Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde Part |

"Hey sweetheart" my mother awkwardly spoke entering the premises of my room. It felt like forever since I seen her and my dad. Since training had begun, I haven't really seen anyone outside of those white walls.

At least, that's what I wanted to believe. Deep down inside I knew why we weren't talking.

It's because she blamed me.

She blamed me for the fact that we won't ever sit at the Royal Tables in big pack events.

She blamed me for being rejected by that jerk, and she blames me for every bad thing raining on this family.

It's always been that way.

Avalon the mess-up.

That's what and all I'll ever be to this woman.

I know it.

She knows it.

The whole damn family knows it.

Nothing will ever not be my fault. It sucks that I'll never be able to change that no matter how strong or more confident I become.

She'll always find something.

"Yes mom", I squeaked closing up my book. I already knew what she was coming in here to talk about and quite frankly I didn't want to here about it.

She walked in and sat onto my bed and adjusted her night-gown.

"Can we talk about- um what happened?" she said cutting right to the chase. I stared down at my hands seeing them begin to shake.

I could only nod.

She stared down at my book and bit her lip, "What happened between you and Lyndon? What did you do?"

My head snapped up and I glared, "What did I do? Don't you mean what did he do and has been doing?" I said putting emphasis on my words.

What the hell did she mean "what did I do?" I knew she'd find a way.

"Honey, boys don't just not like a girl on the first day. Especially when they're mates" she trailed off as if she knew everything about the opposite sex.

"Did you do something wrong? Were you not as confident as you needed to be? Did you wear that ugly black dress I told you not to because that could've been the reason too"

I wanted to slap her, "No mother I didn't. He just didn't like me and I've now accepted that and it's time for you to do the same"

My claws threatened to tear out of my hands as my tears were attempting to do the same.

"Okay well was it that boy?"

Mitch? ,

"Was it that, dare I say it, bloodsucking menace. Did he have something to do with this? Honey, whatever happened, I'm sure you and Lyndon can fig-"

"No, it wasn't Mitch. Can you just stop and let it go? Leave me alone. Lyndon and I don't want to be with one another"

Even though I still got the little sting in my heart, I knew it was true.

"Don't you dare interrupt me young lady. There's more of them, don't pretend like I can't smell your new scent, it's disgusting and I know they're doing something to you. I forbid you to see them again. Ugh, how could my child be so stupid to hang out with those things?"

My claws were digging into my bed sheets by this time and I was almost ready to collapse.

She was going through her Jekyll and Hyde faze, as my brother and I would call it. Just a moment ago she was calm and nice, but now she's forbidding me to do things.

Well Ava's not standing for this anymore, "I'm not fucking ten!"

I was now screaming at the top of my lungs, "You can't tell me what to do or who to hang out with! I'm not you. They aren't disgusting. What? Just because they're not werewolves! Sometimes you can be so shallow"

"Don't Ever Speak To Me in that tongue! Look, they're already turning you into a savage animal!" she rose up, "I forbid you and that's final"

I stood my ground, "No. I will never stop hanging out with them! They are my friends and the only people who actually care to understand me!" my hands were now up and clawing the air, "What is the matter anyways?!-"

My mother rose up harshly interrupted my hollers and screams, "When did you start to do that?" she slowly spoke pointing towards my claws.

Of course.

We are having a civilized argument and all she can think about is the last time I got a mani.

"Answer me. When did your claws start to peel?" I stared down towards my hands.


"I don't know. I just noticed that yesterday, why?" I shrugged attempting to calm myself down from the previous events.

She stood up as if she was in the middle of a revelation, "When was the last time you spoke to Sophie?"

Now that I thought about it, Sophie hasn't been here for a while. Where was she?

Oh my this was bad, "I don't know"

My mom sat down on the bed hastily. I've never seen her this startled before.

"Sweetie, it's crucial that you tell me the exact time you and Sophie lost contact" her voice was shaky as she grabbed the both of my hands in fear.

I've never seen my mother like this before. Her eyes were wide and I could see a drizzle of sweat threatening to escape.

What the hell was happening?

"Um. Probably- uh- I'd say about a week or two ago?" I said more of a question rather than an answer.

My mom popped back up and I could almost feel her heart pounding horridly in her chest as she mumbled, "He's back. He's back"

"Oh no no no no, why is he back? What does he want?" she was questioning more to herself rather than me. It was as if my total existence and the fact that we were arguing had slipped the depths of her mind.

Who's back? And who was it that made my mother act so damn crazy?

"Mother, are you okay?" She stared at me shocked with widened eyes as if living another revelation.

She collapsed onto the floor and began to stutter, "M-m-my f-father i-i-is b-"

She was cut off with my father barging into the room. He looked at the scene in horror.

What. Is. Happening?

"Ava, what the hell happened?!" he screamed scooping my mother up in his arms whilst taking a seat onto my bed with her in his lap. He tried to calm her down as he awaited for me to speak.

"Well we were talking about Lyndon and I not being mates and she kept blaming me as she always does" I trailed and he nodded.

He showered my mother with kisses and smirked when she gave a small whimper of satisfaction. They were so adorable right now.

"And?" he urged.

"And then I got mad and my claws came out. Then she asked me how long that's been happening and when the last time Sophie spoke to me was. Two answers later, next thing I know she's on the ground shivering and crying out how he's back"

"Oh no," his eyes were wide and he buried his face into her neck.

I felt like I was in the middle of a chick flick. It was almost too beautiful to watch how they'd say cute little words to try and make one another feel better.

I mean, in all honesty if they weren't my parents, I'd be drooling over there relationship. At the moment, I could only see them as another pair of mates my age trying to get through something that I couldn't understand just yet.

They made me think about what Lyndon and I could have been if he hadn't rejected me. That could've been mine. We could have had that connection. He could've been holding me in his arms in my time of distress.

None of that matters now that he's gone and our relationship is just another thought stuck in the world of impossibilities and nothingness.

It was no time for that now. This just wasn't the time or place for me to feel bad. I needed to know who was making my mother feel bad.

This was one of those times that wasn't about Avalon Winters, but someone else.

"Who is he daddy?" I said calmly walking towards the both of my parents wondering just how fucked up this man could be to make even my mother to sob.

She stood up shakily and stared me in the eyes, "Oh honey, we messed up bad. We did everything right. What could have possibly went wrong?! We kept you away from him so none of this could happen, he's already gaining control. I can't believe t-t-th-"

She broke down onto my shoulders and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Was this woman standing in front of me really my mother? She looked so broken and helpless.

Who was this man? Why did my mother fear him so much?

My dad came up from behind her and grabbed her by the waist allowing her to turn and rest her head onto his shoulders.

"I'm going to take your mom away and then I'll come back to explain all of-" he paused and pointed towards her, "this okay?"

I nodded.

I mean I knew my mother would switch personas sometimes, but she took our whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theory to a whole other level this time.

Confusion was all that flooded over me. I was confused because, one minute I'm speaking to my mom about how I control my own life and then another she's on the ground crying out because 'he's here', my grandfather.

My father walked into my room a couple minutes later with his hair a little messy from God knows what.


He plopped down onto my bed a little dazed and ran his hands through his hair.


I cleared my throat and snapped my fingers into the air, "Do you mind explaining now?"

His head snapped towards me as if coming out of a trance.

"Well sweetheart. There's really nothing to it. Your grandfather is a bad man who, believe it or not, has a lot of power. I guess you can call him a tyrant, but I think bastard fits him quite perfect" he spoke getting a little heated.

Whatever my gramp did must've been horrid if my father couldn't even stand the thought of him.

"What do you mean power?" My father huffed.

"He's an alpha of the Gemini Mullens pack or at least he used to be before your mother and I..." There was a long pause.

"What? What did you guys do? Did you make him upset? Did-"

He huffed and put his head down, "We got his Alpha rights repealed. He was cheating on his Luna and that back then, was illegal for us wolves"

"In the beginning, your mother was the only one who knew, but that day when she told me, I just couldn't keep it to myself. After all, he was already a bad man- I mean wasn't I doing everyone else in the pack a favor already? At least that's what I thought" my father grabbed a massive ton of hair and slicked it back.

"You see back then, we had a wolf counsel. When I told them of your grandfathers wrong doing, he was banished and they had murdered your grandmother right in front of him as a punishment" a tear drop slipped from the protective lids of my fathers and a gasp unintentionally escaped from my lips.

"They killed her. But why? she didn't cheat" I whispered.

"Yes, but back then, the wolf counsel made decisions based on stupid logic. They believed that since your grandfather cheated, he didn't want her, and so that's what happened. Since she was an unwanted and mis-treated mate they thought to put her out of her misery" my father wiped a tear and pulled me into a firm embrace.

"Wait but that doesn't explain why mother was upset" I trailed still searching for more answers.

His grip tightened around me,"Before he left, he told me that one day, he would come back and take everything from us just the same as I did him. You see Avy, to him, I took his power, his daughter, and the love of his life"

He sniffled, " I could almost remember his exact words. His eyes were beady and his body lean. Nothing but that devilish smirk plastered to his face as he said, I will take your entire life from you just as you did me. I will take your children and that sorry piece of garbage away. Your entire world will come crashing down, until every bit of you is broken. I won't stop there. When I'm done, I won't even kill you- I'll just leave you to live off of nothing but nonexistent memories"

My father sobbed as if everything that was said was now going to come true.

My grandfather was now after my brother and I. Sadly, there was nothing that we could do about it.

Not only that, but now I have two things to worry about. A huge army coming to possibly take down our pack and a crazed grandfather coming to destroy my family.

Of coarse everything just had to happen to me, "Daddy, I'm so sorry"

My father ran his fingers through my hair and sighed, "It's not your fault Avy. Your mother and I should've known not to mess with Luscious"

My body immediately went numb at the mention of that oh so familiar name.


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