Silenced: Book 1 of the Bound Trilogy

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Chapter 20

~Leah’s POV~

When will he wake up? I am here now. Everything is supposed to be all right now that we are back together.

I ran the fingers of my left hand through his hair while my right held tightly to his laying on the bed.

His heart rate picked up. It seems anytime I touched him his pulse would accelerate and his monitor would start to beep out of control.

Keeping my hand in his, I leaned against the back of my chair and laid my head back. I was exhausted. I rolled my head to the right and could see Kent stretched out on the cot someone brought into the room.

My lips lifted in a small smile at how funny he looked. He was so much longer than the small bed, his knees were bent over the end with his feet were resting on the floor. He had one of his arms thrown over his eyes and I could faintly hear a snore escape his lips.

Kent is a good man. After we had arrived at the pack house, he asked if someone could bring clothes so I could change into something clean. I did not mind the clothes I was wearing. Living the way I did all these years, I was used to not worrying about the clothes on my back. However, it did not hurt to be thankful for the pants and shirt that were leant to me.

I rolled my head back and faced the ceiling. My eyes closed as I squeezed Devin’s hand.

I was almost asleep when the door behind me opened. Straightening, I turned to face whoever had entered the room.

I noticed a man around the same age as Devin’s father, he was wearing a long white coat, and carried a clipboard in hand. This must be the pack doctor.

At first, the doctor did not seem to notice me, but then he looked up and smiled at me. Coming forward he held his hand out towards me. Hesitantly, I took his hand in mine. He shook it up and down a few times before releasing it. Once my hand was released, I placed it in my lap and faced Devin. It was uncomfortable to touch another male, even that innocently while my mate was laying here.

The doctor cleared his throat, “Ma’am, I know you are here for your mate, but from what I understand you just went through a terrible ordeal.” I looked up towards him. What was he getting at? “I know you may not want to leave your mate, but I would feel better if you rested in here after I have checked you out. I want to make sure no lasting damage has been done to you while you were being held captive.”

I glanced at Devin’s still form and then towards his father, only to see Kent sitting up and watching the exchange between the doctor and I.

‘Kent, what should I do?’ I sent to him. ‘I do not want to leave Devin in case he wakes,’ I pleaded with him.

“It’s ok, sweetheart. I’ll talk to the doctor for you.” I nodded and faced Devin once again.

I could hear the two murmuring behind me, but I could not be moved to care what they were talking about. All that matters right now is for Devin to get better. I could wait. I was no one important. Devin was important. He is my life, my world, my everything.

A hand landed on my shoulder causing me to jump.

“It’s ok, it’s just me,” comforted Kent. Placing a hand over my speeding heart, I looked at him over my shoulder. “The doctor is going to take a look at your injuries in here so you do not have to leave Devin’s side. After he examines you he insists you rest to regain some of the strength you have lost.” I nodded in understanding.

‘Thank you Kent,’ I said. ‘What do I need to do?’ I was uncomfortable with the idea of another male touching me who was not my mate. But, since he was the doctor, I will have to deal with my urge to shrink away from him.

“Just sit here and let him take a look at your neck,” he glanced at the doctor and back towards me. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Is there anywhere else you are hurt?” His eyes ran over my face, “I know the bruise on your face is gone, but I am not sure if you are injured anywhere else.”

‘No. The only thing that I would like him to check is the healing of my neck.’ Tears threatened at the memory of what was done.

Kent’s hand rubbed my shoulder when he saw the direction my thoughts were going. Leaning forward, he kissed the top of my head, “It’s ok. Let the doctor take a look and then get some rest.” I could only nod my head and stare at mine and Devin’s entwined fingers.

“Alright, ma’am,” the doctor said approaching my chair. “Can you tilt your head so that I may take a look at the burn?” I tilted my head towards the right to give the doctor better access to my injury.

I tried not to flinch as he poked at the spot where my mark used to be. After several minutes of prodding, the doctor let me know I could tilt my head back.

He cleared his throat, “Well, it looks like it will heal fine, although you will always have a scar as whoever did this used silver.” He wrote something down on his clipboard and glanced at me under his brows. “I know you need to rest, but I have a few questions for you.”

I could tell he was unsure how he would get the answers he needed, as I could not talk in the traditional sense. Sighing, I concentrated on the man next to me as I searched for his ‘presence’. Finding it was a simple matter, along with the gentle prod to gain access to his mind.

‘It is alright sir,’ he jolted at my unexpected intrusion. ‘I will answer any questions you may have.’

His mouth moved up and down in a comical way. I would have laughed at how funny he looked if I was not so tired and worried about Devin. Laying my head on our joined hands, I waited for him to compose himself and ask his questions.

“Uh, well, um,” he cleared his throat yet again. “Ok, well, uh,” he took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to get his stuttering under control. Straightening his shoulders, he pulled a stool closer towards me and took a seat.

“Well since you are able to speak through the link, I would like you to call me Luke.” His lips lifted in a smile and a twinkle came to his eye. “Well, getting down to business,” he looked at me intently. “From what Kent over here said, you and Devin mated only two days ago.”

I only nodded. If Kent said it was two days then I will trust in that. My sense of time since that wonderful night has been off.

“Now,” he continued, “have you started your heat since you completed the mating process?”

Heat? What was he talking about? I looked over my shoulder, ‘Kent, what is he talking about?’ I was so confused.

Kent became uncomfortable with my question so I decided to ask the doctor instead. ‘I’m sorry, but I do not know what you are asking. What is this heat?’

Leaning forward he explained. “You see, when a young woman is with a man for the first time it triggers a chemical reaction within their body. If she does not become pregnant the first time, her body excretes hormones that cause her to crave her mate.” He paused looking to see if I understood.

I nodded for him to continue. “The signs of going into ‘heat’ are a rise in body temperature, a feeling as if your skin is too tight, and the most telling symptom, is you will want to mate over and over again until you do become pregnant.”

I thought for a moment and realized that I had none of those symptoms. Granted, I had been unconscious for most of my captivity, but I still do not feel anything like he described, and told him so.

My answer brought a frown to the doctor’s face.

Sighing, he stood from the stool and grabbed his clipboard once more. “Thank you for answering my questions. You can rest now. Either I or a nurse will be checking in on you and Devin from time to time.” He turned and left the room.

I was confused even more. If I did not have the symptoms he described then what did that mean. Was there something wrong with me?

Kent broke me from my thoughts, “Leah, honey, I’m going to get something to eat from the cafeteria. Do you want me to bring you back something?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I did not care if he did or not. I only wanted to rest next to my mate and help him get better.

After rubbing my shoulder, Kent left the room.

I ran my fingers through Devin’s hair as I stood over him. Glancing at the cot, I decided I would rather lie next to my mate. So, crawling in carefully, I placed my head on his shoulder and brought our joined hands to rest on his stomach.

I reveled in the current running through me from where our skin made contact. Leaning up slightly, I placed a kiss upon his cheek and settled back down next to him.

In no time, I was asleep.

~Devin’s POV~

I needed to wake up!

I want to see my precious Leah again. I want to hold her in my arms and never let her go.

Since her statement, ‘I’m finally here,’ I have not heard her voice in my mind. I have, however, felt her touch. She never let go of my hand, and every once in a while I would feel her soft fingers brush through my hair.

The electricity her touch sparked kept me grounded in my body. I never wanted her to stop, too afraid I would drift away and never find my way back again.

Every once in a while, I would hear the sound of my father’s voice, or those of the doctor and nurses, hearing them speaking helped to reaffirm I was still among the land of the living.

With nothing else to do but lie here, I listened in on the conversation between Leah and the doctor.

I was glad to hear she would heal from her injuries. I just wish I had been the one to find her so I could kill the bastard that hurt my beautiful mate.

The doctor’s next question caught my attention.

“Now, have you started your heat since you completed the mating process?”

Why was he asking Leah about her heat? Then it dawned on me, when we completed the mating process it was Leah’s first time. She would have gone into heat soon after if she had not gotten pregnant already.

Wait…does this mean…could she…

I need to wake up!

Leah must not have known what he was talking about as he was explaining what happens during a heat cycle to her.

I don’t know what she told him, but I could feel tension in the air.

What is going on?!

Suddenly, the doctor took his leave and my father followed soon after. When they were gone, I felt Leah brush her fingers through my hair one more time before she climbed into the bed with me.

If I could, I would have sighed in contentment. I loved the feeling of her lying next to me. Her perfect lips kissed my cheek and she settled in next to me. Not too long after that, I heard the soft sounds of her sleeping.

I needed to see her so badly. Giving it one last try, I used everything I had in me to open my eyes.

It was hard, but I could feel myself getting closer to the surface of consciousness. I pushed harder and I was finally able to open my eyes a little. Everything was blurry, but I was able to tell the lights were off in the room. My father must have turned them off when he left the room.

Blinking furiously to focus my eyes, I turned my head towards Leah. I tried to bring my hand up so I could touch her, but I used all my energy just opening my eyes and moving my head that little bit. Letting out a quiet sigh, I let my eyes roam the face of my mate.

Even in the dim lighting, I could tell she was exhausted. I was glad she was resting now. I was even gladder she was resting next to me.

The opening of the door tore my attention away from Leah. There was a silhouette entering the room, followed closely by another.

Opening my mouth to speak, nothing would come out. One of the figures looked familiar. It was the same build and height as my father, so I decided to try to mind link him to see if he was in the room.

‘Father,’ I sent.

“Devin?” I heard in the room. Guess that answers my question, I thought.

The lights switched on and I had to close my eyes from the sudden brightness. I opened them cautiously and was glad I could see without my eyes hurting.

“Devin?” I looked towards my father.

‘Yeah, it’s me.’

~Kent’s POV~

When Leah answered Doctor Luke’s question, he became very pensive. After taking his leave of Leah, he motioned for me to follow him into the hallway.

I told Leah that I was going to get something to eat while she rested.

I saw the doctor at the nurses’ desk and made my way over.

“What is it you needed to talk to me about?” I asked him.

He looked up from his notes and I could tell he was concerned. He rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger while answering, “Leah told me she has not gone through her heat.”

It was my turn to be concerned. What did it matter if she had not gone through her heat? She may have and just not known it.

He must have seen my confusion because he sighed and carried on, “She could be pregnant. But, I will not know for sure for a couple of days. As it stands, if she is not and goes into heat here, she will attract every unmated wolf for miles.” He looked down at his hands, “With her mark gone there is nothing saying she is claimed by her mate. She will essentially be up for grabs.”

I looked at him in horror. I would not let that happen to Leah. She has been through enough.

I turned and leaned back against the nurses’ station, crossing my arms I tried to think of a solution.

The only thing I could think of, would be to take her back home and hope like Hell she was pregnant.

“How long before you can run some tests to be sure she is pregnant?” I asked him as I stared at the linoleum floor.

“I can test her tomorrow if you want but it may not show anything.”

Nodding, I motioned for the doc to follow me back into the room. I wanted him there when all this was explained to Leah.

As soon as I opened the door, my son’s voice entered my mind.


I was shocked. “Devin?” I asked aloud.

Luke flipped the lights on and I saw my son’s eyes slam shut at the sudden brightness. When they opened again, I could hardly believe it.

“Devin?” I asked again.

‘Yeah, it’s me,’ was his reply.

I wanted to run over there and grab him into my arms, but I noticed Leah asleep next to him. The poor thing was worn out.

However, the good doctor did not see her but he did see Devin’s eyes open. He rushed over and examined him.

“Well,” he said, “it looks like you will have no trouble getting back on your feet.” A huge grin split the doctor’s face, “As it is, you should not have even been awake this soon.” He was practically doing cartwheels in the hospital room. “Even though you can’t talk or move you should be able to within the next few days. With some more rest and with your mate by your side I predict a speedy recovery.”

I wanted to some cartwheels myself. Instead, I jumped up and let out a loud ‘Whoop’.

The noise startled Leah awake as she almost fell out of the bed. She sat up and stared between the doctor and myself. I walked up to her and gave her a huge bear hug. I wanted to dance with her around the room.

‘What is going on?’ she asked me trying to get out of my hold.

Instead of answering, I held her by the shoulders and turned her around. Her hand flew to her mouth and she let out a silent sob. She dove at Devin and kissed him for all she was worth.

She eventually let the boy breathe. The doc and I were laughing at her antics.

Calming down, I looked at Leah seriously. “Honey, you need to know that Devin is going to need a lot of rest to fully recover,” I told her.

She nodded and grasped one of Devin’s hands in both of hers.

‘I know,’ she told me. ‘I will take good care of him.’ She looked lovingly down towards my son, then back towards me. ‘When will we be able to go home?’

I glanced at the doc and asked him the same thing.

Taking another look at his clipboard he said, “Well let’s see here…I’ll need to run a test on Leah tomorrow and check Devin’s progress. Other than that you should be able to leave tomorrow evening.”

I thought about the test the doc wanted Leah to take. I figure is we wait on it until we get home then we could leave sooner.

“Doc, can we not do the test on Leah? I’m sure these two want to get home as soon as possible. When we get back I’ll have our doc test her.”

Luke thought about it for a moment and then conceded before he left the room.

I gazed at my son and my future daughter-in-law with happiness. We were going home.

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