Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Its Mitch

"Die! you alien scum" I could hear the gaming through Lyndons thin walls.

He and his friends AKA possie from school were playing video games and conversing about the pack. My brother was there too and so was Bruce. There were about eight of them slouching on the couch and just being guys, with me in Lyndons room hearing everything.

I was first watching t.v but the yelling and hollering was really starting to bug me and it just increased my hunger by a longshot. I was way too afraid to go into the kitchen because before going to the kitchen, you must go through the living room.

Thus making this moment one of the most daring. You see, everyone currently in that room do not know anything but the fact that Lyndon had rejected me. They only know me from the humilitation that Lyndon has caused and knowing my brothers friends, they would never let me hear the end of it.

But I was really hungry. I felt like there was a charging bull and my tummy was the red flag. It was completely unbearable. I had missed breakfast due to my over-sleeping but it was now 10:00 and I was not waiting until lunch, so I did what I had to do.

I freshened up and grabbed one of Lyndons band t-shirts. I slipped on my high-knee socks, messy bunified my hair, and marched towards the door. I took a deep breath, turned the nob, and tip-toed down the steps.

Each step bringing thoughts of what the seniors downthere might have to say. The voices in the room got louder and louder as I reached my destination.

"No way, dude you che- woah" one of them said snapping his head towards me. I looked away embarrassed when all eyes of the room were on me.

I had tried to make my entrance as quiet as possible but, of course, one of them just had to spot me.

The person who had caught me was Jared, he had black hair with a blonde streak in the front. He was cute but he wasn't Lyndon cute, I mean alot of girls were into him at school but he wasn't as popular as Lyndon was. Jared was a smooth talker and was some-what tall. He also was the quarterback of our school.

"Hello?" he called taking me out of my thoughts. That was then when I realized that I was staring. I looked around at all the smirking faces and looked down.

"Aren't you Avalon? Avalon Winters?" one of them mocked the way I had introduced myself that day when I had first met Lyndon. I looked up and glared at the asshole.

It was, of course, Chase. He was your all american bad-boy who would say anything that comes to mind even when he knows it will hurt your feelings. He was also a senior and the same height as Lyndon. He was really hot, but his attitude was the one thing that drove most girls away, me included.

He once caught Trina on a bad hair-day and said that she looked like Medusas ugly step-sister. We haven't had any encouters since then but I still believe that it was a rude thing to say and til' this day, I hated him.

"So hows the rejection thing working out huh?" Chase began to taunt. I was starting to get fed up with his rude comments. I hadn't even been here 3 seconds and he was already hounding me.

"I don't know, hows the whole being an asshole thing working out huh?" I mocked and rolled my eyes. He glared at me in responce looking back over to the t.v.

Jared then started to speak, "she told you, didn't she?" he smirked. Lyndon was ignoring my existance completely. He was way to concentrated in his game to even look up.

That kind of hurt my feelings and I think my brother could tell because when I stopped looking to Lyndon, I glanced at Josh who just shrugged in responce.

"Your little sister looks hot" Bruce whispered in my brothers ear. My brother cringed and playfully punched Bruce in the shoulder with a look of disgust.

I guess that comment woke Lyndon up because he had then suddenly looked up at me. For some reason he had glared.

He looked around to all of his friends and put down his controller. He ran up to me, grabbed my arm, and dragged me into the kitchen.

Lyndon looked me up and down before speaking, "why are you down here?"

I furrowed my eyebrows in condusion, "I am hungry"

"Wearing this? You couldn't grab a winter coat or sweater?" he grabbed at my collar, "your not even wearing pants"

'Winter coat? What the hell does he think this is?' Sophie internally rolled her eyes, 'he's totally jealous'

'If he was jealous or cared at all, he would have defended me from Chase' I thought.

'Maybe he was just too concentrated on the game' she defended.

'Or maybe he only shows affection when he knows that someone else is interested' I said annoyed.

I had finally figured Lyndons game and personally I had no intention of continuing to play it. He only wanted me when someone else did, he never really did show his affection unless someone was hurting me or someone showed interest. But I only know that it was really all his wolf and not him.

"Hello? Are you there?" I shook my head and sighed when I realized he was still speaking.

"I'm here and besides these were the first things that I chose to pick up" I sighed and moved away towards the refrigerator, "now may I please eat?"

He narrowed his eyes and walked away.

"Oh yeah, and when you're leaving the kitchen, don't just stand there in the living room like an idiot. Go straight upstairs" he ordered as if I were a helpless 4 year old in a store full of touchable stuff.

I rolled my eyes and slammed the refrigerator door open. It kind of upsetted me the way he thought that he could just run me like that as if he had some kind of control over my body.

I'm Avalon Winters damnit! Its time that I started acting like it. I needed to stop letting people like that control me and my thoughts. I am a human being, well part human being but that was not important at the moment. I needed to re-evaluate myself. I needed a change. I needed to show Lyndon that rejecting me was the dumbest thing he had ever done.

Trust and believe that I did.


It was a couple of days after my visit at the Youngs and I was now currently on my way to school. Partly frightened and partly confident.

Frightened, of coarse, because everyone saw what had happened in the cafeteria and confident because I have finally turned over a new leaf.

I am over the rejection and now it was time for my revenge. I just needed to find a guy or guys to show Lyndon what he was missing and why he really shouldn't have messed with The Avalon Winters.

But who?

I walked through the doors of School with a tight hold on my backpack and I could instantly hear whispers from each side of the hallway.

As hard as it was, I kept my head held high and continued down. I even got a few gasps and quiet stares.

"She's the one that got rejected by Alpha" one girl had whispered.

"I can't believe that's who the moon Goddess chose for Lyndon" Another one said, a hint of jealousy present.

"I just don't get why Lyndon would reject that for Violet" one guy spoke up in confusion.

That had made my lips almost twitch up in a smile until he finished his phrase, "I mean, I get that Violets good in bed but that one looks like she would be somewhat enjoyable"

I had practically growled out my anger by the time I had reached my locker. Trina was standing in front of it and she had almost attacked me.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You didn't call me at all last week! explain yourself missy. And make it snappy because I can't be late to class again"

I looked at her and we mind linked so that I would be able to get my history books out and speak to her at the same time. I told her about my paralyzation, Kales kiss, Lyndon's kiss, me drowning, and everything that I could remember about those horrific days.

"You little sl-"

I cut her off. Of course out of all the things that I have told her, me kissing both Young boys would be the only thing she remembered.

"Really? Trina" I said sarcastically in a huff, "I'm okay. And no that wasn't one of the most Jurassic weeks of my life, thanks for asking"

I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker shut.

Trina ran up and shook my shoulder, "I'm sorry. I guess I was being pretty insensitive" she spoke as we walked towards our classes.

"It's fine. I guess I'm still upset with myself for actually doing those things, I really do feel like a sl-" it was her turn to cut me off.

"Hey! your not a slut. You are Avalon Winters. My shy, funny, smart, and amazing best friend" she said sternly standing in front of me. She brought me into a serious hug and whispered.

"So since you won't be using that lingerie, can I get it back?" I laughed at her and turned to my history class.

I had no problem with being her best friend. I just suddenly had a problem with being her shy and funny best friend. Trina was a lot of things to me that I thought I'd never be. I mean, why can't I be hot and cool?

Is that why Lyndon might have rejected me?

I shook those thoughts right out of my head after hearing the bell ring. I was of course late once again.

"Hello Ms. Winters. Nice to see that you've finally decided to show up" I sighed and walked to the back where my desk sat before Mr. V could give me a lecture.

After about twenty minutes into the class, the door once again swung open. A boy with pitch black hair rushed into the classroom with a back pack in hand. No books, just a backpack.

He had on a blue t-shirt with a black leather jacket on top. He had on black jeans with his combat boots. His eyes were Violet purple and were very beautiful. The only odd thing about him was his sent. it wasn't a werewolf or human sent, it was a sent unknown to my nose.

"You must be our new student Wyatt Mitchell" Mr. V spoke in a tone of disgust.


"It's Mitch" the boy spoke in a huff. His eyes roamed around the room frantically as if he was looking for something.

"Well, Mitch" Mr.V spoke emphasis on the itch part of his name, "How about we make sure that next time you won't be thirty minutes late to my class? We already had a tardy one today"

He finished looking towards me in disappointment. He took this tardy thing a little too seriously if you ask me. I was only about five minutes late. Besides it shouldn't have been such a big deal since that was my first time.

Mitch followed Mr. Vs stern gaze towards me and smirked, "No promises"

I blushed and looked down. He was really cute and his voice was warm and calmer than the oceans. You could tell that he was a smooth talker and that most girls would swoon over him when they got the chance.

When I looked up, he was still staring but this time his stare was very serious. It was like he was taking an analysis on my face.

"Okay, well since you guys like to be late to my class. You Ms. Winters will be touring the new Mr. Mitchell around our fine school for the day"

Mr. V said glaring at the both of us.

Damnit. I knew he was going to punish me somehow.

He sent Mitch to his desk which of course, was next to me in the back.

As he walked, Mitch's sent got stronger and stronger. I started to wonder if other people in the class could smell him but they were all too busy staring at how gorgeous he was.

Mitch sat down next to me and stared for the rest of the class with me trying to identify his odd scent.

It was on the tip of my tongue, but it just wouldn't escape.

By the time class had ended, I was mentally frustrated.

Mitch just kept on staring and laughed, "so did you figure it out yet?"

How did he know that I was even trying to do that? Was I thinking out loud again? I could bet that my brows were furrowed in so much confusion at the moment.

"Your thinking way too hard about this doll" he smirked picking up his back pack, "need another hint?"

Before I could even register what he was about to do, he was already in my face. He smiled and It was then when I saw them, his fangs.


Authors Note:

5/23/15- I feel like this was my best chapter because I actually liked it. I fan-girled a little when Mitch came into the picture. Yaws!! He saved my story :)

Yeah so I decided to add Mitch into the story. He will be a great addition to the pack. *laugh laugh*

So this was the chapter. I don't know if it was long or short since I was forced to do it on my phone! Ew

Now my fingers hurt but that not. Important lol.

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