Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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"Where's Your Happy Place?"

Waking up to Lyndon's arm around me caught me totally off guard. The fact that I could barely get up without him tightening his hold around my suffocating waist was absolutely ridiculous.

I was-at the moment- a complete mess. It was about 3:30am and my head was spinning. My entire body ached from exhaustion and pain. There were also dried tears sprawled all across my face and I had sweat glands dripping from the top of my forehead due to the unnecessary heat of the room.

"Get off of me" I mumbled still struggling out of the death grip.

Still it continued to get possessively tighter.

"Lyndon move" then again, it got even tighter.

"Move" I tried again but still his hold became tighter until finally- I snapped.

"Now!" I shouted causing Lyndon to finally de-attach his arm from my limp body.

"Are you okay?" Lyndon bolted up from his pillow as he looked around the room frantically panting.

Wait, Shouldn't I have waken up like that? I mean I did go through all that bull. I mean I was the one who dropped down to the floor on the verge of paralyzation while he was at his 'playthings' house doing God knows what.

But no. He gets to wake up in a panicking seizure.

"Are you okay?" he awkwardly repeated but this time in concern. All I could do was huff and stomp across the room in a silent rant.

"You don't have to ignore me, you know" he guiltily says as he messily runs his fingers through his hair.

"What time is it?" I asked completely ignoring his dumb statement.

"Why are you doing that? Please don't do that" he begged with pleading eyes. " I am sorry for what I did, I truly am. I shouldn't of gone to Violets and I should have never done what I did. I'm sorry, just please don't shut me out" Lyndon said on the verge of tears.

I mean he truly was sorry, I could tell. The way his lips pouted on like a lost puppy, the way he yearned for an acceptance to his meaningless apology, the way that one little tear even escaped the protective shields of those mocha orbs.

'Come on, you really going to fall for this crap?' Sophie intervened. 'I mean all that he's done to you- us. Are you seriously going to feed into his lies? '

'I mean he did say sorry' As much as it hurt to protect Lyndon, it hurt even more to see him this upset.

'Oh well! Ignore him and leave this room before I take control and give that jerk a piece of my damn mind!' Because of her current dilemma, that's exactly what I did.

I left Lyndon in his room without notice or word of anything. As I walked down the creaking staircase of Lyndon's home, my stomach was having a long and roarsome conversation with me.

As I walked into the dark kitchen, using my night vision, I ran straight to the refrigerator.

Walking in the dark was the creepiest thing if you were a guest in Lyndon's-unnecessarily large- home. Everything- chairs, floor tiles, and walls would just move out of the blue. Though most of these things were in my head, the few of them that were real made me want to pee my pants.

When I finally reached the silver Kean refrigerator, I heard whispering coming from the living room. At first I thought it was one of those inside feelings, but no this time I was sure that it was real. That was the moment that I realized that someone was speaking over the phone.

"You mean her?" the voice chuckled. "It won't last, dude she stutters, hiccups, and is the weakest little thing" he chuckled. "My dad told me about the whole Violet thing. Oh man! Classic, when Vi came the girl literally shit bricks!" he laughed out loud.

'Is he talking about me?' I thought out to myself in a moment of mental humiliation. Taking a few steps closer across the yellow dandelion tiles, I continued to listen to the person who spoke when I suddenly realized something.

The familiar deep voice. The odd chuckling. It was Kale! Kale was making those hurtful comments about me. Well maybe the Young Brothers are the same after all.

'Why do I always come out wrong in these terrible situations?' I thought rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, but you've gotta admit- the loser is pretty hot. Maybe when, Lyndon throws her away- I'll take her" he scoffed.

The person on the other line said something causing Kale to laugh out hysterically clutching on to his stomach.

"Nope! Twenty bucks says you're wrong. You know that all the stories end the same. My mom told me, the Luna always goes for the jerk of an Alpha. What makes you think that this one will be different?" he laughed.

"Whatever, bye dude- gotta finish watching Peter Pan" He finished as he hung up the phone causing me to stifle a giggle. It was kind of funny to hear him say that he had to finish watching a Disney movie.

He must have heard me laugh though because he immediately snapped his head back in my direction.

'Crap!' I thought as I ran back into the kitchen in my tippy- toes. Kale then began to sniff all around the home as I hid in the bottom cabinet of the kitchen. It was cramped, but I was still hidden inside the safe wooden walls.

"Ava" he teased. "come out, come out where ever you are. I know it's you- I can literally smell the loser" he laughed causing me to jerk out of the cramped up cabinet.

How dare he?

As I franticly looked around the kitchen in search of a jerk named Kale, I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my body picking me up in a swift and fast motion.

"Got ya!" he whispered into my ear plopping me down onto the couch. Kale then hopped on top of me tickling me causing me to laugh uncontrollably.

"K-Kale stop! I-HAHAHAAAAA" I tried to speak. "I-HAAAHHHHA pee! Pee!" I laughed as he continued. I then tried to get his arms off of my stomach, but Kale easily pinned them above my head holding them within one hand and used the other to tickle me.

"So, what did we learn today?" He asks two inches away from my face. All I could do was shakily shrug earning me more tickles against my sides.

"......This is where you say- Kale we learned that we should never listen to your convos over the phone..." he smirked. I nodded in a fast motion.

"K-pl-e-aseeee!!" I tried again which surprisingly made him stop. I was now out of breath and clutching my stomach.

"Why- I hate you" I sighed playfully pushing against Kales muscular bicep causing a chuckle to erupt from the bows of his chest. I smiled and looked over to the T.v.

"So what are we watching?" I scrunched up my nose and stared at the dying fairy.

'I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies' the children said as the surrounded the fairy. In absolute disbelief I began to giggle.

Why is it that the Young brothers have some weird obsession with Disney?

"Peter Pan?" I whispered. Kale just looked over to me and smiled.

"Yes, my favorite movie. I've seen it like fifty times" he cheesed as if he were reliving a distant memory. "great right?"

"Yeah I guess. But I just don't get it" I stated confused. "Why would someone like you like a movie like this? I mean no offense to you, but your just so....and that's just so.." I trailed not finding the words to express the rest of my sentences.

"I don't know...." he shrugged. "I just love the idea of being able to go to a place where all of your wildest dreams come true. In Neverland, the impossible is possible and the end is just the beginning" he said staring into my eyes.

"You can fly, swim, and even run anywhere and everywhere. All it takes is just for you to believe and think of that place- that one place that you feel happy and safe. Your happy place" he spoke in a soft velvety voice.

I felt like I was just going to kiss him right then and there, I mean we were so close and the way his lips move in a slow-perfect motion just make-

'He called us a loser!' Sophie reminded. I shook out of my thoughts and remembered what Kale had said over the phone.

"Kale?" I held a questioning look, "Do you really think that I'm a loser?"

He nodded his head causing my eyebrows to furrow in anger.

"And hot" he smirked looking at my hurt expression.

I blushed in response.

Ok I forgive him.

"Ava?" he mocked my questioning look.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes"

"Where's your happy place?" he slowly asked.

That was a pretty random and unexpected question.

I opened my mouth expecting something to come out, but nothing did. The shock of it all suddenly hit me like a ton a bricks when I realized that I didn't have one. I don't have a happy place. I don't have a place where I can feel safe and free.

I don't have a place where I feel that even the impossible is possible. I don't have a place where I can dream and believe. I don't have it, I don't have my happy place.

"I don't have-" I began until a very eager Kale crashed his lips onto mine moving them in a fast and in-sinc motion. It was slow, yet fast. It was perfect, our lips fit perfectly in between one another's. While Lyndon's were good like cotton candy, Kales were sweet like honey and jolly ranchers.

Wrapping my hands to the back of his neck, Kale wrapped his arms around my waist as we continued to kiss when I finally realized what we were doing. I swiftly parted from the never ending kiss and removed my hands from around his neck.

We then stared into each others eyes blankly showing no expression.

"Um. Popcorn?" he asked reaching over for the popcorn as if nothing had just happened. I took a handful and stuffed them into my mouth as we continued to watch the Disney movie.

'You just kissed your mates brother'

Sophie spoke the obvious as I continued to look from Kale to the popcorn.

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