Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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So Sorry

After the pointless sobbing for a Lyndon who will never come, I decided to give this random room an 'Ava Smackdown'.

I first threw the lamp, clawed some of the walls, and slammed the drawers- one by one- continuously against the white colored door.

I also murdered the clean white dresser with a blue TD bank pen that I had found under the bed. I poked wholes, drew squiggly lines, and even smeared blue ink all over the dresser with my now broken pen.

I then ran over to the closet and used my wolf strength to tear the double doors into 'quadruple' doors.

'Hopefully this isn't poor Gingers room' my wolf blurted out as I grabbed a couple of pillows and began to rip them apart allowing all of the fluff to pool out of them onto the floor.

"Who gives a f*ck?" I said aloud continuing my actions. I honestly didn't even care about who's room I was destroying or how I had just dropped the 'f' bomb. All I could think about was Lyndon and Violet doing 'it' in her whorey bedroom, with her whorey teddies, whilst looking into each others whorey eyes.

I didn't even know what I was accomplishing destroying this poor persons room. It wasn't even helping me to calm down.

"What am I doing?" I said to myself as I dropped the pillow in nothing but shame.

"Right, what are you doing?" I heard a familiar deep voice call out to me in anger and I completely froze.

"Why the hell are you in here and not with Lyndon?!" he boomed coming closer to me.

"U-umm, I- he-" I tried to say as I pointed nervously in all directions.

"Where is my wife- Where is Luna?!" he screamed as I began to shake uncontrollably.

"Answer me now!" Alpha yelled but before I could even spit out a word, a sudden painful bolt of energy surged through within me causing me to holler out in pain.

It first began in the back of my neck, then continued down to my chest, ending at the very tips of my toes until finally- I collapsed onto the ground screaming out in horror.

"Honey?!" Luna Marta cried out in panic as she ran up the steps. "Are you okay? What's going-"

"What the- Ava!" She cried running over to me. "honey, how did this happen?" I heard her call over to Alpha in a shaky tone, but something odd was happening to her voice.

Other than it cracking- Luna's voice sounded abnormally far. I mean, even though she was touching me- it felt as if we were thousands of miles apart. We were distant.

'What the heck is happening to me?' I thought to myself as I lay there aching all over.

"Okay sweetheart, I need you to tell me exactly where Lyndon is" Luna tried to say- her voice still distant.

'What does he have to do with any of this?' I thought hoping for an answer from Sophie, but she didn't reply. 'Sophie?' I tried.

' Sophie?!' I tried once again, but still no reply.

What happened to Sophie?

"Ava.. please stay with me. Now where is he?" Luna tried again. "Did he go with Violet?"

All I could do was nod in confusion. Not only was I confused about my current dilemma, but I was also completely oblivious to why Sophie suddenly shut me out. Did I do something wrong? Was it about the room? Was she in pain?

These things swirled through my head in a fast motion as blood began to rush from beneath my toes to the top of my head.

My body then began to burn.

It burned so much. I felt like I drank a whole gallon of veggie oil and then dropped a lighted match down my throat. I felt like firecrackers were being bombed on the inside never to come out. I felt indescribably worse than I did all week.

And the worst part of this all was that I didn't even know what was going on. I forgot where I was, who I was with, or even what I was thinking about ten minutes ago. I forgot how to move my arms, legs, and my mouth lost all saliva.

When my eyelids finally failed me, there was nothing but black.


Lyndon's P.O.V

I rushed over to my house from Violets. My mom had called and said there was a huge emergency and that I had to be over there quickly, and so I left.

Even though I was already going to leave due to Violets over the top clingy-ness, my mom just made it easier to come up with an excuse. 'Thanks mom'

Anyways, after the drive home- I sensed that something was odd. I didn't know what it was, but the balance in the house just wasn't right.

"Mom" I called walking smoothly up the steps. "Mom, I'm ho-"

"Lyndon?! Honey come here!" she cried, her voice more hoarse than usual.

I caught her scent, and followed it to the guest room where I found the biggest mess known to man. It was terrible, it looked like there was a stampede of wild rogues who just decided to pass by.

"What happened here?" I murmured looking over to see my mother, father, and a passed out Avalon.

"Lyndon where have you been?!" My father shouted being the first to speak, but I could barely answer as I continued to stare at my unconscious mate.

"Lyndon?!" He shouted out once more in a dangerous tone. Well, I couldn't tell him that I was at Violets- so I decided to lie.

"After dropping Violet off, I went for a drive- till' mother called me urging me to come home" I lied knowing that he probably knew what I did.

"Don't give me that bull-" my mother whimpered as my dad began to slowly stride in my direction. "Now tell me Where. The. Fu*k. You. Were." he spat.

"Honey, please st-" my mom began, grabbing onto my fathers shoulders.

"No!" he trailed. "Didn't I teach you better than this? How to treat your mate? How to love her no matter who she is or what she looked like or how she acted? How do you ever expect to become Alpha acting the way you are? Cheating on your mate Lyndon, really? Shameful! You are a disgrace to this family, this entire pack. How dare you?" he growled before storming out of the room.

That was when it was my mothers turn to speak. As I waited for the yelling and never-ending lecture, it never came. All she did was shamefully shake her head at me as she walked out of the room leaving US alone.

All I could do was rush over to my mates side to make sure that she was okay. Even though she was breathing, she was broken. I could tell she was by the way our bond was set, even though we weren't fully mated- I could tell when she was hurt or in pain.

Even if she didn't know why she was or if she was- I would know and right now, I knew. I could feel her ragged breathing and heavy heart-beat as I picked her up and began the walk to my bedroom.

"I'm so sorry Avalon" I sighed before plopping her onto the bed and laying down next to her. As I wrapped the covers along our sides and turned off the lamp. My afternoon ended with my arm rested at the top of her waist and a peck to her forehead.

"So sorry"

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