Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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"Are You?"

Kale & Trina Pic --->

Trina's P.O.V

"Kale? I'm worried about her" I pouted on the verge of tears. Kale walked over to his bed and nuzzled his head into my neck comforting me a little.

He kissed my tears away and sighed, "Babe, I'm worried about her too. But we need to stay strong for her sake. We have no idea what their doing in there, but we have to resist the urge of thinking the worst. I mean they could be beating her face in-"

I gasped and sent daggers, "OR! They could be feeding her cupcakes and watching Peter Pan waiting patiently for us to beat the crap out of them"

I rolled my eyes at his sick obsession and hopped out of his arms beside the bed, "You're thinking about a Disney movie while my best-friend may be out there getting hurt by a bunch of Hybrid crazies and her grandfather?! How inconsiderate are you? Ugh!"

I walked out of his room and into the living room to find little Gingers eyes glued to the t.v screen. She was so beautiful.

My arm was then painfully yanked back and I was then pinned to the wall of the corridor.

"Okay, first- don't ever do that again. Two, I love Ava, of coarse I care about what's happening right now. I just can't stand seeing you cry. Believe it or not, it hurts. I promise you, like my mother said, she'll survive this"

He caressed my cheek and we touched foreheads, "Can we watch Peter Pan now? Or would I be ruining the most perfect moment?"

I gave him a peck to the lips and smiled, "Fine, but just know that I'll be thinking about her the whole time. I just can't help it"

Mitch's P.O.V

"You literally have no sense of direction" I barked ready to tear his heart out. This guy was unbelievable.

We've been circling this place and have been hiding from hybrids for more time then we even had. I wanted to slap myself for even giving him the responsible task of simply leading us to the place where they held my love captive.

We were now at the end of some dark corridor as he sniffed out and about, claiming to sense nothing.

"Your disgusting vamp stench is blocking her scent moron" I ignored his sly remark and refrained from responding.

I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to do, "Well then what if I go to the other side of the house and when you locate her, you can come and get me?"

He growled, "I can't do that either because your scent is masking hers as well"

I smirked a little earning a glare from Lyndon.

That's right, my doll.

"Maybe if you were a better mate, then we'd find her more smoothly", I mumbled under my breath looking around to see what else there was to do.

Lyndon then grabbed my collar and slammed me against the wall in a violent manner, eyes turning black.

"Look! I've about had it with all your stupid mate comments. You little bastard! Stop it. Just stop. It's none of your business about what goes on between me and my mate! Because guess what vamp- as long as I'm alive, I will always be hers and she'll always be mine. There will always be some type of love in her heart for me!, Not you. So I advice you to shut up and act like the temporary piece of shit that you are"

In the midst of containing my anger, I ripped his arms off of my collar and snarled.

"Really? Is that honestly what you believe?" I barked now on my toes, "So you think that all those times that me and my doll spent together were spent with her thinking about you?! Well, news flash moron, if you haven't noticed I can read minds and trust me there were barely any signs of you present. So here's my advice, why don't we both stop sitting here fighting over the obvious, and go find her?"

He rolled his eyes once again and like the immature prick he was, he attempted to lead the way.

I put my arm out in front of him and shook my head, "Follow. Me"


Lyndon's P.O.V

I hated this.
I hated this so much.
She's mine, not his.
He's the asshole, not me. Right?

Am I really that bad? That disgusting?

Did I really hurt her so bad that she didn't even think of me at all?

No. That can't be true. I know she thought about me, hell she may even be thinking about me right this second. She's probably in her cell waiting for me to go towards her with open arms and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

No vampire or evil hybrid-ruling grandfather is going to stop me because I'm done letting things get in the way. At this moment all I want is her, all I need is her.

I need to see her, and kiss her, and make her feel special like I should have done way in the beginning.

I need to be Ava's mate.

"Hey!" Mitch whisper-yelled, "I think I found something"

We were now in a hallway with a bunch of gray doors and walls that had small square windows in them. In most rooms, they had men- hybrids I presume, looking at an even bigger glass.

"Where are we?" I asked more so to myself then him.

"I think it's the basement. I think this is where they keep all their captives" I frowned.

"Wait- so this means she could be in any one of these rooms" It would take forever to find her. Especially because most of these rooms currently had Hybrids guarding from the inside.

Mitch peeked through one of the doors and motioned me over to a door where we heard noises, "Probably not as hard as you think"

"So? Will you do the honors?" The old man spoke probably handing Josh something.

Josh's voice was a little shaky, "I don't know gramps, I didn't sign up for this. I mean, I don't want to kill her"

I heard a thud from behind the mirror, "They're coming for me! I know it! And then you'll be sorry!"

Her voice was still soothing even when she was scared. I mean, the fact that she was even still alive made my heart melt.

I would have even shed a tear if the vamp wasn't here.

Mitch then spoke as we exited the hallway into a small corner, "We need a plan"

I shrugged and then thought for a minute.

As if a light-bulb had lit above my head, it hit me, "I'm going to mind-link my people. I have a plan, but first we need to get out of here fast"

Mitch sent me a suspicious look, "What are you thinking?"

We made our way out the same way we came in and I could tell that by the look on his face that Mitch had read my thoughts.

"Are you sure?" His eyes went wide, "I mean I'm good with that, but I need you to make sure you know what you're doing here"

I nodded and we stared at one another for a minute.

"Well then there's only one question left to answer.." He trailed, "Are you willing to die for her?"

I nodded, "Are you?"

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