Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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After fifth period, I rushed to the lunchroom. Unlike most schools, my school is different. Instead of having separate classes and lunches for each grade, we share them.

The seniors have lunch with the juniors and the sophomores have lunch with the freshmans meaning that I have lunch with my brother, Bruce, and Mr. Soon-To-Be-Alpha, Lyndon.

This is so that there is more time for the guys of different packs can get as much training as possible to be ready for any attacks from rogues.

Sexist right? I know.

Trina finds this wonderful because of all the hot seniors. Whereas I on the other hand have a hate/love relationship with the situation.

"Avy" Trina spoke as we made our way to the cafe,"Did you meet your bed buddy yet?"

Ughh. I had really wished that she would stop calling my future mate that.

"No. And stop calling him that" I sighed in annoyance, "Its mate"

"Ok. Fine" she says running into the cafe, while mumbling a very low 'bed buddy' on her way.

I huffed playfully and ran after her.

Once I entered the cafeteria, an intoxicating scent swift pass my nose.

'MATE'. My wolf chimed.

He smelled like cotton candy, a blue-raspberry smoothie cologne, and a bit of pepper-mint candy.

Mmm. My favorite.

As I looked around the cafe, I tried to find out where the glorious smell was coming from. I looked to my left which was the junior side and then I looked to my right which was the senior side.

The scent seemed to follow the senior side.

'Oh lala. A senior'. My wolf mentally winked.

The masculine smell got stronger and stronger until I was standing and/or towering over my mate. I began to look up from his shoes, then up to his shirt, and then-

"Lyndon?" My eyes widened in terror. Oh- no, there must have been a mistake. The Goddess must have paired up the wrong matches.

I stared up shocked when he stood up. He must have been just as surprised because his emotions seemed a little all over the place.

Through those beautiful brown orbs, I could see how he was both upset and relieved at the same time.

Honestly it was getting a little awkward to see so I just stared at the ground.

So there we were, inside of the cafeteria standing in front of each other until the perfect moment was ruined by Violet Starcolice.

Violet, the wicked witch of the west.

She could only be described in so many words. She was sexy, annoying, the pack-whore and just so happened to be Lyndon's current play-toy.

Of course, my first impression was that Lyndon was going to break things with her right then and there- but boy was I in for a treat.

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