Silenced: Book 1 of the Bound Trilogy

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~Devin’s POV~

It has been twenty-four hours since I have awoken to find my mate in my arms. We were finally on our way home, thank the Goddess. The wolves that had helped to find Leah had already left for home and should have arrived in our territory yesterday. The doctor released me early this morning on the condition that I used a wheelchair for the next few days and a cane after that, until I am able to move without pain.

The drug that bastard Hunter injected me with left me in constant pain. When I first woke in the hospital room I was numb, a side effect of the poison. Most of it had been flushed from my system by the blood transfusion, but the little that remained was still wreaking havoc with my motor skills.

I didn’t care though. I would go through it all again if it meant having my precious Leah by my side, or should I say Ainia.

That was something that came as a shock to me when we had talked about what had happened to her. I was glad she regained her memories, and at the same time, I wanted to take them away as I could tell they were painful for her. She did, however, tell me that she preferred the name I gave her to the one she was called by her captor. She claimed the one I gave her made her feel special, while the one her fake father used brought up painful memories.

My precious Leah was asleep with her head in my lap. We were currently in the back seat of the rental car my father had gotten to drive us home. With some of the poison still in my system, I was unable to shift until it was completely flushed out. As for Leah, she wanted to stay with me and there was no way I was going to have her anywhere but at my side for the next thousand years, maybe not even then would I let her leave my side.

I caught my father’s gaze in the rearview mirror and we shared a smile. He knew what I was going through and I was glad he approved of my mate. Not that it would matter if he didn’t, I would give up everything to be with her.

I looked down to my slumbering mate, and ran a gentle finger down her cheek. She stirred slightly, moving her head into my touch. My heart melted as I saw the corners of her lips twitch in a smile. It brought such joy to know that I could be the cause of that smile.

Glancing out the side window, I noticed we were driving through the last bit of town. Fifteen minutes and we would be pulling into the driveway of our home.

My dad slowed as we approached the house. I could see my mother, sister, her husband, and my niece all waiting to welcome us home. My smile spread as I watched the munchkin bouncing on the balls of her feet in her excitement. I had a feeling Leah was going to be tackled as soon as she exited the car.

I gently nudged her awake. “We’re home love,” I whispered, “It’s time to wake up and meet the rest of your new family.”

Her eyelids fluttered open as she stretched her arms over her head and smiled at me. She was too adorable for her own good. I couldn’t wait for my wolf to heal so I could mark her again and make her mine once more.

The car came to a stop, and the passenger door was ripped open, a small black blur barreled into the back tackling Leah. If she had not been strapped in she would have fallen to the floor. I watched Leah’s expression to make sure she was not hurt from the unexpected attack, but she had a smile spread across her face.

My mother and sister came to passenger door and dragged Ehren from the car, letting her know she could talk to Leah when she was inside and settled. Ehren pouted for a second then grinned, running into the house. I just shook my head chuckling at my niece’s antics.

After being helped out of the car and into the wheelchair, we all entered the house. As it was not made for wheelchair access, I would have to stay in the lower level of the home until I was able to use a cane. As we walked, my father introduced my mother to Leah along with Alia’s husband. Leah shook their hands and took it all in stride.

Everyone settled into the kitchen as my mother took the opportunity to teach Leah how to make a simple meal. With me out of commission, we will be eating whatever is in the freezer or what my mom is able to teach Leah to cook.

A distant ringing sounded through the house. Someone was calling my office phone. My father took off in that direction to pick it up, Clayton following behind him. Whatever pack business that needs to be taken care of will have to be handled by them until I am a hundred percent. I didn’t mind. It just means I can spend more one on one time with my mate.

I sat in my chair at the table and listened to my mother, sister, and niece fill Leah in on everything that has happened while she was gone. Not that she would know about anything they were saying but she let them talk. A few minutes later, my father entered the kitchen again and made his way to one of the chairs next to me.

I did not like the look on his face. Something was wrong, and he was apprehensive of telling me.

“What’s up Dad?” I asked him.

He blew out a breath and looked me in the eyes, “That was Jack.” I tensed, did something happen to him? To his mate?

“What is it?”

He blew out another breath, “He needs your help in Colorado,” he stated.

I looked from him to my chair and back, as if to say, ‘Really, and how am I supposed to help him like this?’

Holding up his hands he continued, “I know, I know, but he said it has to do with his mate.” He paused to gain his thoughts, whatever he was about to tell me would be big. “He called to see if you had made it home, as he has been calling since he arrived at the pack house there. I brought him up to speed on what has been going on. When I got to the part about Leah needing to find her siblings is when he said you needed to go there. He says his mate may be Leah’s sister.” At these words, everyone stilled.

I looked towards Leah and saw the question in her eyes. I could also see the hope in her golden depths. Could this really be her lost sister? Would be finally be reunited with one of her siblings?

“There is something else,” he stated interrupting my thoughts. I looked back at him, “He says his mate is…difficult…I guess is the best way to describe her. He said if you come out there with Leah not to get your hopes up at a joyful family reunion. He does not know how she will react to Leah’s presence.”

We both looked towards Leah this time. My mate had her head hung low. I wish I could get up and walk to her, wrap her in my arms and push the unhappy thoughts away.

‘It is alight Devin,’ she sent reading my thoughts. She walked towards me and sat in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. Looking into my eyes she continued, ‘She may not want me there, but I need to see if it is her first,’ she tilted her head. ‘Can we go and at least see if she is my twin? If she is not, then we can come back home and leave Jack to figure out how to work things out on his own.’

I hugged her to me, “Of course, Love,” I said aloud.

Looking around the room, I could see everyone was in agreement. Leah and I would be heading to Colorado as soon as possible.

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