Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Entering The Lions Den

Kales P.O.V

'What the hell is your problem?!' My wolf internally screamed. 'Lyndon is going to murder you once he's found out what you've done'

He's been at this for a while now actually, the yelling just wont stop no matter how hard I try. I tried blocking his voice but even after attempting or successfully doing it, the thought once again drifted back to mind.

I kissed my brothers mate- no scratch that- I kissed my overprotective, soon to be alpha, asshole of a brothers mate.

I mean I feel a little guilty about it, but is it bad that I don't care as much as I am supposed to? During the kiss I wasn't even thinking about how Lyndon would feel, all I could think about was getting my tongue down her throat.

One minute I'm laughing about how pathetic she is, then the next I'm watching Peter Pan while admiring those gorgeous glowing green eyes.

The entire time my mind was telling me no, but my hands and body kept telling me everything but. Now I'm sitting here speaking to myself in monotone while Ava uses the bathroom.

That's right, we are still watching Peter Pan and eating popcorn. No, we haven't kissed again and yes it is still like 4 in the morning.

"Are you okay?" Ava asked coming back from the bathroom taking me out of my trance.

"Yeah I was just monotoning" I spoke grabbing at a popcorn kernel from in between my teeth.

"That's normal" Ava mumbled while sitting down on the couch. While she was doing so- I don't know if she noticed- but I was definitely staring at her legs. They are so tan and touchable, I kept thinking to myself.

"Hello, Earth to Kale!" she shouted waving her hand up and down in front of my face.

"Are you sure your okay because if your tired we can just- I mean you can just go up into your room and sleep while I go back to Lyndon's" she said with a bit of sadness in her tone. '

Well someone is enjoying my company' I thought to myself as a huge smirk plastered onto my face.


Avas P.O.V

Of coarse I wanted to stay with Kale a little bit longer. It was way more fun than being upstairs with that coward. I mean I know that it shouldn't be a shocker that Lyndon is the biggest ass that ever walked this planet, but I didn't know that he would cheat on his mate.

I mean, honestly is it sad that I am kind of actually growing some type of feeling toward Kale? At first I thought it was because of my anger towards Lyndon, but then after that kiss everything became so clear. Lets not get cliché here but Kale is everything that Lyndon is not.

Well, personality wise.

Kale is charming, sweet, hilarious, and Im pretty sure that he would never cheat on his mate. Hes also a really good kisser, just not as good as Lyndon. Anyways, right now I am on my way upstairs to Lyndons room.

I am both nautious and anxious at the same time, I mean who would want to see someone whos done so much to you with one simple action. She wasn't supposed to be the one that he makes love to, I was. He was supposed to be mine forever, but that thought left right when he decided to go ahead and jump another girls bones. The thought of it still makes me sick to my stomach, the very pits of my soul still ache whenever I think about it or hear her name.

But still Im managing to go up to his room and actually speak to him. With my hand on the metal nob, I let out a long sigh and empty my mind before entering into the lions den.

"Hey where were you all night?" he yawned rubbing his eyes looking as if hes been up all night. He still had messy bed hair which was surprisingly turning me on, but I let that thought drift away from my mind before I did anything else.

"Noone told you to wait up" I trailed with more attitude than intended. "I was just downstairs hanging out with-" before I could finish my sentence I decided not to because we both knew where Lyndons thoughts were about to go if I were to.

That was when it began. Lyndon started to frantically sniff around me circling me as if I were hiding something that had belonged to him. He had eventually finished his search with his nose right in front of my face with darkening eyes.

"Just hanging out?" he angrily spoke as if he were about to beat me up. I started to get scared in realization of what he had just figured out.

"Just Hanging OUT?!" he yelled again angrier than before. But before I could even come up with a lie, he was already in the middle of a frightening rant.

"He kissed you!" he trailed. "You Let Him Kiss YOU. What the hell? Your mine! And only mine!" he thundered, his voice shaking through both the house and me. "Noone else can kiss you but me! Understand?"

Before I could even nod, I was pushed against the wall while being angrily kissed in a furious motion.


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