Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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And Then We Were Off...

Ava P.O.V

I was way too shocked to move or to even push him away. Everything happened so fast. Everything and anything that could have been happening were happening now. There were these weird butterfles in my stomach that just would not stop.

I wanted to kiss him and kick him all at the same time. My mind told me that this was wrong, but my heart and body were telling me something so much different.

'Technically it isn't wrong if he's mad. I mean we are just helping right?' Sophie chimed. I moaned in response due to my current situation.

His tongue slid right in between my lips causing us to fight for dominance. I gladly reciprocated the action. A full blown tongue war then occurred right there in the infamous Lyndons room.

He grunted.

I moaned.

It only came natural to the two of us. But things suddenly ran off track when he reached for the hem of my tanktop. Out of reflex, I slapped Lyndon in the face.

You see, I am an inexperienced youth. I have no social or sex life. This meaning that even with my mate I will draw a line anywhere that will lead to sexual intercourse or contact.

Lyndon didnt really seem to like this, but when he finally saw the discomfort in my eyes- those deadly predator eyes turned back to their calm comforting shade.

Awkwardly, I was set down back to Earths surface as he backed away itching the back of his head. I felt so bad- but what could I say? What could I do? That was me. It was how my body reacted when it felt uncomfortable. You can call it a reflex but I just call it plain embarrassing.

Plus, he did have sex with Violet.

So there we were, just standing there and staring into each others eyes. The butterflies were still roaming and I couldn't help but to smile. Lyndon gave me a cricked smile before slowly exiting his bedroom. I did nothing but stand there and replay the recent events over and over in my head.

The smile then quickly wiped off my face as I remember how wrong that suddenly was. It was wrong not only because this guy had just rejected me not even 3 days ago, but it was wrong because I kissed his brother. It was not just any kiss, it was a kiss that gave me way more feelings than intended.

It was a kiss that felt like it should have been shared with my mate rather than his brother. It was a kiss that I now dreaded. I didnt even know what to think by then. I thought about how I just sat on the wall as I kissed the one who had intentionally broke my heart in front of my best friend and cafeteria.

I thought about how I had just let him man handle me, how I just let him do whatever. I thought about how I was turning into a slut due to my current actions of first kissing my mates brother and then kissing my mate. I kept thinking over and over again about how I was allowing this one guy to mess up my character in a matter of days.

Before I knew it, I was on top of Lyndons bed allowing my thoughts to swallow me in whole.

My eye lids had suddenly went heavy through the overthinking, and I had allowed the darkness to take me in.

The next day went normally- well as normal as it could be in the Young's home and the night time had come around faster than I had thought.

All I could remember was me sitting on the bed after a hot shower and a very shirtless Lyndon quickly barging in.

He then threw a towel and what looked like a bathing suit my way.

"Get up" Lyndon hurrily commanded, "We're going to a pool party"

"What?" I mumbled.

"We are going to Violets Pool Party" I stared up at him in both confusion and anger.

"Look" he began understanding my current flow of emotions, "my mom is making me take you so hurry up and put that on"

I looked over to the bikini that he had thrown to me 5 minutes earlier. I picked it up and began to giggle a little in disbelief. He couldnt possibly expect me to wear that.

It was a cherry red bikini. The bra part could barely fit over my boobs and the bottom part tied together making it easy for any horny asshole to sneak a peak.

"Im not wearing this" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yes you are" he assured.

"And if I dont?" I remarked. Lyndon did nothing but grunt and throw me over his shoulder.

"Then just wear what you've got on. You just wont go swimming" he replied stuffing me into the passenger seat of his 2013 Camry.

I scoffed and put my seatbelt on mumbling a 'whatever' under my breath. Its funny how this kid could go from kissing you to being a complete ass in a matter of seconds.

"Ready" he sarcastically remarked before sending a smirk over my way.

Annoyed, I rolled my eyes and nodded.

And then we were off.......

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