Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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I woke up cold and afraid.

I felt isolated and paralyzed.

I sat there on the cold surface unable to move. There were chains bound against my wrist and ankles. I cringed as the chipped pieces of metal sunk into the weakened layers of my skin.

My head hung unintentionally low and my neck felt as if there was a large rock growing on the inside of it.

I had been here for almost two days and no one ever came down to see me. All I kept thinking was the worst.

What if they had raided our pack? Or worse, the army?

I mean what happened to Mitch? & Kale, & Trina? What about my mom and dad? Or Luna and Alpha?

I wanted to cry knowing that if anything were to actually happen, there'd be nothing that I would be able to do.

The worst part of it all was that Sophie was nowhere to be found and neither was Lyndon.

Where had they taken him? I kept wondering.

I was so hungry and every single bone in my body felt sore.

"Hey little Luna", one of the guards teased from behind the cellar walls. They had a big one-way mirror in the middle of the room where they could see me, but I couldn't see them.

The only thing I knew about them was that except for my brother, they were all mostly hybrids.

"Is the little lady a bit hungry?" he spoke in such a sinister tone. I whimpered feeling so helpless and pathetic.

Despite the familiarity in the guards voice, I ignored it and continued to think about Josh.

Why would he betray us like this? Why would he do this to me? His sister?

"Where's Josh?!" I screamed with as much power as I could muster, "Why would he do this?"

I said the last part as more of a whisper and sighed.

I was so weak, "Shut up!"

I jumped in sorrow as food was suddenly thrown in through the small slot in the door in the corner of the room.

It reached me with no problem.

I spit on the ground and rolled my eyes at the monstrous concoction that they had called food.

"Where's Lyndon?!"

The, I assumed, male hybrid breathed out and walked in. He looked just like the guy who had visited me that night in my room after I had that nightmare.

I gasped, "You....."

He strutted over towards me with his black attired boots and smirked, "I told you to stay away, but you guys just couldn't- could you? Now you've made granddaddy very angry"

I took in a breath, but didn't show my fear towards the creature.

I knew I had to be strong and intimidating to at least stall until someone came for me.

I had to hold on as long as possible, even if someone didn't come, I needed to stay alive.

I needed to survive.

"I'm not afraid of you" I say, spitting in his face as I did towards the treacherous food not so long ago.

He wipes it off swiftly and gives me one more dazzling smirk, "Well, look who's getting feisty"

My eyes narrowed, "And besides its not me that you need be afraid of sweets. I think it's about time you meet the man in charge"

It was then when he walked in. The man who not only messed up my mother, but has managed to single handedly send fear into the hearts of man with the mere mention of his name.

It was him.



Lyndons P.O.V

I woke up coughing out in a small room with the dim light blazing on my face. I recognized the place as the pack doctors office.

"I think he's awake" I heard from outside the door. It was then when my parents and Avalon's parents had all shuffled in with tissues in their hands. Kale, Trina, Ginger, Mitch, and his seer friend were also here surrounding me.

I blinked a few times and searched for my mate seeing that she was nowhere to be found.

"What's going on?" I asked sitting up with a little help from my mother.

There was a big pang on my bottom torso and I looked down to see a huge wound with a bandage on the top of it.

Why wasn't I healing?

When did I even get this?

"What happened?" I asked hoping that someone could shed some light onto this darkening situation.

The doctor shined a small light in my eyes and began to speak, "We were hoping that you could tell us. The Winters found you a couple days ago passed out on the ground along with a lot of blood. You're a lucky one son, if they didn't get to you in time you-"

I furrowed my brows and put a hand through my hair, "A couple days? I've been out for a couple days? Where's Ava?"

The doctor spoke again, "We don't know. Tell me Lyndon, what do you remember?"

All I could remember was Ava and I on her bed holding hands and that's what I told them. I looked at all the confused faces and met with Mitch's.

We shared an awkward glance, but I shrugged it off.

My chest heaved up and down in frustration.

It was Mitch's turn to then speak, "This is why I brought Jason. He can't find out exactly where she is, but with your help we can find out who took her and why through your bond"

Anything to save my Ava, "What do I have to do?"

I stood up and shoved passed the doctor and my parents. I picked Ginger up and sat onto the chair with her in my arms.

She comforted me sometimes, "Give me your hand"

I gave Jason my hand and my hold tightened on Ginger just a little but.

Despite my uncomfortableness, I had to do this for Ava.

He closed his eyes and clasped it, "Its hard to see, its a little fuzzy"

"Try harder" I said harshly.

He narrowed his eyes at me, but closed them back up again, "I see Ava. She's somewhere- it has a lot of trees and.....- she's in the woods, deep in the woods. She's in a cell. She's scared and she's hungry. Sh-she's-"

He stopped and shook his head, "That's all I've got"

I stood up and set Ginger down, "What do you mean that's all you've got? We need more. The woods? Do you know how many acres of woods there are around here?"

I paced in aggravation, "Come on! You've got to have more than that! It would take forever to get to her! What if- what if by the time we get there she's-"

I almost choked unable to finish the rest of my sentence feeling the lump in my throat begin to harden.

My mother came over to caress my back.

"Everything will be alright Lyndon. I promise you she'll survive this, honey she'll survive"

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