Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Ava P.O.V

"I'm sorry Ava" he whispered for what felt like the hundredth time.

I rolled my eyes sighing in annoyance.

"It wasn't your fault" I spoke attempting to medicate last nights hangover.

Lyndon's been at this all morning. He would apologize with a pout and smoothly run his fingers through my hair while snuggling into my side. The first couple of times weren't as bad but the more he would do it, the more I would get upset.

"I'm-" I interrupted him and put a finger to his lips.

"Please stop" I whispered using my other hand to massage my temple.

He looked at me with those mocha brown orbs and sighed sadly.

I felt bad because he really believed that what happened to me last night was his fault. I looked down and turned back onto my original side.

Lyndon got up and ran into his bathroom grabbing a bottle of aspirin and cup of water.

Lyndon handed me an aspirin and the cup of water, "drink this"

I sat up off the bed and took the aspirin. When I had finished my cup, I nodded up to Lyndon's standing figure.

I was in no mood to speak or even do anything so I just plopped myself right back onto the bed.

"Do you need anything?" I shook my head in response. The aching in my body was beginning to become unbearable at this point.

So instead of doing anything useful, I took the covers from my side and entangled myself into the warm blanket.

"Ava!" I was awakened from my sleep by a cheerful Ginger.

She shook my numb body violently, "Ava, you wanna play?"

I warily opened my eyes in exhaustion, "Ginger, can we play another day? I'm not feeling okay"

I could tell at this time that I sounded like a frog croaking out my words.

She pouted her lips in the most adorable way, "Pwease! Lan-Lan said that you would pway with me"

Her brown eyes furrowed in hope from my next answer. I couldn't resist.

'Awe come on! Can we play with her just this once? Please?' Sophie spoke to me! She really spoke to me.

'Where have you been?!' I thought happily.

'In your mind the whole time! But when we were in trouble, I had to warn Lyndon. Long story short I'm the reason your still alive' Sophie bragged.

I smiled in happiness, "let's go play Gin"

She was so cute, "Gin?"

I sat up off the bed and laughed, "Yeah you don't like it?"

I mocked her pout as I grabbed her hand.

"Uhh.." she looked at me and smiled her two front teeth smile, "I love it Ava"


"St-hehe" she giggled playfully as I tickled her over the couch. We were in the middle of playing doll-house until we went into a full out tickle war.

"Who won?" I stopped tickling her giving her the chance to come and tickle me. I laughed and laughed as I playfully scooped her up into my arms and threw her up in the air.

Her long hair moved up and down as her series of giggles filled the air.

I never knew how fun it would be to play with a little girl up until now. It made me long for a younger sister or maybe even a daughter.

Lyndon was lucky in my opinion. Being the youngest of two isn't really fun because you can't enjoy the things that others who have younger siblings do.

Actually, I never even thought to have children until this day. Ginger and I have had such an amazing day so far. After washing up and stuff we just hung out all day throughout the house.

I've learned so much about her. She's a pretty decent and fun little girl once you really think about it. Her favorite color is purple, she loves to watch The Winx Club because it makes her feel magical, and her favorite movie is Tangled.

No shocker there.

I simply adore her playful attitude and happy mood.

"Ava?" Ginger ran out of my arms and turned on the tv. She set up a video dance game and turned it on.

"Dance with me" I laughed at her and shook my head. I can't dance.

"Ginger, I don't think-", but before I could even finish the rest of my sentence she was already pouting.

Damn, she's good.

I ran over to the dance mat as we began Dance Dance Revolution. We danced to the song Shower by Becky G.

Hardly even keeping up with this little girl, I looked at my feet to see if I was doing this correctly.

Only to find that I was doing terribly, I looked back to the t.v to see that, of course, Ginger was beating me.

Then, I looked over to Ginger dancing away. The way her eyes glistened as she stomped onto the mat was priceless. That still didn't cover up the fact that I was losing horrifically.

That's right. I, Avalon Winter, was getting beaten at Dance Dance by a little girl named Ginger Young.

2 embarrassing minutes later, I got off the mat and sat on the couch. It was very hard work trying to keep up with her, but it was no use.

"Ava, are you tired?" I nodded in response slouching into the comfortable blue couch.

Ginger then brought me into a sudden hug. Her little arms wrapped around my body as she cheesed into my hair.

This hug was exactly what I needed. It wasn't just any hug, it was a hug full of the love that I have been yearning for such a long time. This hug being from the person that I least expected.

Then she said the three words that touched my heart, " I love you Ava"

Even though she didn't mean it in that way, it was still the best thing that I've heard throughout these past couple of weeks.

"I love you too Gin, same time tomorrow?" I laughed.

"Same time tomorrow!" she giggled and scurried off.

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