the other side of the glass shower door. I felt my friend rise to attention at the site of her staring at me. Quickly, I turned the water off, opened the sliding door and grabbed a towel off the bar on the wall, wrapping it around my lower half as I tried to rein my wolf in.

“Leah, what are you doing in here?” I asked her in a strained voice. I didn’t dare to move. I knew if I did I would have taken what my wolf and I both wanted right here on the bathroom floor.

‘Why have you not mated me?’ she asked in return. She leaned up against the bathroom door effectively blocking my exit.

I was not expecting that question and my heart rate picked up. I wanted to cross the bathroom and take her in my arms, but I knew I couldn’t. Her standing there staring at me, watching the water slide down my chest and abs was driving me crazy. I needed to get away from her.

“Listen, Leah, honey, I need to get dressed,” I choked out. I was finding it harder to think straight, let alone talk.

‘Why?’ she asked tilting her head to the side.

Why? I thought, Oh I don’t know, maybe because I want to rip your clothes off and pound you into the floor, and I know if I do, I’ll scare you. I shook my head. I couldn’t tell her that. She would run and never want to speak to me again. Instead, I closed my eyes and did something I swore I would never do when I found my mate, I lied through my teeth.

“I have to leave to take care of some Alpha business.” I didn’t but I needed to get out of here. Her scent was going to kill me.

I saw hurt flash in her eyes before she looked at the tiled floor of the bathroom.

‘No you don’t,’ I heard in my head. I could feel the hurt and anxiety in her words, but I needed to leave. I was losing the slim control I had on my wolf and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was front and center.

“Yes, I do. Now, Leah, please move from the door so that I can go and get some clothes on,” I said, trying not to show the strain in my voice.

‘Why are you lying to me?’ was her response.

“I’m not…”

‘Yes. You are,’ she interrupted. ‘You have been avoiding answering my questions for a while now and I cannot wait any longer.’ Her head lifted and she stared into my eyes. ‘Why have you not mated me?’ she asked again.

I was caught in her gaze. I could not look away, I gulped, “I want to,” I whispered. “I want to so bad, you have no idea.” I finally tore my gaze away from hers, “It’s just that…”

‘Just what?’ she queried.

I took a deep breath, “It’s just that I don’t want to scare you,” I finally got out.

When I looked back up, my breath caught. Leah had moved from the door and was standing a foot in front of me. I had not heard her move, as I was too absorbed in fighting my wolf, fighting myself.

Her hand reached up and cupped my left cheek. Sighing, I nuzzled her wonderfully small hand and groaned thinking of it touching other parts of my body. I hadn’t realized that I had closed my eyes until I felt her other hand on my chest and they snapped open. I couldn’t say anything, but the question was clear in my eyes as I looked into Leah’s rich gold depths.

‘You could never scare me,’ she said. ‘If we are truly mates, then you could never do anything to harm me or scare me away.’

She looked so calm. She had no idea what mating really entailed. If she did, I do not think that she would be this content to stand in a bathroom with me in only a towel.

‘You have held your wolf off and it is not good for you or him,’ she said as if reading my mind. ‘I want to be mated to you. The feelings that I have when you are near, when we touch, it proves to me that we are meant to be together. I don’t understand why you are holding yourself back from having what you both need and want?’ she questioned.

I felt my wolf growl in arousal when she said she wanted to be mated to us. I barely heard what she said after that as I was on a slippery slope, handing on by a thread. I couldn’t talk, so I used the link she established.

“I don’t want to force you into anything,” I said with tenderness. “I want you to heal fully, gain your memories back. I want you to be sure about being with me.” I know she could feel my guilt with the last part.

‘Why wouldn’t I be sure?’ she tilted her head as she searched my eyes for answers.

‘Because I hit you with my car,’ I mumbled into her mind. I felt her amusement through the link.

Her arms wrapped around my neck as she leaned into me. I kept a death grip on the towel with one hand while the other went to her hip.

‘You did not mean to do that. You have already said you were sorry so many times. I am tired of hearing it.’ Her eyes flicked to my lips and back as she sighed. ‘If you will not complete the mating, then will you at least mark me?’ she asked.

I could not catch my breath. My wolf was going crazy. I looked deeply into her wonderful golden eyes, searching for any hint of doubt in them about her decision.

“Are you sure?” I asked aloud. I felt her shake with a silent chuckle.

‘I would not ask if I was not sure,’ she sent to me. ‘I want to know that I am yours and that you are mine. My wolf wants it, I want it, and I am pretty sure you do too. Please, do not wait any longer to claim me.’ she pleaded.

I lowered my head slowly to hers. She kept her eyes on me the whole time and when I was a hairs breadth from her lips, I inhaled her wonderful scent. I searched her eyes one more time before I crashed my lips to hers.

Leah’s chest rumbled with pleasure. I growled lowly, and deepened the kiss. I wanted to be gentle as this was our first one, but my wolf was taking over. I had made him wait too long and he was demanding I mark her now. I ran my tongue along the seam of her lips and they parted on a gasp. Taking advantage, I plunged my tongue in and tasted every part of her. She was so sweet, like honey. I couldn’t get enough.

She pulled away to get some air but I kept my lips on her, trailing them over her cheek and to her ear. I lightly bit and suckled her tender lobe causing her to shiver in my arms. Taking my time, I lowered my head to her neck and shoulders. I kept kissing and suckling her soft skin, savoring her flavor and becoming intoxicated with her scent.

Leah writhed in my arms. I wrapped both arms around her, dropping the towel in the process, and brought her closer to me. I backed us up until she hit the bathroom door. Once I had her pinned, I ran my hands up and down her body, reveling in the feel of her. She had gained weight since waking in the hospital, so she was curvier, and I relished those curves.

I was still working on her neck when I felt her hands run up and down my back, her nails lightly scraping along the way. I growled again, loving the slight pain it caused. When I had tortured the both of us enough, I let my canines extend. Lightly scraping them over the spot I was going to mark, I pressed Leah further into the door. I did not need her to fall to the floor from the energy drain. I kissed the area one more time, and then sank my teeth into her.

Her blood flowed over my lips and across my tongue, and I felt Leah’s moan float through my mind. She pressed the palms of her hands into my back, bringing us impossibly close. When I felt her weakening and drooping against the door, I extracted my fangs and licked the wound to accelerate the healing process. As I did this, I felt our bond strengthen. I leaned back a little to admire my mark.

Right now, it was a little red and swollen but in an hour or so it would be gone and a tattoo would be in its place. I couldn’t wait to see it.

Smiling, I looked at Leah’s face and saw that she was about to pass out standing up. With a slight chuckle, I removed my weight from her. I caught her under her legs and back in a bridal carry as she started to slump to the ground.

With her in my arms made it a little difficult to open the bathroom door, but I managed. I carried her through the door and into our adjoining bedroom. Laying her down on the king size bed, I made sure she was comfortable. When I saw she was resting peacefully, I went to the closet and found some boxers in one of the built in drawers. I put them on and slipped into the bed with my mate.

I brushed the hair from her face and watched her sleep for a bit. Flicking a glance to my mark, I saw it was healing nicely. Assured that she was going to be ok, I pulled her closer with her back to my chest and kissed her head.

I’ll just lay here until she wakes, I thought. It was not long before I fell asleep with my mate in my arms and a smile on my face.

~Leah’s POV~

I felt drained and achy, but it was a wonderful ache. I knew nothing was wrong as my wolf was purring in contentment. She was extremely happy now, and I tried to remember why. Then it hit me, Devin had marked me! My eyes shot open and I tried to sit up, but something heavy was holding me down. I looked toward the pressure on my stomach and saw an arm lying there. I followed the length of the arm until I reached what it was attached to. I saw Devin, asleep, with a smile lingering on his lips.

A smile stretched across my own, knowing that I was the reason he looked so happy in slumber. Deciding I wanted to linger in bed with my mate I settled back down and turned over to face him. This action caused Devin to pull me closer to him and nuzzle his face into my neck. His nose brushed the area he had marked and a pleasurable shiver ran down my back. This sensation was almost too much for me. It was wonderful before when he would touch me, but now that he left his mark, the things I was feeling were indescribable.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I rubbed myself against him and draped my right leg over him, bringing him even closer to me. I felt a growl rumble through him as I unintentionally sent a moan through our connection. Hearing him growl with want for me was beyond description.

I know he was not fully awake, but I needed something from him. I did not know what it was but I just needed…

Devin’s head shot up and looked down at me. His eyes were darkened and I could tell his wolf was close to the surface. I did not care, I needed him, and my wolf needed him. I could feel her writhing around inside of me, wanting her mate to complete what he had started.

I moved against him, bringing our hips closer together, and I could feel something hard against my inner thigh. I did not know what it was but it felt wonderful. Devin stiffened above me and he closed his eyes. It looked like he was in pain, but I knew he liked what I did as I could feel it through the mate bond.

I trailed a hand down his chest and towards his abs. I watched as his muscles bunched and quivered at my touch. I brought my hand lower, closer to the hard object on my thigh. Devin’s hand caught mine and brought it above my head.

“I would be careful, love,” he growled out.

‘Why?’ I practically moaned through the link.

His breath caught and he shuddered at my words. “I will end up completing the mating if you keep up with your teasing,” he said sounding strained.

I shifted against him again as I sent, ‘What if I want you to complete the mating?’

His whole body stiffened as his eyes bored into mine. I was not exactly sure what completing the mating entailed but I knew I wanted him to finish what he started in the bathroom. My wolf wanted it also. She had not led me astray so far and I was going to listen to her when it came to this. If she was sure, then so was I.

Devin gulped and his eyes darkened further. I could see he was trying to hold his emotions in check. I did not want him to do that so I moved against him again and he moaned. Remembering how he trailed his lips down my neck earlier, I decided to try to see if it would have the same effect on him as it did on me.

I raised my head from my pillow and gently kissed under his jaw. I could hear his breathing quicken and his heart begin to race. I slowly moved my lips along his throat to his shoulder and started to nibble and suck on it as he had done to me.

“Leah,” he groaned.

‘Yes,’ I sent while continuing with my ministrations.

“Leah…Are you sure, love?” I could tell he was losing the battle with himself. His whole body was quivering, and I could feel something getting harder along my thigh.

‘Yes,’ was my only reply.

After that, there was no time for any form of talking, only feeling.

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