Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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The Newbies

It was another meaningless Saturday of training in the white room under the gym.

Mitch was now talking about how some more new people were going to show up to help us out with our skills and such. Everyone else, but me were listening.

It's not that I wasn't trying to follow with what he was saying it was just that all the events that were occurring around me had me wondering who I should and should not trust or listen to.

Call me silly, but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that I was in a Sherlock Holmes Movie or something. I couldn't tell if I was Sherlock or the victim who's murdered.

Either way, something was going on and someone wasn't to be trusted.

I'm starting to feel like that someone is Mitch. It's like the closer we get to each other, there's something always in the way.

This time, that something is either this stupid army and some guy named Luscious.

Maybe I'm all wrong though because that hybrid did say, 'Also, just to tell you sweetcheeks- you shouldn't trust everyone you meet', but he could have been trying to get into my head.

'Which he's already doing' Sophie, oh-so-graciously pointed out in my time of stress.

At this point, I didn't even know if I should be in tears from being so scared, or just plain angry because everything in my life was just so messed up.

All this shouldn't have happened to me. Why me Moon Goddess? How come you couldn't just let Lyndon not be a jerk and allowed him to just want to be with me?

Then, I wouldn't have met Mitch and I wouldn't even have had to worry about the fact that I kissed my best friends mate.

My mother would be happy.

Luna would be happy.

Alpha would be happy.

Sophie would be happy.

And I. Would. Be. Happy.

But no. My life will never stay that simple.

"Avalon!" I jumped hearing Lyndon's thundering voice echo through the room.

'When did he get in here?' I shook my head and shrugged.

"What's wrong?" I looked up to Lyndon and furrowed my brows. He grabbed ahold my hands and it was then when I could see my claws piercing through my very pale skin.

My wolf was coming out and I hadn't even noticed.

"Are you okay?" I slowly nodded allowing my claws to sink back in.

He gave me one last worried glance before running back over to Callie's side.

"Are you sure?" Mitch questioned one last time by my side and I smiled. I tried as hard as I could to block away my thoughts from before, and I nodded once again reassuringly.

Everyone including Trina, Kale, and Callie gave me worried glances before trailing their eyes back over to Mitch who was halfway to the secret door.

I could here a faint, "come in" just after he opened the door.

About ten people or so walked in the room. Most of which had black hair and blue orbs for eyes. The rest had a mixture of ginger and brown hair with a collection of yellow and dark brown eyes.

You could tell that about half of them were vamps while the others were werewolves, like us.

"Okay guys so I know this is a lot of people to fit in this small space, but we're just going to have to make it work. We still have some people missing so we'll be pretty packed" Mitch trailed, "Most of these people are training like us or are already trained and teaching us. So lets all be nice to one another down here because whether we like it or not, we're all going to be like one big happy family, so let's begin to partner up"

Before anyone could 'partner' in barged in a girl and two other boys into the room.

The girl was gorgeous. Her skin was a beautiful mocha brown color whereas her eyes were a mixture of blue with red sparks flowing out. Her figure was amazing- her curves were being hit in all the right places even though she was just wearing a t-shirt and skinny-jeans.

Her hair was a pitch black and it was very wavy all over the place.

She. Was. Beautiful.

She ran towards Mitch in a fast motion before jumping on top of him, "MITCH!"

He cradled her into her arms and smiled big. A smile that I have never seen from Mitch ever.

A smile that has never even been shared with me.

"Hey Hun," he laughed, "How's my favorite Hybrid?"

I was so confused. He was talking to her as if they were related. She giggled and gave him a peck to the cheek.

My brows furrowed, "Everyone this is my best friend Francesca"

I sighed in relief, but it seemed that my sigh came a bit too soon because right after he introduced her, I noticed that one of the two boys was from my dream.

He was the unknown guy on the water coming after me. I stared as my body slowly, but surely began to go numb.

He had the same brown hair and green eyes. His figure was the same also, lean and tall. He was cute, but not Lyndon cute of coarse- nor was he Mitch cute, but he'd be third on my list if I had one.

I wanted to ask for his name so bad- but I couldn't help but wonder if he was also on the top three list of the people that I shouldn't trust. It was as if this dream and the visit were now indicating and controlling every aspect of my life and thoughts.

"I'm Jeremy" he introduced after clearing his throat. Scratch being cute- he was sexy.

His voice made my heart almost burst into flames, except there was still something a little off about him. I couldn't sense a vamp or were scent.

He was a human.

The boy next to him was probably one too because I couldn't sense his scent either.

'Why are they here?' Sophie pressed.

I furrowed my brows, "Are you trying to get yourselves killed?" I blurted out towards the two.

They laughed to eachother, "No. We're trying to stop you guys from killing yourselves" Jeremy replied numbing my body once again.

"How so?" Lyndon smirked unconvinced, "What are you gonna do some magic trick and make all of the bad guys disappear?"

Everyone in the room agreed including me. I mean, we have nothing against humans, it's just that they are less complex than we are.

It's bad enough that we have to live with these bottom-feeders- now we have to fight with them?

Were we being punked?

"We are not just humans. We are seers. We can help you guys in this fight," Jeremy trailed, "How are you going to fight an army when you don't even know when their coming or how?"

The other boy nodded in agreement, "that's like prepping up your gear to fish and then sailing your boat to the middle of nowhere. It's impossible to do something without navigation so here we are"

"And what if your killed? Something happens to you? What if one of the newbies get crazy hungry and eat one of you? Not all of us are vegans" One of the ginger headed newbies interrogated.

He did have a very good point.

It was then when Francesca began to speak up walking in front of the two," Then you'll just have to go through me. I'm sure you can hold off your hunger for these couple hours of training"

Everyone nodded in understanding. I looked to Jeremy and noticed that he was staring right back.

Our gazes were locked.

"Okay guys so partner up! Training begins now. Your teachers are here now so we-" Mitch was quickly interrupted by a chuckling Lyndon.

Callie harshly nudged him, "I'm sorry. Truth is, no disrespect or anything, but I am not being trained to fight by two humans. I'm okay with the hybrid, but I am not being trained by humans"

Francesca was getting ready to say something to him, but she was quickly hushed by Jeremy.

"Okay then Francesca can train 1/3 of you, Will will train the other third, and I will train the last of them. You can be in the first third and so can all the others who have such a big problem being trained by humans" he was so calm and you could tell that he ignored conflict.

I found it very sweet actually, "Do you hit on every guy that you meet?"

I jumped hearing Mitch from behind me.

I laughed and held my hand up to my chest, "You were just in the front talking, how'd you-"

I internally slapped myself realizing that he is in fact a vampire and can travel really fast.

"You catch on fast" he smiled, "so Jeremy huh?"

"Not really. I'm not hitting on him, he's just cute" I defended.

"Have I been replaced?" he gasped putting his hand to his heart dramatically. He always knew how to make me laugh.

"No way. You will always and forever be number 2 after Trina"

He gave me a big hug and smiled that big wide one, "Awe. I can just feel the love"

Mitch then swiftly disappeared from around me. When he was back to the front he gave me a wink before speaking, "Everyone partner up and go to your thirds. Training will now begin- hopefully without anymore interruptions"

Partnering up with the nearest person, I went over to Jeremy's third waiting for training to begin.

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