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Dealing with the death of her loved ones, Winter Bray tries to survive the new struggles ahead. With relationships changing and desires growing stronger, Winter Bray must rethink everything once again. Her emotionless act doesn't get very far before everything drastically changes​ and she suddenly​ finds herself with an undeniable need. Consumed by confusion by, she ends up in a state of letting her head or heart decide.

Fantasy / Erotica
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You would think to get over the death of someone you loved, would be easy... or at least you hoped so. The hollow feeling in your chest didn’t go away, but it grew stronger, and before you knew it, you were swallowed up by this evident darkness which you couldn’t escape from. There was no way out of it. It took you, and there was nothing you could do. You waited for it to come, and when it finally came... you welcomed it like an old friend.

The sunlight streamed through the big windows, and I had missed the feeling of sunlight. Hunter told me about some special windows where ultraviolet radiation couldn’t get through the glass. He gave a far more detailed and complicated explanation, but I didn’t understand a thing of what he said, other than that I wouldn’t get burned by the sunlight.

My door opened, but I didn’t move. The world outside was way more interesting than whoever just entered my room. Their footsteps got closer to me and the bed. Either it was Rowan or Hunter. I didn’t pay mind to who it could be before I felt a hand on my shoulder. The grip was firm yet soft.

“I’m awake,” I murmured, continuing to stare outside the window. The hand slowly glided away.

“Good,” Hunter responded. His stare lingered on my skin, but I couldn’t care less “Breakfast is ready.” He added after maybe 30 seconds of silence. Ever since we went to pack up my things and he yelled at me... there had been this tension between us. It was awkward.

“I’m not hungry,” I whispered, tugging the warm sheets further up to my head. I heard Hunter sigh and I got the feeling that he was getting annoyed with me... Of course, he is.

“You can’t go on like this.” His footsteps once again sounded throughout the room, and his weight landed on the bed. I turned away, and I already knew that I acted like a child “You need to move on.”

“You can’t tell me to move on when it has not even been a month!!” I yelled, turning towards Hunter again “And I know that you’re not over her death either!” Hunter inhaled sharply and stood up dramatically. I expected him to scream at me, like always, but no.

“At least I’m trying.” He muttered blankly and not even a second later he left the room. I sighed and continued to stare after he left. I hated this tension, which was between us, but I also knew that he had too much pride to apologise for yelling at me like that. Although Hunter’s words somewhat hurt, I didn’t show it. The only way through grief was to shut everything out, or at least I tried to. Ever since Theo and everybody else I loved died, I hadn’t been able to sleep. If I closed my eyes, my mind would start to think. To wander off. Images would picture themselves in my mind, forcing me to open my eyes because the images were too painful for me to relive. Someone would probably say that I had been through hell and back... Well, guess what? It’s called survival.

Surviving the fact that I practically killed the person I loved the most in the world. Surviving the fact that I had become an orphan and what not. If I let every emotion in, then I didn’t think I could survive. It would be too overwhelming.

I sat up straight against the headboard of the bed. This room was three times bigger than my own. The floor was light brown and the walls were white, simple yet beautiful. I slept in a king-size bed, but I didn’t enjoy sleeping in it (like I even slept) There was too much space, and somehow it just kept reminding me of how much I had lost.

Before the bed, there was an enormous dresser with a mirror hanging above... I look like shit in the morning. In the far corner of the room a big, white closet took out a lot of the wall. Even though the furniture in the room was giant, there still was so much space to spare. The feeling of making this my new home sounded like another failure. Why keep trying when everything eventually would fall part?... Third time’s the charm.

When the three of us moved here, I immediately knew that Rowan wanted me to move past everything and start a new life... Easier said than done. But then again, this would be my third ‘new life’ so I should be a professional by now, right? It should be easy to put everything behind me and move forward. Something was holding me back. It made it impossible to even think about moving on. It had to be closure that was holding me back. I hadn’t gotten one, and deep down a part of me wanted to say the final goodbye.

Maybe Hunter wanted... needed closure too. I instantly wanted to groan when I thought about Hunter. The thought of us living together always made me think of how many arguments we would have, and how close we would be to killing each other. Well, no one had died yet, so things were fine. I tried to ignore him, and I knew he tried to ignore me too. We never spoke unless we had to... Childish, I know.

My legs felt like giving under as I stood up. Not bothering to do anything with myself, I just quickly got dressed. I didn’t even bother brushing my hair. Who would have thought getting out of bed would be so challenging? Every single part of my body screamed for rest, but I was unable to sleep.

Slowly, I made my way down the stairs. The smell of burnt bread instantly caught my attention, and my brows furrowed. I walked faster, and then just as I took my last step, I slipped. I let out a squeak, but before I could hit the ground a pair of strong arms grabbed me. My eyes met Hunter’s deep, dark brown ones, and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Watch your step.” I nodded, quickly getting out of his grip. Removing the hair from my face, I turned towards Hunter again.

“Thank you,” I murmured, glancing up at him. His arms were crossed over his chest, making his muscles flex. He said nothing, so I just walked over to the dark grey kitchen counter “You burned the toast...” I muttered dryly.

Hunter wandered over next to me, picking up the burned piece of bread “What can I say? I’m not a good cook.” He shrugged, putting it down, or more like throwing it. I sighed again because of our lack of conversation and communication... Why did I even agree to move in with them in the first place? Oh yeah, I have nobody else.

“Where’s Rowan?” I questioned as I got ready to make some tea. I reached to open the cupboards and even if I was quite tall, I still had the struggle to reach for the tea. Hunter’s footsteps echoed from behind and I instantly became more desperate to grab the tea before he could help me.

“He’s still in his room.” He replied, his chest slightly touching my back. His arm came into my sight as he reached for the container. Sighing, I retreated my hand while letting him take the tea. As I was about to take the tea container from Hunter, he stepped away. Placing the tea on the kitchen counter, Hunter opened it while casting me a glance

“Why did you disturb me and not Rowan?” I asked annoyed with my arms crossed over my chest “And do you mind giving me that?” I added, gesturing towards the tea. Hunter ignored me, finding a cup for himself “Erm... Hello?”

“I thought I told you to drop that bitchy act.” He then said without looking at me “Rowan is up all night, worrying about you, and you don’t give a shit.” He pushed the tea down towards me “You can go on acting this way, but just so you know, you’re hurting him more than you think.”

“Since when do you care about anyone but yourself?” I spoke as the feeling of guilt tried to make its way through my walls. Quickly grabbing a cup, I poured the hot, warm water as well as adding the tea into the cup.

“Who said I was?” Was Hunter’s response and I rolled my eyes. Just then Rowan entered the kitchen and I knew he heard everything. I sipped my tea and instantly grimaced because of the taste.

“Morning.” Rowan greeted. The dark circles under his eyes and his messy hair were clear proof of how tired he was. Hunter rose a brow at me, but I turned around to find the sugar.

“Good morning,” I replied, adding a small amount of sugar to my tea. I took another sip and it tasted so much better. Hunter remained silent, but I didn’t pay mind to it. I went to sit by the table, sipping my tea silently.

“What time is it?” He then said with a yarn, getting ready to make some coffee.

“Around 11 or so.” My eyes widened slightly. I had stayed in bed for way too much time, but then again, I had nothing to do. This house felt like a prison, like there was no escape to the outside world “We need to go hunting today.” Hunter then added after a somewhat awkward silence.

“I’ll do it,” I announced and both Hunter’s and Rowan’s head snapped towards me. Hunter rose an eyebrow at me, and Rowan stared wide-eyed “What?”

“Not happening.” Hunter declared, and I glared “You don’t know the first thing about hunting.” I was about to open my mouth, but Rowan cut me off.

“Winter, don’t start.” His eyes were almost pleading, and I clenched my jaw “I’ll do it at dusk.” He then said, leaning against the counter. Taking another sip of my tea, I remained quiet. It would always be like this. They would hunt, and I would stay here... and do nothing.

“Why are you guys like this?” I yelled, “I mean seriously, all I do is sit here and sleep!”

“You brought that on yourself when you started acting differently.” Surprisingly, it was Rowan who spoke, and I found myself just staring at him without being able to say anything. I hurt him. I hadn’t forgiven him yet and to be honest I didn’t even know when the right time would be. I took another sip of my tea before standing up from my seat.

“Right then. I’ll just stay in my room.” Maybe I acted childish, maybe I handled this situation wrongly, but the thought didn’t strike my mind.

“It’s better than staying in the same room as you,” Hunter muttered and I felt a familiar irritation, anger bubbled inside me. I jerked around and ran towards him. I pushed him up against the counter, making the cup of tea drop from his hand. The shattered glass echoed throughout the kitchen as well as the living room.

“You know what? I’m sick of you always making stupid remarks and comments about me! I have done nothing to you. I know you miss Reyna, okay? But you sure as hell don’t get to tell me about my attitude when yours is far worse!” His face turned blank by my words, and Rowan froze by the volume of my voice.

“Are you done acting like a child?” Hunter spoke as he grasped both of my wrists.

“Are you done acting like a jerk?” I fired back, trying to wriggle free from Hunter’s grip. However, I already knew he was way stronger than I was, so basically it had no use.

“I’ll never be done acting like a jerk,” Hunter said, smirking mockingly by the fact that I couldn’t get free from his grip.

“Then I’ll never be done acting like a child,” I answered, glaring while Hunter let go of my wrists.

“Just drop it both of you!” Rowan cut in, the irritation lacing every word he spoke “At least try to get along, alright? I’m sick of it.” Rowan stormed up the stairs, and before I knew the door to his room slammed shut.

“Look what you did.” Hunter accused and my mouth dropped open.

“Me? If you hadn’t provoked me-”

“You really need some good, mind-blowing sex...” Hunter muttered, walking into the living room.

“You did not just say that!” I yelled, suddenly feeling embarrassed by his comment. This was Hunter, so what could I have expected... Certainly not that. He threw himself onto the couch with a blank look on his face “You have no filter...” I muttered under my breath.

“Yeah, yeah. Are you going to clean that up now?” He asked, gesturing towards the shattered cup and tea right beside my feet. Placing my hands on my hips, I glared at Hunter again, but he just rolled his eyes at me. I sighed in pure irritation, nevertheless, I slowly started to pick up the larger pieces of the shattered cup. Throwing the pieces in the trashcan, I moved on to pick up some of the smaller ones.

“Shit...” I cursed as the blood started flowing from the palm of my hand. I hadn’t even noticed. A tiny piece of glass got stuck in my hand... How can I be so stupid? I rushed over to the sink and turned on the water.

“What are you doing?” Hunter’s voice made me jump and gasp. I quickly regained my posture, trying to face away from him so he didn’t see the blood. Although I tried I knew he could smell it “You’re... bleeding.” He then said, and I glanced behind my back. His eyes stayed on the blood which slowly flowed from the palm of my hand. His eyes darkened a couple of times, and my eyes widened.

“Hunter...” I muttered, but he didn’t react. His fangs started to appear, and uneasiness settled in the pit of my stomach. I turned back to the sink, ignoring the heavy breathing behind me.

“You’re bleeding...” He muttered again and I felt him step closer. He pressed me up against the sink and spoke again “Let me help you...” I gulped, slowly turning off the water.

“Hunter, you’re not-”

“Let me taste.” He cut me off somewhat sternly, his breath hitting the base of my neck. His fangs grazed my neck, and my wall slowly crumped down as memories flashed before my eyes.

“No...” I answered but little did I know that it was a mistake. In a split-second Hunter spun me towards him, growling at me. My eyes widened by his black eyes “Hunter... calm down.” I tried to speak, but he growled at me again. I had never seen a vampire react so strongly to the scent and sight of blood. However, now that I thought about it, how had he kept his need for vampire blood under control for so long?

To me, Hunter always seemed to be the one who had the most control when it came to any kind for blood. He never expressed hunger the same way Rowan and I did. He only reminded us of when we needed to go hunting. His eyes never darkened the way mine did, his fangs never suddenly appear... Apparently, all vampires are different.

“What’s going on?” Rowan asked from the top of the stairs. I stood frozen, my eyes wide with fear as Hunter’s eyes locked with mine. It was like Hunter came to a realisation of what situation he was in because his eyes flashed back to that deep, dark brown colour which previously had given me shivers down my spine.

He cleared his throat before speaking “Nothing.” He answered shortly. He gave me a death glare before he made his way down to his room which was the basement. Taking a deep breath, I turned back to the sink as I inspected my hand. The shiny piece of glass mocked me, the way it was stuck in the palm of my hand, annoyed me. Rowan’s footsteps slowly sounded from the stairs, and before I knew it he stood right beside me.

“What happened?” He asked, his voice far more gentle than when we had our last conversation. I sighed, shaking my head.

“It was nothing, Hunter just hates me... just like I hate him,” I answered lowly.

“Not that, your hand.”

“I’m just cleaning up my mess.” I muttered, “It didn’t go as planned.” I added with a sarcastic laugh at the end.

“Let me help you.” Rowan insisted, but I shook my head again.

“I’ve got it,” I replied, but when Rowan’s hand touched my own, my mouth sealed shut.

“Just let me help you, Winter.” He spoke as his green eyes pierced into mine. I couldn’t help but smile, slightly grateful that he wanted to.

“Okay, thank you.”


Hey guys! Welcome back to the word of Desire! I didn’t plan on writing this book, but since you guys asked for a sequel, I decided to write one.

Should I do chapters with Hunter’s point of view? I’m still deciding, so tell me what you think.

I love you <3

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