Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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We're Coming For You

The rest of the week was a hoot.

Mitch and I got to spend a lot of time with each other and the training sessions were even better.

He learned some stuff about me and I learned some more things about him.

For instance, I learned that he has a limited amount of weaknesses and that the more we hang out, the more people have begun to drift apart from me.

Now that I think about it, I haven't even seen Lyndon since the Bonfire night nor have I talked to my brother or mother. It's like we just walk right past each other at home without a word.

Even though something in me was telling me not to, I couldn't help but to miss Lyndon though.

"Hello!" Trina harshly shoved me to the side.

"Yeah. I'm ready" I gasped.

At the moment, Trina and I were getting ready to go hang out at The Young's place. Kale had invited her and wanted Trina to invite Mitch and I. We were supposedly going to watch some comedy movie.

"You know, one day I'm gonna say my last dying words and your not going to hear them because of your 3 second attention span" she frowned walking outside her door to Kales car.

Mitch was already in the car and the two boys were laughing and high-fiving about something funny. I smiled and couldn't help but happily jog towards the blue BMW.

"Sup girls" Kale greeted getting out of the car to kiss Trina.

She was wearing a red crop top with black jeans and converses that brought out her beautiful reddish hair color. I laughed at the cute couple and ran into the backseat of the car when they started to deeply make out.

"Get a room!" Mitch honked from inside of the car. Kale rolled his eyes and swiftly pulled away from Trina opening the car door for her.

They were so romantic yet so cliche.

I watched as Trina cheesed beside me to the backseat as Kale did the same to the front.

"So is it only us watching the movie?" I asked grabbing my seatbelt across my chest.

Kale popped his gum, "Lyndon and Callie are gonna join us in a bit. I hope that's okay" he awkwardly answered.

Trina looked to me in a concerned manner and Mitch did so too. I looked down for a second and nodded to myself nervously.

'Sophie, you okay?'

'It's nothing new' she sighed sadly.

Sophie no longer felt phased by Lyndon's actions anymore. It was as if she were a totally different wolf from last month.

She went from heartbroken to okay with everything that has happened. I mean there is obviously still some pain and jealousy that is felt, but that's only towards Lyndon's wolf.

I hate the fact that they can't be together just because Lyndon's a douche.

His wolf is probably so hurt.

"You okay back there?" I smiled towards Mitch and nodded. But he could see right through my disguised smile.

Avoiding his gaze, I got out of the car when we came to a stop in front of the Young's home.

Mitch and Kale led us straight through the house right into the living room where Callie and Lyndon sat on the couch chatting.

She giggled to something that he had said.

When we were fully inside, Callie was getting ready to give him a small peck to the cheek.

Without thinking about it, I cleared my throat causing everyone in the room to snap their heads in my direction.

Trina nudged me, "What was that?"

Shrugging, I walked over to the couches and sat on the far left side of the room. Everything and everyone went silent.

Trina and Kale followed but instead sat on the far opposite side of me. Mitch came down to sit next to me as I watched enviously toward Callie as she continued to giggle at whatever Lyndon was saying.

Their faces were practically 2cm apart. I couldn't help but feel jealous at the way he looked at her.

I was beginning to disgust myself.

"You know, your face will get stuck like that if you keep staring so hard" Mitch remarked waving his hand in my face causing me to snap my head to the side.

"Mitch. Not now" I sternly stated putting my hand up in agitation just to have it grabbed in mid-air.

I rolled my eyes.

"What we need is some popcorn" he hummed, "Kale, can you stop staring at Tri for five seconds? I want some popping corn!"

I laughed at his saying and tried to unglue my eyes from Cyndon.

'Really? You didn't just give them a couple name" Sophie trailed, "Get over it! Get over him! He's a non-factor who doesn't want you so get over him!'

Sophie yelled in my head sounding as if she were convincing herself more so than me.

I nodded my head and mumbled to our own pathetic ness.

What's wrong with us?

Sophie sniffled a little, "I was hoping that you knew the answer to that question"

"Here doll. I put a lot of butter. We are watching The Fault In Our Stars so be ready to cry onto this shoulder" he cockily smirked.

I smiled and furrowed my brows, "I thought we were watching a comedy"

Mitch laughed, "So did I, but it seems like your friend is a sucker for chick-flicks and Kale can't seem to take no for an answer"

"Ah. Classic Trina" I giggled looking over in her direction earning me a wink from her side.

Kale then got up to speak, "Okay now, everyone shut up because the movies starting like now"

After turning the lights out and clicking play, we all got comfy.

During the movie, I couldn't help but listen onto Cyndons conversation.

"Stop that Lyndon, I'm trying to watch the movie" Callie giggled causing me to scoff.

Lyndon laughed and continued to tickle her.

"Awe. Doll, your so cute when your jealous" Mitch mocked in a soft whisper. I slapped his arm and gagged.

"No, seriously though. If you keep letting his actions get to you, then you'll never be happy" he said seriously.

I nodded in response, Maybe he was right.

"You still have a chance to get back at him though and doll...." he trailed, "I'll let you use me anytime"

Before realizing that there was no popcorn left, I giggled at Mitch's confidence level, "I'm gonna go get us some more popcorn"

I went into the kitchen to see Callie heating up a bag of popcorn.

I walked past her towards the box where they were and realized that there were no more packages available.

"Hey, umm- you can have some of ours if you want" Callie politely spoke with her soft and beautiful voice. She's nothing like Violet which makes it so much harder to envy her.

Nodding her way, I said nothing.

"I'm Callie" she said bringing out her hand awkwardly scratching the back of her neck. She was so nervous- I wondered why.

Shaking her hand I said, "I'm Avalon"

"That's a pretty name. Uh- so is this going to be awkward? You know me and Lyndon being together and all?" She was really nice and it gave me an off feeling but I shook it off.

"I don't care" I lied, "Its nothing personal"

She smiled at me and after the microwave ding rang, she gave me half of her popcorn. Callie then left the kitchen only for Lyndon to block my path.

Scolding at the towering menace, I tried to maneuver my way around him, but of course, I failed on another one of my meaningless conquests.

"Lyndon, leave me alone" I said tiredly.

He smirked, "Nope"

"Move" I said sternly stomping my foot onto the ground.

A grin stayed plastered across his face, "This is just killing you isn't it? You do realize that your little boyfriend isn't the only one who can detect your jealousy right?"

My boyfriend?

"He isn't my boyfriend, we're just friends. You would know that if you ever tried to spark up a conversation with me a little once in a while-"

"My parents know about the rejection" he said randomly.

My face froze, " You told them?"

He chuckled a little, "Well, I couldn't just let them make me Alpha and you Luna. I rejected you remember?"

How is that even remotely funny?

"Oh my- Wait so what does that mean?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"It means that we don't have to pretend that this-" he says pointing at the space between us, "-is actually a thing. Everyone knows now so we don't have to lie. Thus meaning that you can be with your little boy-toy and I can be with Callie"

My heart stung a little when he brought up the oh-too-perfect Callie. There was then a long pause.

"That also means that this jealousy train needs to stop while it's still going" I rolled my eyes towards the cocky bastard.

"I'm not jealous of her. There's simply nothing to be jealous about" I snorted.

"Yeah sure.." he trailed rolling his eyes in disbelief, "Anyways, we're done talking so you can go back to your little bloodsucker of a boyfriend"

He shooed me a way with his hands as I harshly shoved past him.

'Oh we I'll show him jealous' I thought setting down the popcorn into Mitch's lap and sitting down.

"So is that offer still open?"

Mitch stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth, "What offer?"

I smirked," The offer for me to use you. Can I?"

He laughed in an are-you-serious tone, "Mitch, I'm serious"

"Why do you take things so literally? Have you ever heard of sarcasm?" he scoffed laughing.

"Please. He already thinks your my boyfriend" I pleaded.

He smirked," Really? Okay I'll do it but first you must tell me why"

"I want to show that peice of crap that it's not nice to mess with peoples feelings like that"

He stayed silent for a second, "Okay, but this can't go on for too long. I can feel the army getting closer and growing stronger"

I nodded.

"Oh and doll?" he began, "Don't break my heart"

I said nothing and gave him a surprising peck to the lips.

He smirked, "Was that apart of the plan or was that just for me?"

I laughed. He always knew how to lighten up an awkward situation.


That was the end of our night before we finished the movie which, by the way, I spent over an hour crying over.


It was about two a clock in the morning when I got a weird text from Mitch.

Mitch; We're Coming For You. There's no where to run and there's no where to hide. You Can't Fight Us because we're everywhere. Beware.

I looked to it and frowned.

'Was he joking with me? Did I miss something?'

I called him to see what his message meant.

"Hello?" he croaked sounding as if he had just woken up.

My brows furrowed in confusion, "Mitch, what did that mean?"

He stayed silent as he breathed heavily on the otherwise of the line, "Avalon? What are you doing calling me at this time of night? What are you talking about?"

I still couldn't tell if this was some sort of prank of some kind or not.

"You just texted me" I spoke convinced.

"Doll, maybe your lack of sleep is causing you to hallucinate. Please go back to bed" I noticed that he was very polite when tired.

"Mitch you just- forget it" I trailed talking to myself more so than to him.

"Goodnight, sorry for bothering you" I sighed in confusion.

"Goodnight doll. Get some sleep okay?" He yawned through the phone.

After mumbling a quick okay, I lay down into my bed in confusion.

I then went back to my texts to see that the message had suddenly disappeared leaving me with an uneasy presence in the room.

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