Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Nightmares & Hybrids

"Avalon! Run!" A voice echoed from up above. It was a light, yet irritable voice of a woman. It wasn't calm-but rapid like the ocean in front of me.

"Why?!" I yelled back hearing my voice which was now too in an echo. The ocean had then went calm as the moon reflected it in all the right places. The ocean had a dim glow to it.

"Please! Just go!" but I couldn't move. My feet were stuck to the sand and I couldn't do anything about it.

I struggled to move from my current spot, but I just found myself looking back to the glistening water. It was mesmerizing and just took me in.

"Avalon. Don't let it control you! That's what they want" the woman's voice was now faint and distant.

The last thing I could hear was a faint 'fight-' before the rocks began to hover over the tides. The rocks rose higher and higher under the moonlight and it was then when I noticed that they were heads.

The heads came up from the water in sync. They stood above the water as if they were walking on top of it. They all stopped allowing me a chance to analyze.

"Kale? Trina?" Not only could I see them, but I could also see Lyndon, Mitch, Callie, and another boy with dark brown hair and green eyes. I've never seen him before which was odd.

"Guys! what are you doing?" I tried calling out to them. They all seemed as if they were in an unbreakable trance.

"Run! Avalon. Run" they chanted more times than one. I couldn't believe what was happening.

They began to then march in place with their feet echoing in the night, "We are coming!" they chanted as they multiplied within the water.

There was suddenly 3, 5, and then 15 of them. I gasped as they started to come closer to me as they multiplied horrendously.

"Leave me alone" I yelled trying to remove my feet which were still stuck "Stay away!"

They wouldn't stop. I felt surrounded as if they were coming from each and every side.

I then began to feel a slight squeeze in my lungs making it very hard to breath.

Out of fright, I began to reach for my stomach hoping that something or someone would come out to help me- find me.

They continued to come towards me as I cried out for help, "Please don't hurt me! Leave me alone!"

The replicas stopped in mid-walk as they looked past me in fear. I tried to turn my head but nothing worked because I was still suffocating. I could almost feel the liquid as it flooded my lungs.

The replicas then stared down at me and began to surround me in-sync. One of the Lyndon's then began to yell out confusing words.

The rest of them then followed on. I didn't know what they were saying, but it was making my head hurt as I swayed back and forth.

It made me want to burst.

There was a burning brewing up in the pits of my stomach as the chants got louder.

My stomach was now on fire. It was as if the louder they got, the more it burned.

"Stop please! It burns!" They continued to chant despite my pleas of agony.

They got closer and closer as they chanted out words. The closer they got, the harder it was to breath-

I woke up from my nightmare heaving out of fright in tears. My hand was to my heart as it pumped in a speed I didn't even know it could pump in.

Looking to my side, I turned on my lamp and immediately put my hand to my mouth when I saw a towering figure above my bed.

He had pitch black hair and red eyes that matched his very pink lips. The boy had on all black, but it was a very formal kind of black from what I could see.

The lamp light was very dim so I could not make out as many features as I wanted to.

He was staring me down and I didn't know whether to scream or to just decide onto the fact that I was hallucinating.

Was this part two of my nightmare?

The boy laughed in my fearful presence, "Are you done?"

I jumped at the depth of his voice.

"I wouldn't scream if I were you. There'll be a lot of time for that later" he smirked, "...oh and yes- I'm very real"

He must have been a vampire.

"Think again sweetheart" He bared his teeth showing me his canines. My brows furrowed in confusion.

How did he read me then?

The boy rolled his eyes and blew his hair out of his face, "I'm a newborn- hybrid if you will and I am here to send a message"

He began seriously, "Lucious sent me here to tell you that we are coming and nothing will stop us. Not you and not your puny little friends-"

"Who's we? And who's Lucious?" I asked very confused on why this boy was in my room.

The boy rolled his eyes, "I don't like being interrupted. Now, as I was saying we are coming and I suggest you run because you will not win. We are coming for what is rightfully ours and we don't need some stupid teens coming in our way so stay away or be forced to be thrown with the rest. Also, just to tell you sweetcheeks- you shouldn't trust everyone around you"

He ended with a snarl and vanished without another word.

I heaved once again and said nothing.

Why does everyone keep telling me to run? Why did he come to me? First the text and now this?

What do they want? What's going to happen? Should I tell Mitch? How do they know about our little army plan? What did he mean about not being anyone?

I went to bed that night with questions circling my thoughts in a rapid motion.

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