Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde ||

Last night was one of the biggest revelations I have ever experienced.

It showed me that rather than worrying about love and who the next girl my ma-ex mate is going after, I should be worried about the war that's coming.

I need to train twice as hard and find out who the rat is in the army.

I mean who knows how much time we have left? The invasion can happen next week, tomorrow, or even today!

I can't believe how much time I spent wasting my life away within these days. I may be over exaggerating a bit, but if my grandfather is as dangerous as my mother had said- then imagine him with a whole army.

He's indestructible.

I ran towards my brothers room to see if he was there so that I could tell him of the events that had occurred last night, but he wasn't there.

"Mom? Is Josh home?!" I yelled running down the stairs.

I heard rustling in the living room as I walked through the halls of my home, "No sweetheart he went out for a while, why?"

I sat onto the tan couch and grabbed an apple from the little basket that my mother was preparing, "No reason. What's this for?"

She smiled, "It's a thank you basket for your father. I shouldn't have broke down like I did last night. I'm not a baby and he shouldn't have to treat me like one anymore. I'm too old for it"

She packed some candy into the basket and I giggled a little.

"Mom, he loves you. He was happy to do it. I don't think you need to give him a basket for that" she held the basket up and shrugged.

"I know but I want to. I mean you have to do something once and a while to make them feel special other than sex right?" When she said sex- I knew that was my cue to go.

It was always awkward when she brought up the subject or even said the word. Call me a prude, but I hated that word more than anything. It was unnerving and always brought me to the cruel conclusion that I'm still a virgin.

Noticing my sudden discomfort, my mother laughed, "Oh sorry honey"

My father then walked into the living room and immediately wrapped his arms around my mothers waist.

She smiled, "Good morning"

I knew they had done something last night because I could hear faint groans coming from the other room. I thought it was just the scratching from the raccoons in our attic, but my father had proven that theory incorrect the second he walked into the living room.

His hair was messy and his night shirt was very wrinkly. It looked as if he had just woken up and he had the most sly look on his face.

I wanted to barf at the sight.

"What's this?" he picked up the basket and looked inside of it grabbing apiece of candy.

My mother picked up the basket and cheesed, "Its for you. A thank you"

He furrowed his brows and laughed, "For what?"

"For last night", she sighed, "I shouldn't have acted the way that I did. I'm a grown woman and I should be able to talk to my daughter without having a nervous break down. Its embarrassing"

He smiled, "You didn't have to make me a basket to apologize. I love you- through your best and your worst. I don't know why you always do this, you just being happy is enough"

I once again felt like I was in a deleted scene of The Notebook.

I wanted oh so badly to sob and clap my hands, but I decided against it.

"Well this is my cue." I awkwardly laughed making my way up towards my room.


After freshening up, I decided to make a quick call.

"Hello?" he answered sounding as if he had just woken up.

I huffed, "Is it too early?"

"It's never too early for you" I smiled, "What's up doll?"

"I need you to pick me up as soon as possible, we need to talk" I decided that I would have to tell Mitch about Luscious and the army and what we have to do.

It seemed as though he was the head of this whole "fight back" operation after all.

"Is everything okay Ava?" he never called me by my actual name unless he was genuinely worried.

I found it kind of cute actually.

"Yeah Mitch. I'm fine", I giggled, "I just need to tell you something"

"Okay I'm on my way" I nodded as if he were able to see me and got myself ready to go.

Quickly, I freshened up and grabbed on my old ripped City of Angels shirt and a pair of shorts. I threw my hair into the messiest bun I could muster and slipped on my tan moccasins.

"Well" I sighed through the mirror, "this is attractive"

I laughed towards my humorous self-esteem and rushed down the steps.

I looked to my parents in the living room and laughed, "Don't have too much fun while I'm gone"

I sat on my porch steps waiting for the familiar black car to drive in. I ran to the car and hopped into the passenger seat.

"Hey Wyatt" I cheesed knowing how much Mitch hated being called by his real name.

"Too early," he sighed rubbing his eyes in agitation, "Too damn early"

He started up the engine and stepped on the gas.

Authors Note:

5/25/15- As I am editing, I'm reading the comments too. I love the negative ones tbh Bc they make me laugh. Also, all this talk about what vampires and werewolves do- lol this is MY story and if I want them to do things that aren't usual in other books and movies, then I will.

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