Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Taking Over

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We made it to Mitch's house in a matter of minutes.

It was beautiful.

His house was a rich tan and had a trail of green vines attached to the side of it. The front yard was huge and the back was probably twice it's size. The grass seemed fresh- as if it were watered everyday.

It smelled so nice and it was almost close to the size of a mansion.

It wasn't one of those creepy old houses that you see in the movies and stuff, it was actually quite a site.

Mitch came up from behind and I could hear him getting his keys out to put into the silver knob. He then roughly ran his hands through his messy hair and yawned.

"What's wrong with you today?" He sighed out.

He turned the knob and allowed us to go in, "What do you mean?"

I walked into his house and looked around the main entrance hall. It was spacious and very white. There was a chandelier hanging up high in the air close to the stairs.

Everything was beautiful.

Mitch gestured towards my body, "This. Your- off"

I sighed and began playing with my fingers, "We need to talk"

His face then went completely serious and so did mine. I then followed him through the short corridor and into what looked like his kitchen.

It was small and only had a limited amount of things inside. I didn't see any pots or pans, but I did see some fruit and bread on the granite island.

"Okaysoyouknowhowwevebeentrainingforthaybigarmy,wellitturnsoutthatmygrandfatherisinchargeofitandhesattackingustogetbackatmyparentsandwellmitch-" I rushed out of breath.

Mitch raised both brows and frowned, "Can you say that again? You know, in English please"

I took a deep breath and nodded, "The army that is coming isn't coming for the reasons that we think. Turns out, my grandfather is leading that army and he's attacking out of spite. To make a long story short, he's coming after me and only me. To my understanding he is coming way sooner than we think"

Mitch sighed and pulled me into a soft hug, "How do you know? Why are you telling me? Who else knows?"

I shrugged, "My parents told me. I guess you can say that I have a bad family bloodline. Only you and I know. I was planning to tell my brother this morning, but he wasn't home.

"Doll, you know that we are going to have to tell the group right? I mean they may look at you a little different but it must be done. I'll check up on Jeremy to see if he's seen anything. This doesn't change anything but the fact that we have to protect you twice as much as the rest of the group. Should I call Lyndon?"

I shrugged once again, there goes that name again, "I don't know, should we?"

Mitch nodded and sighed, "I hate the idea just as much as you do, but we have to find a way where he can watch you sometimes and I can. The while group must be together or at least in a pair at all times.

I can call them all over today if you'd like. We must figure something out though because now that we're in more danger than we think, we have to come to an arrangement"

I nodded in the comfort of his arms and poked my head up when I saw something in his kitchen.

That's odd.....

"Mitch?" I questioned.


"You have garlic," I giggled at my randomness.

"Yeah so" I came out of his hug and met his gaze with a raised brow.

I laughed, "Nothing- I just thought", I trailed and looked away, "Forget it"

He chuckled, "Can we get back to reality now?"

I nodded and we got every communicating device in pocket and called the group.

Josh P.O.V

I walked through the alley and waited for their arrival.

A black car then pulled up and five men came out in their matching attire of black pants and wife-beaters.

They were new-borns, I could tell. Two vamps and one hybrid.

That's a vampire/were. Its a very painful process of course, but some people would do anything to join our conquering army.

"He'll see you now" the vamp, Todd, had said pointing towards the Mercedes.

I gave a faint nod and made my way over to the car.

I saw him sitting inside of the car typing away on his phone. You know for an old guy, he was way too advanced in today's technology.

"Good afternoon" I said bowing into the car.

He chuckled and widened his arms, "Is that anyway to greet your grandfather? Come here Joshua. I've missed you"

I've known all along that he was my grandfather. I mean I have been working with him for over 6 months now with this whole army and all.

You must be wondering why I would go against my family and do such a thing.

One reason being on the fact that they don't care about me or my feelings. I mean no one ever comes to me unless they need something from me or my help.

But Luscious isn't like that.

He treats me like the family that I am.

He loves me and cares about what's going on.

Everyday when I come in, I always get a how are ya son or a how's life been treating you.

At home it's always a can you get that josh? Or a josh come here, I need your help!

No one there understands me or ever even tries. I'm known as the invisible child who doesn't feel anything.

I'm ignored.

But here, with Luscious and my real family, I feel at peace and nothing will ever change that.

Not even the puny little army that Ava and her boyfriends are conjuring up together.

From what I've seen at the practices, there weak and aren't ready at all for the package that's being delivered to them.

Any day now, Luscious and I will be on top as the true Alpha and Beta of the Sapphire Pack.

Oh no and we won't stop there, trust me. We will conquer and soon everything will belong to us.

Authors Note:

I bet none of you saw that coming. Lol everyone thought Mitch was the trader. Well guess what? He isn't.

Lol any-who, I think I have to change the description of this story.

It's coming to an end soon and it will be shocking!

I tried to put as much of my imagination into it so yeah I guess you can say that I'm proud of my first ever book on Watty coming to a successful end.

This chapter was barely edited sorry0-0

I'm going back to my old old chaps and I'm editing those bc woah!

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