Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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The Bonfire Part ||

"Why do we hate vamps so much anyways?" I ask shifting uncomfortably.

Everyone was currently sitting on the logs and it was around 11:00 at night. Lyndon and Mitch now sat on either side of me with Trina and Kale across from us. They were acting a little weird though. It was like Kale was starting to avoid me or something. It was also making it weird to sit across from him, but all I could do was shake off the awkward feeling.

Anyways, we were sitting around the fire when I had asked the question circling my mind forever. It was sad that I didn't know really. I've spent all my life going along with what people said about them just because. I never actually understood our feud.

"Werewolves hated vampires since the days of the moon goddess" Jared began slowly.

"When she was living on Earth, she was too a werewolf- one of the most powerful ones, in fact. In those days believe it or not- werewolves and vamps got along. We were also the ones who got the gifts not the vampires" he continued.

"That was until something terrible happened. The Moon Goddess had an Alpha. But back then the woman was more dominant because of their ability to uphold a household" Jared finished taking a swig.

"Anyways, The Moon Goddess had an Alpha, but she wasn't in love with him. She was one of those girls who always dreamed of finding her true love and since she couldn't get it from him, she went out looking for it instead. When she did, she found a man who was-well a vampire" Mitch continued on.

"Even though she knew his secret, she still gave him everything. She gave him her heart, power, and soul-"

"Too bad the bastard didn't love her the same way" Carter interrupted glaring towards Mitch.

Mitch sighed and rolled his eyes,

"One day when they were in the woods The Moon Goddess gave him access to the packs secret headquarters. He and his army of Vamps attacked the palace and took everything. They kidnapped almost half of her pack. From woman to old people, they even took some new borns"

Mitch looked down and waited for someone else to continue on.

"Okay" Trina went on, " any-who, to get everything back, the Vampires asked for one thing in return, a sacrifice. But not just any sacrifice, we had to give up our powers to them. Everyone did except for the Moon Goddess"

"They slayed her instead"

Lyndon put his hand on my lap, "Now she is believed to live up in the sky. She made mates so that Vampires nor any other creature could play with another werewolf's heart the way that he did her"

"And, eventually Alphas were given dominance because it was said that women's feelings got in the way of things. But we never got our powers back and so that is why Werewolves hated vamps" Lyndon finished glaring towards Mitch and taking my hand.

I looked down towards our hands and slowly slipped mine out of his hold. Ignoring his frown I spoke.

"So all this happened because the Moon Goddess made one stupid mistake?"

Bruce glared towards Mitch, "no. It happened because those bloodsucking demons are some untrustworthy assholes"

I looked to Mitch who's eyes were beginning to turn a little red. He stared firmly towards Bruce and glared.

"Not. All. Of. Us" Mitch spoke through gritted teeth. His eyes were reddening even more and his fists were clenching tightly around his beer bottle.

Bruce shifted onto the log uncomfortably staring into Mitch's eyes, "Yes, all of you. I've only met three vamps in my life and none of them were very friendly. So cut the crap! Tell us why you're here. To learn our secrets? To kill us like that fealthy bastard? To try? Why!?"

Glass shattered onto the grass as Mitch shot up from his log. He began getting glares left and right.

"You know, before you dogs start attacking me, maybe you should consider the fact that I am trying to help you rather than hurt you. You guys have spent all your worthless lives pushing away the creatures that are trying to protect you from the real threat. Honestly, have you things ever thought that maybe, just maybe, we came here to warn you not attack. Not all of us are evil, but I now know why some of you have turned against your own kind. You make it so difficult to be different!"

With that, he hissed and disappeared towards the house.

You couldn't even blame him for what he had said, but what I didn't understand was what he was talking about "turned against your own kind"

What was he talking about? Was he talking about rogues? What did he mean protect us? from what threat?

I didn't know what was going on, but I was suddenly getting uncomfortable about the idea of sitting here. It seemed like I wasn't the only one either, everyone else just sat there slightly worried and scared. Bruce sat shocked and I could see a hint of shame slowly taking over.

We all sat in silence. The most you could hear from one person was a sip of beer or mumble.

Who knew that one person could shut us up so fast? I guess we were just that lost about what he had said. I knew I was.

The silence then became too much and so I got up attempting to make my way to the house when I was grabbed, "Where are you going?"

I gave Lyndon a look that said not now and he let me go immediately in understanding. You could tell by the look on his face that he was also in a state of confusion.

Running towards the Pack House, I ran into the kitchen feeling a little uneasy.

"Hey, What took you so long? I was beginning to get a little worried" Mitch laughed walking out of a dark corner.

I jumped putting my hand over my heart. That was one of the things I hated about vamps, the way they can just sneak up on you like that was really unnerving.

"What the he- Wait, I thought you left" I breathed out walking towards his towering figure, "And I thought you were mad"

He cocked his head to the side, "I was about to leave, but then I thought why give them the benefit of the doubt? And I was mad, but I'm not the type to hold a grudge"

He finished putting emphasis on the 'was'. Mitch was telling me one thing, but his eyes were telling me another. They were still a thick reddish color.

"Oh. Sometimes it takes a while to get my natural shade back. Don't worry doll, I'm fine" he smirked.

"So what did you mean when you said that you understood why some of our kind turned on us? Did you mean rogues? Who's protecting us from what? What were you-"

Mitch threw his hand over my mouth and signaled me to take a couple of breaths. I nodded my head and took a deep breath.

"I wish I could tell you doll, but I can't. I barely even know myself. All I know is that my father sent me to this town to protect it from something- something big. He says that an army is being created, one never seen before. No one knows what it is made up of yet or why they want to attack, but my father said that I was supposed to find someone who could help me to defeat whatever it was that was coming. He also told me not to speak of or trust anyone with this because some wolves aren't who they say they are"

Taking in what Mitch had said, I stared off happily and frightened. Happy, because he felt like he could trust me with this information, but frightened because of what was just said.

"So something is coming unexpectedly. No one knows what it is and no one can be trusted?" I began to ramble, "Well, if the army attacks- what will it do?"

I was so scared, I began to shake. Maybe Mitch shouldn't have told me.

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, "That's what scares me doll. I don't know"

I heaved thinking of the story about why werewolves and vamps hated each other. What if the army is just like the one that took our powers? What if they're only coming to kill?

"Do you need some fresh air?"

I shook my head feeling comfort in his arms. There was a long and un-awkward pause.

"Do you want me to take you home?" he whispered.

I shook my head once more, "I can't leave Trina"

Mitch let me go causing a whimper to escape my lips unwillingly. My eyes widened and I quickly brought my head down.

I could just feel his smirk, "why not? Her mate can take her home"

I brought my head up in disbelief, "Trina doesn't have a mate"

He furrowed his brows, "yes she does. Where do you think she was the whole time?"

It never occurred to me that when Trina was gone that she had figured out who her mate was. Looking away, I smiled at the thought of Trina finally finding love.

"Who is it?" I started to get excited and jumpy. I was about to run out there and squeeze her to death.

Mitch's eyes roamed away, "tell me"

"I don't really remember his name, it's at the tip of my tongue" he swayed back and forth lost in his thoughts, "um... Cole? no. Cory? no"

"Chase?" he looked to me and shook his head in disgust.

I stomped in an agitated manner, "who!? describe him"

Mitch looked taken aback when I yelled. I mumbled a sorry, feeling intimidated by his stare and waited.

"He looks just like your mate person, but a little bit taller" I froze in place.

"You hugged him earlier and introduced us-"


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