Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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"Ugh. I'm bored" I said maneuvering towards my bookcase filled with all the books I've already read.

Lyndon rolled his eyes and continued to watch my tv, "So, read a book"

I tapped against the already read books.

"But I read them all" I whined sending a glare towards the laying Lyndon.

His head cocked to the back as he chuckled loudly in amusement at the tv.

I plopped onto my bed and sighed.

This, by far, had to be the most retched two weeks of my life. The weeks that Lyndon and Mitch were supposed to switch off and take turns taking care of me.

While everyone was out either staying safe or training at different locations, I was stuck prisoner in my own home.

Lyndon, as you can see, was doing a horrible job. I dreaded the hours we spent together. I mean if he wasn't ignoring me, he'd be teasing me or sleeping.

I just wished that Mitch was here to crack jokes and laugh at me, you know, in that weird, boyfriend type way.

But no, I was stuck with the spawn of satan.

I mean, come on if anything, my grandfather won't even have to come and kill me because Lyndon being here will already be the death of me.

I rolled my eyes and slapped his torso.

I sighed louder than ever trying desperately to get some attention from my horrible babysitter.

"What the hell?, I'm trying to watch my shows, leave me alone" he vented obviously annoyed.

What an ass.

"Leave you alone? Lyndon seriously? Gah! I'm bored. I mean if I'm going to be stuck with you here for the rest of the day, you might as well take care of me" I whined slapping his left bicep once again.

He grabbed one of my teddy bears from my nightstand and threw it at me, "Play with that"

I rolled my eyes and hopped on top of him blocking his gaze from the tv, "That was rude"

He attempted to push me off his lap but I stayed steady, "Ava move. Now"

He said sternly moving his head from one side to the other. He grunted loudly and pushed me off causing me to harshly connect with the floor.

"Ugh! Where's Callie when you need her? Seemed like she was the only one who could tame the beast" I muffled through the tan carpeting.

Lyndon laughed, "Oh please, her? Really, you saw her once and now you think she has some type of control over me? Besides she was a flame"

I popped up from the carpet in shock, "Wait, you guys broke up?"

Lyndon smirked, "There was never a you guys"

I rolled my eyes and sat onto the bed feeling a bit of happiness at the fact. It was an uncontrollable kind of happy that just appeared out of the blue.

I guess my body still reacted towards Lyndon in a way. It was quite a relief that he and Callie weren't together anymore.

I mean despite my feelings for Mitch, I could tell that the mate bond was still strong between Lyndon and I.

"Wow, I just thought-"

"You thought what?" He interrupted, "You thought that I'd gone and fell for someone who wasn't my mate. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to do that with my alpha wolf crawling up my ass all the time?"

Lyndon's face went serious for a second as if in deep thought waiting for a reaction.

I said nothing in deep thought myself.

"Why did you reject me?" I said staring into his green orbs.

His face went soft as he turned completely towards me in silence.

"I told you Ava-"

I turned to him and we faced each other in a crisscrossed manor.

"No Lyndon. I want to hear the real reason. Not some bull crap answer of how you feel like you aren't good enough for me because we both know that that's not true" I spoke out tired.

Tired of this. Tired of not knowing why.

Lyndon sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, " I don't know anymore. At first I thought it was because you weren't good enough for me but then I realized that I made a big mistake"

He scratched the back of his neck as I furrowed my brows, "So what do you think of me now?"

Lyndon looked down at my fingers and grabbed them, "I think that your beautiful. Your smart and your fun to be around. Of course I'm a total douche when it comes to our meetings, but I cherish every moment when I speak to you. Your adorable when you blush and I love it when you stutter"

Had I known before that all this stuff was spiraling through the thoughts of Lyndon Young, I would have addressed it a long time ago.

But now I liked Mitch, who by the way, has no problem with saying whatever's going through his head.

It was like one-half of me loved Lyndon where the other half was infatuated with the idea of being with Mitch.

"Can you say something? Please" He begged. I hated when he was like this and pleading. It took away all hatred I have for him.

He's being genuine. It's not his wolf talking, I can feel it. I know. Sophie rang from the depths of my brain.

An unintentional smile broke out on my face knowing that what he was saying was true.

"Lyndon, I-" I stopped hearing a sudden noise from beneath us, "Did you hear that?"

Lyndon perked up and nodded. He put a finger to his lips and lured me with his hand down the staircase. We tip-toed into the kitchen as we heard another loud bang.

I slowly strode behind Lyndon.

I peeked inside to see a drinking Josh speaking to two rather large men in black, "Oh Josh, it's just you"

I tried to walk towards Josh when Lyndon put his arm in front of me.

He narrowed his eyes towards the two men as if sensing danger, "Who are your friends?"

Josh put his beer down and smirked as I furrowed my brows in confusion.

"Josh, what's going on?"

He let out a menacing sigh, "We are here to take you"

I laughed, "Okay Josh, very funny, but now is not the time to be making jokes"

He re-grabbed his bottle and shattered it into what looked like a million pieces as large men grabbed Lyndon and I.

Lyndon struggled against the man who had attacked him from the back, "Let me go! What's going on? Why do you want us?"

Josh picked up one of the pieces of glass, "For Luscious of course."

Josh glided towards the both of us and smirked, "He's here now and quite anxious. Therefore, we are here now to capture you"

I shook my head and thrashed against the man who had my arms clasped together in the most excruciating way.

"Oh sister, please stop" he spoke gesturing towards the two men still with the piece of glass latched onto his palm,"You see now, these are newbie hybrids who are just waiting for their first kill. So why don't you just do yourself a favor and stop fighting"

I began to whimper and heave.

"Wh-why are you doing this? What, you're gone for one whole week and you're already working for our evil grandfather who, if I may add, is out to kill me?"

Josh rolled his eyes, "Evil?! Oh please Ava, he's everything but!"

I gasped. Lyndon continued to thrash against the hybrid next to me. I could hear all of his painful grunts as the hybrid tightened his grip on Lyndon's arms. I could even hear cracking sounds from my side.

"He just won't stop struggling will he James?" Josh spoke probably speaking out to the hybrid.

I turned my head to the left and gasped looking to the glass in Josh's hand, "Josh what are you doing?! Pl-please let us go!"

Josh tightened his grip on the shard and pressed it into Lyndon's stomach making his body go limp.

"Well, that should keep him down for a while" he huffed out, "Now, let's get going before the vampire shows up. I don't have time for a special edition of Twilight"

I then felt a pang in the stomach as I looked down to see my now bloodstained shirt.

Feeling a tear slip from the boundaries of my eyes, I drifted off into a violent slumber.

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