Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Punch Me!

I lied onto my bed deep rooted into my own thoughts.

Kale and Trina?

Trina and Kale?

Am I dreaming?

'But don't you think this may be a good thing? Maybe it's the Moon Goddesses way of telling us that Lyndon is the one' Sophia spoke up.

I scoffed, 'I highly doubt that that's the case. I need another sign. If she really wanted us to be together- she wouldn't have let him reject me so easily'

'True. Okay well you still need to get over Kale and Trina. Be happy for them and move on. We both knew that it was bound to happen anyway, so get over it'

I guess Sophia was right. I did need to get over him and our kiss.

"You kissed your ex-mates brother?" Mitch smirked at my bedside.

I furrowed my brows in confusion then glared, "I told you to stop reading my thoughts"

He pinched my cheeks and I felt my bed dip a little, "And I said no promises"

Removing my face from his grip and moving over a bit, I lye silent.

After my recent discovery of the whole army thing and my friend finding her mate, I had decided to finally take up Mitch on his offer to take me home.

So here we were, in my dark room, with my arms folded behind my head.

My room was dark because the light was said to irritate Mitch's skin which I found absolutely ridiculous and slightly stereo.

"Are you ignoring me?" Mitch popped himself up to his side to look at me. His eyes were now a pinkish color that were sending me an annoyed kind of vibe.

I then repeated his actions, "What's wrong?"

He blinked a few times and smirked, "Nothing, I just don't like to be ignored"

I rolled my eyes and plopped myself back down.

He was being childish, "What did you say anyway?"

"I said that we have to start training as soon as possible. You also need to get as many people on our side as possible- but only tell people that you trust," he warned.

"It's very important. This is dangerous"

I laughed a little to myself, "Training? I just met you today. How do I know that all this is even true? I can't even fight. I'm more a lover rather than a fighter"

"You can trust me because I don't lie, I just fib. What I've told you isn't a lie so your just going to have to trust me," he chucked, "And the whole not being able to fight thing. Well I guess we'll just have to change that"

Before I could even register the sinister tone in his voice, Mitch was already hovering over me with my hands above my head. Just when I was about to squeal out of shock, I realized that I couldn't.

I couldn't say anything really- all that could escape my lips were mumbles and small whimpers. I then looked up into Mitch's silver eyes to see that he was the reason for all of this.

For a second, I could feel myself go into a mild trance as he stared deeply into my eyes.

"Fight. Back" he whispered slowly, but I still couldn't move.

I tried to slip my arms out of his grip, but nothing worked.

I was stuck and it was beginning to make me feel pathetic.

'I can't' I thought hoping that he was listening.

This was so embarrassing.

"Yes you can. Just don't think about it before you do it, that's the tricky part. Whatever you think- your enemy can easily use against you so don't think just do. Use every strategy in mind at the moment. Anything" he softly spoke.

I felt like I was in an episode of Survivor right now. It was so hard not to think of something that I had no idea on what to do. That sentence alone was so darn confusing.

I was so confused at the confusion that I felt like my brain was going to fry from not thinking.

"Your really bad at this" he laughed and I rolled my eyes for I was still speechless.

I then noticed that Mitch was gaping down at my lips and so that was when it came. I didn't think at all- I just did.

I took my leg up onto his back leg and smirked at the gasp that had erupted from his lips.

Continuously, back and forth I had brought my foot up and down the back of his left leg. I felt him go weak under my sudden movement and so I took that chance to swiftly change our positions.

I was now on top of Mitch. I victoriously clapped my hands when I realized what I had done.

"So that was the only thing that came to mind?" he smirked.

I stifled a silent giggle and pointed down to my lips so that he could release them.

Breathing out a long sigh I didn't even know that I was holding in, I gave myself a victorious pat on the back, "I knew I could do it"

"Don't want to rain on your parade there doll, but if I were to be an evil vamp- you would have already been dead" he chuckled sitting up from his current position.

I slapped his arm and pouted, "Can you at least give me some credit?"

"Can you at least get off of me?" he laughed with his hands attached to my waist. I blushed and hopped off of Mitch as soon as it got awkward.

"Okay so like I said. You still need some training, because no matter how hot you are- that strategy won't always work" he trailed, "so I guess you, Trina, and her mate can meet up with me after school tomorrow so that we can talk about training"

I nodded my head in agreement, "Lyndon?"

Mitch shook his head and sighed, "I don't think he trusts me enough. He still sees me as more of a vamp than a friend. But it is my first day. This is all a little much, so you can tell him if you want I guess"

I repeated his movements towards my door and scoffed, "um. I guess we can wait a while to tell him"

On our way down the steps so that I could let Mitch out, we stumbled across my mother who immediately disfigured her face in disgust at the sight of him. Rolling my eyes in annoyance, I grabbed onto his arm and tried to make my way passed her.

"Sweetheart" she stopped me,"aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

A fake tone was thickly embedded around my mothers voice as she gave me a blank stare. She only spoke like that when she was repulsed or something was to her distaste.

Looking over to Mitch, I could easily tell that he noticed the difference in her tone, "Hello Mrs. Winters"

My mother looked from Mitch to me and then looked at my hand wrapped around his bicep. I removed my hand and bowed my head.

Mitch elongated his hand in an attempt to shake my mothers hand.

"Mother. This is Mitch, my friend from school" she faked a smile and ignored Mitch's gesture. She didn't speak for a few seconds.

"Weren't you just about to leave?" She asked basically kicking him out.

Mitch nodded and I walked him to the front door feeling my mothers gaze never leaving our backs.

"She hates me" he chuckled-whispered. I smiled and nodded in an 'I know' tone.

Once Mitch was outside the door, I waved as he came back to whisper in my ear, "bye doll"

With that, he left and I came home to a nagging mother telling me how I shouldn't be associated with bloodsucking creatures of the underworld.

That's how I ended my night.


"Your totally into him" Trina shoved me playfully before our training session. We were currently in the hidden room under the gymnasium. It was basically three big classrooms combined into one with one window at the top right corner. The room was white and was completely empty and we were sitting on the old stage.

I had just recently told Trina about last night as so did she.

Basically, Kale and her had seen each other during her absence to the bathroom. She said that since I left, it gave her a chance to get even closer to him.

They didn't do anything really except he took her home and let him checkout her room. They talked and she said that she felt so in love. She was also okay with me kissing him since it happened before she had realized that they were mates.

I told her about my night and how we needed to train today. She completely understood the secretiveness and Kale did too.

Due to the events that had occurred last night, Trina now thinks that I have some undying crush on the oh so perfect Mitch.

"You want the vamp! Come on admit it" she teased.

I slapped her thigh and glared, "your too loud and no I don't. Stop yelling or else he'll hear you"

"Awe! your blushing" she laughed rubbing her thigh, "And oowww"

"Good. Now please stop yelling" I could feel the heat that had creeped from my neck so long ago.

"Okay well if you don't like him, then answer me this" she put one finger in the air as if she was recalling a revelation, "why is it that when he asked you to fight back that you-"

Trina stopped talking mid-sentence and looked past me. She opened her mouth and shut it tightly as if she were trying to compose herself. Her eyes turned from a dark shade of black back to its natural ocean blue shade.

I laughed 'Kale must be behind us'

"Close your mouth Trina, you'll catch flies" I mind-linked stifling a giggle before I was harshly shoved to the side.

Turning around I gasped at the sight. Both Kale and Mitch were shirtless, but I was mostly looking at Mitch.

He didn't have a six- pack or anything, but it was still nice to look at his muscular tone.

"Close your mouth Avy, you'll catch flies" Trina whispered in before hysterically laughing. I was somehow still stuck in my current position until I realized that Mitch was staring right back.

I awkwardly coughed. I was probably blushing so hard right now.

My cheeks were so heated, "Can we start now?" Trina interrupted.

Mitch swiftly grabbed on his shirt and nodded with his eyes still glued onto me.

Trina walked over to Kale as they locked hands, "You leave me for him?"

Trina nodded and giggled, "Awe Avy do you want me to hold your hand?"

I faked a pout and grabbed her hand taking her away from Kale. I stuck my tongue out and he chuckled.

"I won" I spoke hugging Trina in a possessive manner.

Kale shook his head before putting his shirt back on, "This time"

"Okay!" Mitch spoke loudly clapping his hands with an echo following, "time to get serious. so as doll should have told you, there's an army coming that we must prepare for. I feel like I can trust the three of you the most right now and their will be more people joining us very soon. So let's get started shall we? Kale you teach Trina what I just showed you and I'll teach doll"

I rolled my eyes and huffed hearing my unbearable nickname. Trina walked over to a far corner with Kale as he began to show her some steps and I did the same with Mitch.

"Punch me" he said unexpectedly.

I shook my head, " I can't punch you"

"Why not?" He said pointing towards his face, "just punch me"

Looking around, I wondered if this had been a joke, "No. I'm not hitting you. You didn't do anything to me"

"So you'll only hit me if I do something to you?" I nodded and immediately after, Mitch punched me on the right side of my arm causing me to screech out.

"What the hel-" He then did it once again.

"Mitch!" he stood there in silence waiting for me to fire back but I refused, "I'm not hitting you"

Mitch furrowed his brows in confusion, "you said if I do something that you'll hit me. Why can't you just hit me?"

"Why do you want me to hit you so bad?!" I yelled rubbing my aching arm which was probably beginning to bruise.

"One, don't yell at me. Two, we need to test your strength. Now. Hit. Me" he demanded.

Rolling my eyes in agitation, I gave Mitch a soft hit to the shoulder,

"That's it? That's all you got?! Get angry. Hit me as hard as you can. Pretend I'm someone that you really don't like"

I had no ideas at the moment and so I gave Mitch another soft hit. He then punched me back making it even more powerful than the last two.

I screamed in agony, "MITCH!"

He was starting to make me real mad, "Am I making you upset?"

He pretended to pout and I glared.

Using as much force that I could possibly produce, I punched Mitch across the face allowing his body to quickly connect to the floor.

I gasped on the verge of helping him up, "I am so sor-"

He quickly got up and ran a hand through his messy black hair in shock. Snapping his head to the side, I could hear a slight crack in his neck.

Mitch laughed,"Good job doll"

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