Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Mission Impossible


My eyes narrowed, "And besides its not me that you need be afraid of sweets. I think it's about time you meet the man in charge"

It was then when he walked in. The man who not only messed up my mother, but has managed to single handedly send fear into the hearts of man with the mere mention of his name.

It was him.


I struggled to pick my head up to see the menace who's destroying my family. I successfully got it up and whimpered at the pain.

He was an old man with grey shaggy hair that clung to the back of his scalp like black on burnt toast.

He seemed tall, but in my current position everyone did, so that wasn't a very valid description.

You could probably see the slight resemblance between he, my mother, and Josh. Each one of them carried the fierce look in their eyes when attempting to be intimidating.

It didn't usually work with my brother or mom, but in this case it was having its affect.

He glared down at me with those orbs of pure evil and smirked, "Hello granddaughter"

I shifted uncomfortably bringing my head back down with a huff. The pain was becoming past the level of unbearable.

I felt like a sack of bones.

"What do you want from me?" I croaked now a little dehydrated from my lack of liquids.

He bent down to my level and brought a finger to my chin as I winced, "You know what I want"

"How could you do this to your own daughter? They did nothing to you. You did this to yourself- not them" I spat.

His grip tightened on my jaw adding to the excruciating pain, "Oh is that what they told you?"

"They didn't have to. Any man who cheats on their mate deserves whatever comes their way. You were a terrible leader who deserved nothing- not even happiness" I whispered the last part as the thought of Lyndon drifted into my thoughts.

My grandfather chuckled, "Well, that's all going to change anyhow. After I destroy your pack, I will destroy your family which means that you, your brother, and your mother go bye-bye. Of course I have to leave your father here, because sending him to hell would be too kind"

He teased and I frowned, "What does my pack have to do with any of this?"

Luscious rolled his eyes and began to pace around the room. The click of his uniformed shoes echoing throughout the cell.

"Your pack is one of the most powerful, correct? Well let's just say that I wanted to do a little redecorating," I could just feel his sinister smirk.

I gave him a questionable look, "What do you mean?"

"Geez, Were you raised in a fucking barn? Did your parents make it this difficult for you to process information?" He laughed, "I'm going to take-over! Make it all mine"

Luscious stopped in front of me and came as close as possible, "I'm going to become the tyrant your parents told you about"

Mitch's P.O.V

My day has been full of shit.

The girl that I think I'm in love with is gone and her "mate" is suddenly on this long road of enlightenment about his feelings for her.

All day we've been looking for her and sharing awkward glances.

Now, we were in the woods being lead by Jason. We were sent by the Luna and Alpha of their pack to find Avalon and get her back home.

It was also our mission to find out what this Luscious guy was up to in terms of attack. We brought half of the training army and left the other half back at the pack house to keep watch just incase Luscious wanted to try anything.

I left them with weapons that would help to extract a hybrid heart which was one of the two only ways to kill them.

The other way was to rip their head off, but I didn't get to that part in training and I was not leaving half of an untrained army with two-seconds of a possible two-hour lesson on how to rip a head off a hybrid.

"Mitch!" I gasped almost falling over as Francesca pulled me back, "Can you get out of your thoughts for five-minutes and pay attention?"

I nodded and blinked twice realizing that we were on the edge of a cliff. On our side was the darkened woods, but on the other was what looked like a glass house filled with a whole bunch of people walking in and out.

"This must be their hiding headquarters" Lyndon spoke, "Lets go!"

I put my hands up in disbelief,"But why would it be all out in the open like this? This doesn't seem right"

I backed the group up with a hazardous look.

"What do you mean? We're at the edge of the woods. This is out in the open to you? Let's go. We have to save Ava" he came closer to me and glared.

I shook my head and huffed frustrated, "No! This can be a trap"

He rolled his eyes and began to walk around the field towards the house, but I stopped him.

"We need to conjure up a plan! You may think you're all high and mighty, but this is a pack- a pack of Hybrids! They will rip you to shreds and not think twice about it. Now I know you care about her, but so do I. You need to think. Maybe that's the reason you lost her in the first place"

He shrugged my hand off his shoulder and glared, eyes turning a very dark shade of black. My eyes were probably blazing a dark red also.

"Don't. Ever. Touch. Me" he spat.

I rolled my eyes and spun around to the group taking a number of heavy breaths. Keeping my cool with this guys was going to be harder than I thought, but at this point I was willing to do anything for my doll even if it meant working with her asshole of a mate.

"Okay! Francesca- you and Lyndon will go around to the front of the house and distract them while Jason and I head inside to look for Ava-"

"No! If anyone should come to find Avalon- it should be me. So I'll be coming with you and that Joey and Franny can go and distract" I sighed deeply and nodded.

"The rest of you can go back into the woods and hide just incase any hybrids come out and find us. Is that okay with everyone?" I waited for most of them to nod, but most importantly twat-don over here.

He gave me a nod and smirked as we began our mission impossible.

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