Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Cold Hearted Beast

"Lynie!" Violet whined pulling onto Lyndon's arm. He continued to ignore her and stare at me as if in a trance.

He stood like that for a while 'till he looked away to Violet.

"Yes Violet" he spoke calmly and sweet. His voice was actually quite sexy.

Violet looked to me as if I were new, "Who is this?"

'HIS MATE' Sophie, my wolf, growled causing a little sound to erupt from my throat. Luckily, no one heard it though.

"No one" he said completely turning so that his back was to me and facing her.

Violet wrapped her arms around him still looking to me causing my blood to boil.

"Then why are you still standing there you freak?!" she said aloud shouting at me.

At this point in time, Sophie was about ready to pounce.

'How dare she speak to us like that, let me take control and I'll show that little wench-' This was a side of Sophie that I have never encountered. She was mad and I was scared.

One reason, being that everyone in the cafeterias eyes were now on me and two being that I hated public attraction of any sort.

"I-I-I'm uhh..." I stuttered trying to get some form a word to come out of my now dry mouth, but it wouldn't happen.

So I just looked at my mate who had just turned back around to look at me.

I thought that he was going to give me some kind of comfort to save me from this humiliating situation, but of coarse, I was wrong AGAIN!

"I-I what junior?" Violet mocked. "Lynie, do you know this loser?" she asked turning to my mate with her chin glazing over his shoulder.

I looked away knowing that if I allowed my eyes to look any longer, Sophie would force herself out.

Lyndon brushed Violet off of his shoulder and shook her arms from around his waist.

"She's my mate" he said to Violet causing a series of gasps and whispers to erupt from the looking crowd.

Violets face scrunched up in anger as she looked to Lyndon in disbelief.

"What's your name baby?" he asked ignoring her gaze. My heart skipped a beat as I stuttered out a response.

"Ava- Avalon" I tried, "Avalon Winters" I finally answered.

Violet watched in horror as Lyndon grabbed my hand and my whole body went numb.

He had sincerity in his eyes, but I assure you what he was about to say was not sincere at all and caught me way off-guard.

"I, Lyndon Young reject you, Avalon Winters as my mate" he smoothly said still watching me as my body began to shake with indescribable feelings.

The entire crowd watched me as my entire world came crumbling down. There were some giggles and gasps in the crowd, and I could see a little smirk tugging harshly at Violets lips.

Sophie was beyond upset. I could faintly hear the beginnings of a series of whimpers and cries.

I on the other hand could have just fainted right then and there.

I was ready to drop down to the ground and cry my eyes out, but I didn't. I just stood there for a few more seconds, looked Lyndon in the eyes and I slapped him. HARD.

Trust me, he was not expecting that and neither was the entire cafeteria.

To tell you that everyone's jaws fell to the ground when I slapped him, would have been a huge understatement. I didn't even care though because I was still in so much pain. So instead of allowing everyone to see me cry, I ran.

I ran in wolf form all the way into the forest allowing Sophie to take her anger out on the forest.

She slapped at the ground, clawed the trees, and took small breaks to just cry while thinking,

'He didn't want us Ava"

'Why Ava?'

'What did we do?'

The whole time I stayed in wolf form giving Sophie total control of my body.

After stopping for a slight breath, I dug my claws into the ground and laid my head on top of my soft white fur.

As I lye there, the scene of my rejection replayed over and over again ,continuously in my head causing my wolf to whimper. Familiar tears streamed my fur and I allowed them to. 'He rejected us'. She kept thinking over and over again. 'We were rejected Ava'

Sophie let out another soft cry.

Eventually, we got tired of the tears and I shifted back. I was ready to go home looking like I was just run over by Santa, Rudolph, and the rest of the reindeer along with his sack of toys.

Before heading home, I went over to the stream to clean off the disaster that I was currently calling a face.

My final decision was to not tell my parents about what happened in the cafeteria today or the rejection period. I didn't know what they'd do or how they'd react so I thought that it was just best to keep the whole thing to myself and so I did.

I entered my home through the back door where the kitchen was and suddenly I was squeezed into a tight hold.

"Where have you been?! We've been worried sick about you babe!" Trina whispered. "Avalon how dear you?!"she whispered again in a scared and frightened tone.

"Why are you-"

"Shh... follow me" Trina said grabbing my hand turning around.

"What? Trina this is my house. I think I know wher-" again I was interrupted, but this time it was by my mom who came in wearing her yellow sundress with green leaves painted on top and her black heels clicking away.

When I looked at my mother, she glared.

"You are in so much trouble young lady!" She screamed while walking towards me with her index finger pointing out in my direction. "What you've done can ruin this entire family!" My mother boomed.

'What did I do?' I thought. 'Why was my mother screaming at me?, And 'Why was Trina now looking at me with a slight look of dispare?'

Those questions were important, but the one that had suddenly, out of the blue came up was...

'Why was I suddenly smelling that wonderful scent of cotton candy, blue-raspberry smoothie cologne, and a bit of pepper-mint candy that can make any girls knees go weak at any moment in time?'

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