Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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"Houston We have a Problem"

Before the Incident....

Lyndons P.O.V

I was dancing with Violet for what felt like forever until I decided to go to the bar. My ears were ringing and I didn't know where it was coming from.

It was like a loud screech and came out of nowhere, but I chose to ignore it.

"Kale" I called my brother getting ready to order a shot of Vodka.

I was still a little upset at him for kissing what was mine but I chose to ignore that issue too due to the fact that my brother makes out with almost every girl that I hit on or attempt to go out with.

Speaking of what was mine, where was she?

"Hey" Kale gave me a fist pump and turned to get a shot cup from the shelf, "what will it be tonight bro?"

"One shot of vodka"

"Seems like you and your mate have great taste in alcohal" he laughed.

"Ava, getting a shot of that?" I pointed to the bottle and shook my head, "unbelievable"

"Oh and not just one," he poured me a shot and handed it over to me, "Ava got drunk as shit"

I took my shot and swallowed, "Wow I didn't think she had it in her"

"Think who had it in who?" Violet came into our conversation as always. Kale rolled his eyes and walked away not before giving Violet a hard stare.

Kale despised Violet due to the fact that she is an evil, minipulative bitch. I knew this but who would give up someone who did your every bidding? I have total control of her which in my perspective was great despite her flaws.

It was a win-lose situation but she didn't care, as long as I led her on to believe that she would one day become luna which of coarse was unrealistic.

I faked a smile to Violet, "We were just talking about Ava"

She cringed when she heard Avalons name, "Why were you talking about that thing?"

I ignored her question and pulled her close to me. I was about to say something sweet to cool her down when the screech came back to my ears. It got louder and louder until I pushed Violet away.

'Is this another one of your stunts?' I thought over to my wolf and shook my head.

The odd thing was that he did not reply. Something was definfinately wrong and I knew it.

Violet tapped my shoulder and furrowed her eyebrows in concern, "Are you okay?"

I nodded and before I could even reply I started to gargle up water. At first, I thought it was just spit but I could taste and smell the chlorine currently inhabiting my mouth.

At this point in time, everythng was getting blurry and I began to choke.

Violet was now tapping me rapidly but all I could make out was her red bikini which was now growing blurry as well. My ears and nose clogged up and I lost all control of my body.

Just when I thought that my legs would give out, everything stopped.

Everything ended. My vision, breathing, and my senses finally had come back.

My legs then moved on their own towards the back of the house where the pool was. I didn't know why I was going where I was but somehow, I knew something was wrong.

Something involving Ava and that stupid pool.

"Where are you going?" Violet appeared in front of me grabbing me by the shoulders. She looked panicked, like she was hiding something, something that she didn't want me to know about.

That was when I definately knew something was going on with Ava.

Swiftly, I moved away from Violet and towards the double-doors that lead to the back.

When I reached the door, I could faintly see five guys staring down at the pool looking for something. They were standing by the deep end.

Right before my hand could even reach the nob, Violet grabbed it.

"Where are you going babe?" I could still see the worried look on her face.

For some reason, I started to get angry. Harshly, I pushed her hand away and opened the door.

One of the guys with blonde hair turned around and looked at me petrified. I narrowed my eyes at him and watched as he slowly patted his friend on the back.

"Houston, We have a problem" His friend then turned around and looked from the pool to me and then back to the blonde. That was then when I noticed that these guys were members of my pack.

He whispered something but all I could make out was "mate". My eyes widened in horror as I ran by the poolside.

I saw her arms reaching for the top and now brown hair floating coming up just above the pool water.


I looked down to see her at the pool floor slowly floating to the top. Quickly, I took off my shirt and shoes and jumped in.

I rushed to the bottom, grabbed her, and swam back up to the top as fast as I could. She was flushed and looked like a dying fish.

"Don't. Move" I said hearing the footsteps rushing to the door.

I gave them a deadly stare when I realized that two of them got away. The blonde, brunette, and ginger were the only ones left.

"Why the fuck would you do something like this?" I tried to stay as calm as possible looking back down to Ava, "And do not give me some bullshit answer"

I checked for a pulse and gave her cpr as I listened.

They told me this whole story about how Violet called them over during the party saying some crap about, if they see a brunette with slippers on, to throw her in the pool. She was apparently paying them 50 bucks each for the job. The plan was originally supposed to be for humiliation but when they reallized that Ava couldn't swim, it got a little hefty.

"Before we threw her in, we also figured that she was drunk" I was really in the mood to just shift and beat the shit out of these guys but my wolf wasnt there at the moment.

So all I could do was look down to Ava for some comfort and self-calming. I breathed into her mouth again after listening to her heartbeat.

I then patted her wet brown hair and placed a soft kiss on her pale white cheeks before saying anything.

"So you basically threw a drunken girl-your future luna if I may add- into the pool because some bitch said to?" They looked to one another in confusion and looked down.

"We thought Violet was Luna" the ginger said and I narrowed my eyes at the double doors. I breathed into Ava one more time before a series of coughs erupted from her throat.

The three of them breathed out in relief as if they were hoping against her death. I ignored them and helped Ava to sit up.

Her eyes continued to flutter open and closed. She shivered and her teeth chattered as her breathing quickened.


"Ava, stay with me"

Closed. Giving her little taps on the face, I felt her hum.

She opened her eyes again moving them towards my face. She tried to speak but I shushed her in worry that she would ware herself out.

I placed her on one of the lawn chairs and grabbed my shirt.

"Never touch her again, got it" they nodded and I continued,"don't speak to her, don't look at her, don't even apologize to her. I am going to let you go today but trust me if not my wolf, I will get you guys back for this and your little friends too"

I put my shirt on and dismissed them. They ran into the house leaving me outside with Ava.

She was humming, shivering, and her breathing was at its quickest. I put my arms around her and tried to warm her up which shockingly actually worked.

I carried her inside and glared at Violets growing figure.

She gasped, "Ava, oh my gosh is she okay? Baby what happened?"

She tried to move a strand of hair from my mates face but I growled.

"We. Are. Over." Those were the only words that I could muster without beating Violet into her wooden floor.

She looked at me as if she had no idea what she'd done, "Lyndon, what did I-"

"Cut the crap" I narrowed my eyes and looked Violet straight in the eyes, "Move!"

That caused every resident at the party to turn in our direction, even the music stopped.

"Lyndon, your just angry. Why don't we talk about this in the morning?" she tried to sound all sweet in a tone that really said don't-embarass-me-here. I rolled my eyes and tried very hard not to rip her esophaus out of her system.

"No lets talk about this now Violet. I have been going along with your bull for a long time" I loudly spoke.

"Drowning my mate?- I mean I knew you were dumb but come on lets not get ahead of ourselves. Don't you dare ever try to pull some crap like this again EVER! Telling people that you're Luna huh? How many people in this room actually believed that shit lie anyway? I sleep with alot of girls Violet, don't think your special! Man, I should throw you out of this pack right now. Consider yourself lucky be-"

"Lyndon" Ava interrupted me midsentence and looked up from my arms, "I'm cold" she weakly added. She put her arms around my neck, legs around my waist, and fell onto my shoulder to sleep.

I huffed and harshly made my way through the crowd with Ava soundly asleep.

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