Silenced: Book 1 of the Bound Trilogy

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Chapter 17

~Leah’s POV~

My heart was breaking.

I watched, and felt, as cruel humans killed wolves. Women and children slaughtered in the streets and their homes while the men tried to protect them, to no avail.

I watched as men ran into a huge home and dragged out a woman crying and screaming for them not to hurt her children. I watched as they raped and killed her daughter in front of her. I saw them do the same to her.

I felt the tears running down my face, but I needed to know what happened here. I needed to know how I ended up in this lifeless place.

The image moved and men were storming into another home. This time they did not come out. I saw a woman sneaking out the back with another female. They were carrying bundles in their arms and trying to go unnoticed by the ones killing their pack mates. As they made it to the edge of the forest line, the house they escaped exploded.

I felt satisfaction that those men never made it out alive.

The two women stopped. They were both covered head to toe so no one could know who they were. One was carrying a single bundle while the other held two. Whatever they were carrying seemed to be moving. Suddenly, a baby’s cry split the silence around them. The women hugged and ran in separate directions.

The vision followed the woman carrying two bundles. I do not know if the other female made it to safety, but I hope she did.

The woman was running through the woods. Every once in a while she would shoot a glance behind her, and I would catch a glimpse of golden eyes.

The vision shifted. I was still with the woman, only this time she was not covered. I saw pale hair flowing in the wind, and golden eyes staring down a man in front of her while surrounded by others. There was a commotion amongst the men as one of them brought a small bundle forth.

The woman froze. Tears started to fill her eyes. She knew what was in that bundle. The man ripped the clothes away and revealed a baby girl, no more than a few months old. Her pale hair and golden eyes identical to that of the woman’s, this was her daughter.

I could feel that she was saddened that they had found this child, but she was also relieved that her other children had gotten away. Or so she hoped.

The images shifted again. This time a wolf was on the outskirts of the men. He had an army of wolves behind him. Suddenly, one of the men grabbed the woman and put a knife to her throat. The wolf let out a ferocious growl. I looked closer at this wolf. He was huge. He would have stood hand and shoulders taller than mine. He was pure white, no other color marring him anywhere. His eyes were the color of the sky in early morning, but they were cold and hard.

“You better leave,” spoke the man with the knife. “If you don’t, I’ll take great pleasure in slicing your lovely mate to pieces.”

The white wolf growled again. This time more menacingly, it sent shivers down my spine. I am surprised the man did not give up right then and there.

“Uh, uh, uh,” said the man, “I wouldn’t do anything hasty. Not only do I have your mate, I also have your daughter.” With that, the man holding the baby came forth. He too, was holding a knife to the child’s throat. “Leave now, and I’ll let them live.” He shifted the knife so it nicked the woman’s throat, allowing a trail of blood to flow down. “Stay...and they will both die. Your choice.”

I could hear the thoughts flowing between the woman and wolf. They were full of love, and promises to save each other. The wolf assured the woman their baby boy was safe. The woman assured the wolf their other daughter was safe as well. She let him know to leave she had a plan.

With one last longing look over his shoulder, the wolf turned and ran into the forest, leaving his mate and child behind. I felt their agony at the separation as if it were my own.

Again, images shifted. This time the woman was sneaking away from the men with her daughter. They were almost a safe distance away when an alarm sounded. Looking down, she saw she had stepped on a trip wire. She took off running.

Her thoughts were jumbled. She kept thinking about keeping her child safe. Needing to find a safe place for her. Needing to find her mate. Needing to escape.

She spotted a tree up ahead. The branches were wide enough to hold her baby safely. Sprinting to it, she jumped to the lowest one and placed her precious daughter in the boughs of the tree. Giving her one last kiss, she jumped down and shifted into her almost pure silver wolf. She could hear the men coming and needed to get them away from where her daughter was.

She took off in another direction hoping the men would follow. She ran while they pursued. She ran while they shot at her with silver. She ran until she could run no more.

I was back at the tree. I could see some men scouring around looking for the baby. The man who held the knife to the woman’s throat looked up when he heard a faint gurgling noise. He had found the child.

I was brought back to the void by the touch of my wolf’s nose on my hand.

‘That was your mother who tried to save you. The wolf was your father, and the other two children are your siblings, a brother and sister.’

I fell to my knees.

I had been ripped from my family. Everything I had ever known had been a lie. I was alone in the world. I had no family. I had no one.

‘No Ainia,’ my wolf stated, ’That is not true.’

I looked at her through my blurred vision.

‘You have Devin. Our mate. He will always be there for you.’ She rubbed her head against me, trying to bring some form of comfort. ‘You also have a brother and sister out there that you need to find.’

I wiped my tears away. She was right. I did have family out there, and Devin would not want me to give up so easily.

First things first, how do I get out of here?

~Devin’s POV~

I jumped up and grabbed the muzzle of the shotgun with my mouth. I heard a deafening bang and felt a burning sensation along my left side. I ignored it as I ripped the gun from the Hunter’s hands and threw it into the forest.

In the distance, I could hear the sounds of my pack along with another taking care of the traps set by this maniac. I kept my concentration on him. I wanted to claw my way up the tree and rip him limb from limb, but I needed answers. For one, where is my mate. Another, who the Hell has her.

I shifted so I could talk to this scumbag. I didn’t care that I was standing naked in front of him. I was more concerned about my mate than my nudity.

“Get out of that tree now before I rip you out of it.” I growled at him.

The asshole had the nerve to laugh at me. I growled louder and he finally shut up.

“Do you really think I’m going to come down there?” He chuckled again, “I don’t think so. I feel much safer up here. After all, dogs can’t climb trees,” he smirked.

I smirked at him and jumped up, landing on the branch he was perched on. “Think again ass-wipe.” My smirk grew, “Now get out of this tree or I’ll shove you out.” I was losing patience with him.

The man considered his options then jumped nimbly from the tree. He landed on the balls of his feet with his knees bent and one hand on the ground. I followed right after, trying to make sure he did not make a run for it. Not that he would get far, after all, he was only human.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” I jeered at him. He stayed silent. “Alright, I’m only going to ask this once.” I looked him hard in the eyes, “Where. Is. My. Mate?”

The man shrugged. I lost it and grabbed him by the throat, slamming him into the trunk of the tree. He hit hard enough pieces of bark flew in every direction. “Answer me!” I roared. I was at my wits end. I needed answers and I needed them NOW!

The bastard was clawing at my hands, trying to get them off his throat. Huh, would you look at that, I’ve never seen that shade of blue before. I eased up a little on the pressure. “Are you going to answer me?” I growled lowly, as he gulped in air.

Before he could answer, there was a rustling in the brush behind me. I made the mistake of looking over my shoulder. The fucker took the opportunity to stick something in my arm.

I whipped my head around and noticed a syringe sticking out of my forearm. Everything started to spin and I couldn’t keep my hold on this asshole. My grip slipped and he escaped my grasp. I felt myself falling. I waited for the impact of the ground, instead, arms wrapped around me. I could faintly hear someone call my name.

The last thing I saw were blurred images of people hovering over me before it all went black.

~Devin’s Father’s POV~

We ran right into a trap. I dodged arrows and bullets while trying to keep track of where my son was. I heard him howl to the Rocky Mountain pack for help, and then saw him take off into the woods. I tried to follow but our men were being injured and I needed to make sure we made it out of this alive. I saw some of our wolves were caught in a net several feet up in the air. I was looking for a way to get them down when I heard the other pack heading our way.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I told the men to stay low and avoid getting hit. I let them know help was on the way and that I needed to make sure Devin was ok. I received several affirmatives and took off in the direction I had seen my son go.

I made it through the brush in time to see a Hunter jam a syringe into his arm. I would have chased him down but Devin was collapsing. Shifting quickly, I caught my son before he fell to the ground. I heard some of the Rocky Mountain pack around me. The Alpha placed a hand on my shoulder.

“What happened Kent?” he asked.

“The bastard Hunter stuck him with something. The syringe is on the ground next to Devin. We need to get him to your pack doctor. Now! I don’t know what was in there, but whatever it was Devin is fading fast.”

The Alpha nodded and called for the doctor who came with them. A man around my age, mid to late fifties, knelt next to me to examine Devin. He took a vile from a bag, I didn’t even notice he had, and placed a few drops of the liquid into a tube. He then swabbed the inside of the syringe that was used on Devin and placed it in the tube.

The liquid turned a bluish purple color. The doctor sighed, “He was injected with a combination of silver, wolfs bane, and arsenic. It will be a miracle if he survives the next hour or so.”

My heart stopped. I looked down at my son. No! This could not be happening!

“No,” I whispered. “No!” I said more loudly, “There has to be something we can do! I will not just sit back and watch my son die while his mate is still out there suffering at the hands of these monsters!” The doctor was cringing away from my tone. I didn’t care. I needed him to save my son so we could save his mate. There were no other options. “Do something!” I shouted at him.

The Rocky Mountain Alpha placed a hand on my shoulder, “Kent…”

“No!” I roared, “The doctor has to be able to do something! I am not giving up on him!”

The doctor cleared his throat, “There, uh, might, um, be, uh…”

“Spit it out man! We don’t have all day!”

“There might be a slim chance if we give him a blood transfusion.” He got out in a rush.

“Then what are you waiting for! Get him to wherever he needs to be and get him the blood! I am going to continue looking for his mate. She needs to be there with him. It may help.” The other Alpha nodded and gave directions to his men.

I got up and noticed the wolves from our own pack were stitched up and ready to go. I told them that we would continue to hunt for Leah while the other pack took care of our Alpha. They nodded and we continued our search.

I just hope we find her before it’s too late.

~Unknown POV~

After sticking that mutt with my own special blend of wolf killer, I was free and clear. They would be so busy trying to save the stupid sod to even notice that I slipped right by them.

I made it through the woods and onto a secluded road. I had my jeep stashed under some branches not too far away. Once I found it, I would be home free.

I had only taken about ten steps when I came across my vehicle. I made it out closer than I realized. I uncovered my jeep and climbed in. I tilted the visor down and the keys fell into my hand. I started the engine and pulled onto the road.

I didn’t have a destination in mind. As long as I was away from here, I would be fine.

I found a disposable cell and made a few calls.

When I was done, I threw the cell out the window. I watched as it smashed into a million pieces on the paved road.

I had a new job to do.

I was headed to Colorado.

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