Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Make Something Clear

Ava's mother is only like that because of what she's experienced as a child. That's why I wanted to make a sequel to show her and the old times of the weres & vamps and council and stuff like that.

I just needed to clear that up because she's a little misunderstood in the last chap and I just felt the need to show that the sequel would show the real her and how she became how she is.

Lol okay so you should be expecting an update tonight!💭

Hope you've enjoyed the last one lol okay so yah.

I'm done. 😂

Ps) I'm making the sequel lol. But it's going to either be about Ava's child/children and husband ****************
(trying not to give anything away lol) or her mother & father

Idk yet. But yeh I'm done now.


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