Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Thank Violet

Nicki Minaj blasted through the speakers as we walked through the animal house.

All I could smell was alcohal, weed, and many more un-comprehendible substances as I tailed behind Lyndon to God knows where.

I witnessed drunken girls in their bikinis grinding on guys and people taking the opposite sex up the stairs.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

I was both uncomfortable and scared.

Uncomfortable because this is one of the first parties that I have ever been to, due to my socially awkward status.

Scared because I was afraid that one of these pervs would come up to me and try to flirt.

Not that I was even approachable at the moment with my yellow penguin slippers and the fact that Lyndon was guarding me like a hawk.

As we approached the bar, there sat Violet in her gorgeous red hot bikini.

I cried inside as I watched her slowly grab onto Lyndons hand and take him away from me.

She took him onto the dance floor and carelessly started to grind up against him right in front of me.

It was horrible to watch honestly.

His arms around her body as they practically had sex right in front of me with not even a sign of guilt on neither face.

Eventually not being able to watch, I found my way into the kitchen.

'Surely they have some other drink rather than alchohal in this place' I thought whereas Sophie on the other hand was urging me to try a shot of vodka.

'Come on, one shot wont hurt' she wailed.



'No, No, NO!' I thought over to her hoping that the neverending begging would stop.

'Let Ava be the junior to come to a senior pool party and not take advantage' she mumbled knowing that I would hear.

As hard as I tried to let that comment slide, it didnt. I thought long and hard about this decision as my body strolled to the bar.

One shot wasnt going to kill me- would it? I mean when I get older, I can look back on this very moment and smile right?

"Hello" I speak as I approach the minibar.

"Yes" a familiar voice replys.

"Kale?" I smiled, "what are you doing here?"

"I always work the bar at Violets parties. I mean shes a bitch, but her friends give really good tips" he winks, "what are you doing here?"

"I came with your brother" I say pointing over to Lyndon and Violet.

"No I meant, what are you doing here as in the bar?" he looks at me from top to bottom, "you dont look like the drinking type"


"Well if you must know, I want one shot of Vodka please" I announce.

"Are you sure about that?" he checks me one more time and I nod.

I watch as he takes out one shot cup and the bottle of vodka. He slowly pours it and before handing me the shot, he stares me down once more.

"Give it" I say with a little more aggressiveness.

Kale passes me the cup and I hesitantly take into my right hand.

I slowly take the cup up to my lips with the alcohal already burning my nasol hairs.

"Sweetheart, you know your supposed to drink it right?" Kale sarcastically states.

I nod in annoyacnce. I tightly close my eyes and take one long gulp.

My throat immediatly burns as the alcohal quickly travels down and into the pits of my stomach. Thats when a series of coughs continueously start to jab out of my system.

I could feel all of this going to my head and then it was over, gone. Then a wave of happiness and rainbows came over me.

It was a complete rush.

"I want another one" I happily state, eyes wide.

"Are you crazy?" Kale warned.

"Yes. Now give me another" I sternly state.

He obediantly continues to give me shots as I ask.


I feel so woozy. I think that I must have had over 10 maybe 15 shots of vodka. Sophie is gone and everything is completely blurry.

I was no longer at the bar and Kale was no longer in sight.

"Are you ok?" someone spoke, but sounding so distant. I reached in front of me to grab him, but he wasnt there.

"Come back" I yelled, my voice also causing an echo. I felt like I was in thin air, walking on the moon.

"Hey guys" the guy called his other friends. There were about 5 of these strangers now.

"You think this is who Violet was talking about?" one of them stated behind me.

I didnt know what he was talking about nor did I care. The only thing that I cared about at this moment was to chase that unicorn who suddenly appeared on the dance floor.

"She is the only girl at this party in penguin slippers" another one spoke.

"Doesnt she look a little too drunk for us to be doing this?"

"I think Des is right guys, she can die" He warned.


"Who are you people?" I slurred trying to get it out.

"Who cares, lets just do this thing. Ive got a red-head waiting for me upstairs" the first one said once more.

I was then suddenly grabbed over his shoulder and out the door to the pool.

Judging by how quiet it was, noone was actually in it. I then started to get very worried.

"Wanna go for a swim?" One of the guys asked.

"I cant shim" I worriedly slurred.

I started to panic and thrash against them which caused my penguin slippers to immediately fly off.

"Help! Help!" I screamed.

"Guys shes starting to get aggressive" He called three others to help him.

"Cooperate, you little bitch" they pinned me in thin air causing me to stop my current motions.

'This would be a really good time to shift if I wasnt drunk and Sophie wasnt on a break' I thought to myself still panicked.

I was about to cry.

"Ple-please" I cried, "I cant swim"

I began to scream out loud.

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled.

"Just throw her in!" the last one said clearly aggitated by my lack of cooperation.

That was when he came up to my side and picked me up from the other three guys.

"Thank Violet" he said one last time before tossing me into the 10ft side of the pool.

I felt the cold water hit my pajamas. In a desperate attempt to live, I began to thrash and fight the water.

Before reaching the bottom, I heard a faint "Ava!" Come from the top.

Then, everything went black.

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