Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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The Bonfire Part |

"And this is the cafeteria" I say waving towards Trina.

I had just gotten done showing Mitch to his morning classes and now it was time to show him the lunchroom.

So far, I've learned that he is funny, sarcastic, and kind of an asshole.

Mitch took a glance at both sides and furrowed his brows.

Since other schools do the whole separation of junior and senior lunch thing, you could see how foreign he was to the whole situation.

"Why?" He sighed face-palming.

I told him about how the many different packs of our school needed extra male training.

His cringed at my words and sighed. Which by the way, to me, was very adorable.

"Well that's sexist" he rolled his eyes and followed me in.

On our way in, we got many glares and rare giggles.

You see, werewolf packs are not very fond of vamps. They have hated them since the beginning of time.

Thus the reason why Mitch was getting all this hate from teachers and students. Luckily though, Landon and his gang including my brother, were training this lunch period.

So I didn't have to worry about them harassing Mitch today. Not that Mitch can't handle himself, it's just that I would hate to see how something like that would end.

After getting our lunch, we walked over to Trina and sat down.

Once Trina had seen us, her mouth went wide with fear. I had almost forgotten about her fear of vampires. She had nothing severe against them, she was just very much afraid of them.

It all started that time she went to the circus and one of them tried to bite her. Since she was only seven and couldn't defend herself, it made the situation very traumatizing.

So now every time she sees or smells one, she has no other choice but to sit there and gape petrified.

"Hey" Mitch dangerously spoke, purposely showing off his fangs. He must have been reading my thoughts again.

Trina jumped with widened eyes and began to heave.

"Um. huh-hi I-I'mTrina" she said quickly.

I harshly nudged him in the shoulder.

He stared down at me for a while and sighed, "Your no fun"

"Trina, he's not going to hurt you-"

"No promises" he interrupted.

I glared at the annoying figure next to me, "As I was saying, he's not going to hurt you. This is the new student Wyatt Mitchell"

Mitch glared, "it's Mitch"

It was then my turn to smirk, I knew that he hated when people said his full name. I stifled a giggle to my own cleverness.

"Haha, doll your hilarious" he sarcastically remarked.

"It's Avalon" I rolled my eyes. He's been calling me doll all day and it's really starting to get to me.

"Sorry doll" he smirked and stole one of my fries. I frowned at my plate and looked back to Trina.

She cleared her throat.

"Okay so how's your first day going?" Trina tried to spark up a conversation.

He sighed, "Well aside from all the bitchy teachers and bastards for students, I've had a pretty good morning. I made a new friend and a lot of enemies"

I couldn't help but smile when he considered me a new friend.

"Okay" Trina awkwardly looked from me to Mitch, "are you going to Luna's Bonfire tonight? I heard it's at Lyndon's house" she winked.

"If it's at Lyndon's house, then my parents will probably force me to go" I answered taking a bite of my sandwich.

"Who's Lyndon?" Mitch interrupted.

"Her mate" Trina answered.

Mitch looked at me with furrowed brows, "You have a mate?"

"Yes" I said quickly, "Well not really. Technically- I mean it's c-complicated" I ended with a stutter.

Mitch stole another fry," you were rejected weren't you?"

My heart sunk. Even though it was true, it still hurt to hear it when people said it.

I nodded, "Awe, poor doll. You must've been heartbroken"

He mocked holding his heart in his hand dramatically. He pulled me into a hug and laughed. I glared at him through narrowed eyes.

"Want me to come to the bonfire thingy to keep ya company?" Mitch offered. Frankly, that was the most polite thing he's said all day.

"I don't think that's a good idea. The whole pack will be there and your different"

He sighed and laughed, "maybe I should rephrase. I'm going to the bonfire to keep my doll company. I mean it's the least I can do"

My nose scrunched up when he said my doll.

"Trina, wanna catch a ride with us? The more the merrier!" he said excitedly clapping his hands. I looked to him and shook my head.

Trina nodded, "I like him" she laughed.

Lunch was almost over so for the rest of the time we all conversed to one another.

Mitch told Trina about his power to read minds and use peoples fears against them which seemed to scare her a bit. I think that was kind of the idea though.

I tried really hard to stay in the conversation but all I could do was think.

What will Luna think when she sees a vampire walking in her house with me? Will she scream? Yell? Will she think I'm cheating on Lyndon? Will she embarrass me?

When lunch was finally over, those thoughts still continued to circle my mind.

"Stop thinking so hard about this" Mitch whispered in my ear as we exited the cafe, "I'm going"


"Ready doll?!" Mitch and Trina were currently in a black Mercedes outside my house waiting for me.

I was in my room grabbing on some clothes. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a blue crop top. My plaid sweater was now wrapped around my waist and my hair was pulled into a high ponytail. I then slipped on my white converses and studs.

Running down the stairs, I was quickly stopped in my tracks by my mother.

"You look beautiful honey. Is that all for Lyndon?" she giggled.

I shook my head.

My parents still didn't know about the rejection nor did Luna and Alpha.

Only people from school, Lyndon, and I. The only reason that no one has told is because Lyndon has probably already threatened the entire student body not to.

"Be safe okay. I want you home by 1 and tell Luna I said hello" I smiled as my mother gave me a peck to the cheek.

Marching out of my home, I ran to the front seat of the car.

"Glad you could finally attend" Trina sarcastically remarked from the back seat.

"At least she was fashionably late, you were just late" Mitch smirked towards me through the rear-view mirror causing me to blush.

Trina dramatically held her hand to her heart, "That really hurt"

I laughed and grabbed my seatbelt, "wait! take this thing off. It makes you look weird"

Mitch undid my ponytail and smiled, "You look way more beautiful now"

I could feel the red creeping up from my neck as we began to drive towards the pack house.

During the ride, I started to get really nervous for some reason. I was afraid of what Luna might say or do when she saw me walking into the party with a vamp. I started to wonder what people might do or say.

Those thoughts from lunchtime began to race through my mind once again.





This was my cycle throughout the car ride there as I fidgeted with my fingers.

Entang- the car came to an abrupt stop.

"W-we're h-here already?" I stuttered still playing with my fingers.

I looked down at them and frowned.

I'm not ready.

I'm not ready.

I'm. Not. Ready.

I cant.

I could feel Mitch and Trina's stares burning wholes through my shirt, but I didn't care.

"Give me your hands" Mitch demanded cutting off my thoughts.

"No" I responded trying to sound as authoritative as possible.

He looked at me and chuckled, "Doll, that wasn't a question"

He then forcefully grabbed both of my hands and stared into my eyes. We sat there in silence for a long while until finally my hands stopped fidgeting. I don't know what he did but, whatever it was, actually worked.

"Ready now?" Trina whined.

I removed my hands from Mitch's and nodded. We walked out of the car with Trina connecting her arm in mine and Mitch walking in front of us.

It was then when I had realized how cute he looked in his current outfit.

He was wearing all black, but not in a gothic way, it was in a way where only one person could pull it off. He was wearing jeans and dark brown combat boots with a black muscle shirt.

You could see the sleeve tattoo on his left arm which was a thorny black rose that dripped black blood. His hair was in a messy bed hair style.

It was really hot.

"You should really block your mind because I could hear everything your thinking" Trina mind linked.

I blushed and smothered my face into her shoulder.

Geez, I should really control my thoughts.

We walked through the kitchen and to the backyard where the Bonfire sat. It was pretty actually, but not a lot of people were there.

It was basically just Lyndon, Kale, his friends, some girls from school, Luna, and us. It wasn't like a party scene or anything. There was a fire with seven thick logs surrounding it in the middle of the yard.

There were lights strung connected from the house to the trees. They were like rainbow colors and it really lit up the night.

There was also some calm music playing which I found very soothing.

"Hey guys!" Luna Marta ran up to us and smiled, "come on in, don't be shy"

It was as if she had totally disregarded the fact that Mitch was here. But I didn't draw any attention to the matter, I guess I was so nervous for nothing.

As we followed luna, I could see that most people were either glaring at Mitch or giggling towards him.

The others just ignored his existence. Some people even left because of his attendance.

Luna led us to the logs where Lyndon and his friend sat. They were talking about training and how some girl hit on Lyndon today.

I practically growled at the words.

Trina, Mitch, and I sat on one of the big logs with me in the middle of the two. That was when everyone went quiet.

Lyndon and his friends looked to Mitch and glared.

My brother then looked to me and gave me a what-are-you-doing-with-him look. I shrugged and uncomfortably played with my fingers.

I then looked to Mitch who sat as if nothing was phasing him at the moment. As if the stares he was getting were nothing.

He even rolled his eyes at one point in time.

The tension in the air was so thick that you could cut it with a sword. Luckily, Luna stepped in and did something.

She stood by the fire and began to speak, "As you all know, Lyndon has found his mate," she began clapping her hands, "Ava may you please stand?"

I once again got stares. I stood up almost tripping on a stick. Luna clapped her hands and squealed.

"This bonfire was dedicated to our new Luna and Alpha! The leaders of this pack" my heart began to pick up speed, "my husband and I have officially resigned and now the pack will be put in their hands. I must go now, but please, I hope you take this time to congratulate your new leaders! Enjoy yourselves and have fun kids!"

With that, Luna Marta left leaving me with a heavy beating heart. My palms were sweaty and I just couldn't take this anymore. I couldn't take lying to them anymore, it was beginning to make me feel trapped. They were so happy for us and I didn't like lying to them.

To make things even worse, Lyndon and his Neanderthals have already begun to harass Mitch.

"So your the new kid huh?" Lyndon narrowed his eyes.

"Yep" Mitch responded popping the p.

He seemed to be enjoying the hate that he was getting.

"So, What are you doing with her?" Lyndon questioned gesturing towards me.

"Who Trina? We met at lunch and she's a very nice person" Mitch smirked getting up to grab two beers. Trina had walked away over somewhere which easily made it noticeable to everyone that Mitch was just trying to get under Lyndons skin.

It seemed to be working too.

"No. Her. My mate. Avalon" so now I was his mate? Give me a break.

Mitch rolled his eyes and handed me a bottle, "technically she's not your mate and I'm here because she's my friend. She's been touring me around school all day and trust me, I've explored"

I furrowed my brows knowing that his sentence was said to mean more than he meant it. This causing Lyndon to growl angrily and get up to leave the logs.

Mitch stifled a laugh.

I nudged him and glared, "oh come on doll, that was funny. Did you see his face?"

I ignored him and took a sip of my beer. I cringed at the taste. It reminded me of that night when I took a swig of vodka except the taste was more bitter.

"Don't drink too much of that" a familiar voice warned me from behind.

Jumping up from the log, I squealed into Kale's arms, "Hey Kale!"

"Hey Ava. Whats up! Who's your new friend?" he huffed looking to Mitch. I could see a hidden glare waiting to show itself in Kale's eyes.

I grabbed my beer and tapped Mitch on the shoulder, "This is my new friend Mitch!" I don't know why I was screaming, but for some reason, I was really excited to see Kale again.

Mitch got up to shake Kale's hand but Kale resisted, "Okay..."

They awkwardly stared at each other causing me to take a purposely loud sip of my beer. I then sat back onto the log to fiddle with my fingers while the rest of Lyndons friends sat across from me. Not alot of them were there though, it was only Jared, Chase, and Bruce.

'Or shall I say the flirt, the asshole, and my brothers best friend' Sophie laughed.

"Ey, do you suck blood?" Jared questioned stupidly.

"Yes" Mitch said in a duh tone sitting back down onto the log. Kale sat on my other side.

"Bet thats not all he sucks" Chase scoffed taking a sip of his Corona. I rolled my eyes.

Why does he have to be such an ass?

"Yeah your right. I also suck your moms tits on a regular" Mitch mocked Chases motions causing Kale and I to stifle a laugh.

Chase growled, "Don't start with me bloodsucker"

"You started it, I just finished" Mitch calmly spoke. I guess he really could handle himself. He could look cute while doing it too.

It was a real turn on actually. I found it very adorable.

Kale nudged me, "Your dude here is pretty funny" He said connecting fists with Mitch.

Awe, how cute.

The moment had almost perfect until Bruce decided to open up his mouth.

"So what do you do?" He asked rudely, "Every vamp has a gift right? So whats yours?"

Mitch shifted on the log, "I can read minds and use peoples fears against them. Like right now, in your mind your thinking, Why the fuck is this guy even here? He doesn't belong"

Bruce sneered, "I didn't tell you to fucking read my mind. Don't do it again. Stay out of my fucking head tonight, understand?"

Mitch smirked and looked down towards me, "No promises"

I could see a glint of amusement in his eyes causing me to blush. He was just so cute. His messy bed hair and sleeve tats just made him even hotter.

"Hey doll?", Mitch whispered.

I took a swig of my beer, "Wha?"

"If your going to check me out all the time, try not to make your thoughts so loud" I blushed at his statement.

Oh crap, "Why are you always reading my mind anyways? Those are meant to be private"

He stifled a laugh, "because it's fun and I feel like I need to know everything running in that beautiful little head of yours. Besides, sometimes your thinking of some funny shit. It gives me new ideas"

I giggled and punched him in the shoulder, "ideas for what?"

He let out a deadly chuckle, "Well thats a secret that is yet to be revealed"

"Shut up" I giggled, "and stay out of my fucking head tonight, understand?" I mocked Bruce's deep voice and laughed.

Mitch laughed along and smirked, "No promises"

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