Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Ava's P.O.V

I sensed the mind-link that Lyndon had sent all around as he called upon our people. I slapped my forehead knowing that whatever he sent out, not only did I get it, but so did Josh.

Josh then jumped up from his seat as he snickered, "Whatever your little mate has planned isn't going to work. We'll have our hybrids on your pack like peanut butter on jelly"

Lyndon hadn't told anyone why he needed them so urgently, all he had said was that they had found me and that the pack members needed to be prepared for war.

At first, my heart had rang in excitement at the fact that they had found me and were coming to save me, but then it had sunk knowing that it would make it all the more easy for Luscious to kill my mother and take over our pack.

"Please don't tell him Josh" I whispered barely audible at this point. My chains were still painfully scratching along my healing wrists and I got not one beverage.

"He's planning to kill us all" I said causing a glare to come my way.

Josh smirked, "Us? There is no us. We were never a family. Please, he'll kill you, not us"

Josh sent out a sinister chuckle, "You don't even know the whole plan, you naive little girl. You don't know anything, so why don't you keep your thoughts to yourself"

"Josh please!" I hoarsely yelled, "He's using you! He's manipulating you just to get to us so that he can just kill us at once. He said that he was only going to keep dad alive"

"If you tell him that there's a war coming, he'll win. We won't have a pack nor will we even be alive to see it all die" I put my head down hoping that Josh wouldn't go, but my speech was no use.

He was already gone, my brother.

It wasn't Josh anymore, not the Josh I knew.

He was a monster.

I sat there and waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for, but after seeing my brother leave I could tell that there was no use for waiting for anything.

I knew this because in probably just a few hours there will be nothing to wait for. There will be no pack, no Lyndon, no Mitch, no Trina, no Kale, and no family.

The only thing that would be worth waiting for is my death and that truly frightened me. I was scared to finally take that last breath and into the darkness.

I was scared that I wouldn't be able to say goodbye.

It was all just too depressing.

Lyndon's P.O.V

We continued on with our plan and once all the hybrids were lured out of the house, we'd pick Ava up and leave as fast as we could.

"We have exactly twenty minutes before all of them realize that this was a set-up, so we must make every minute count" Mitch explained as we handled the game-plan.

We were now outside the woods that led to the glass-house with the entire pack in front of us.

Everyone nodded after Mitch finished going over the plan.

Kale then came over to me, "I don't want Trina to be a part of this. I mean, I want you to get her after Ava and send them away from the fight. I can't lose her"

I nodded towards my brother and gave him a bear hug like no other, "We won't let anything happen to her, see you later bro"

We spent a couple of minutes going over the plan before Mitch spoke again, "Okay everyone! It's time. And remember- don't think about any part of our plan or else they'll catch on to us before we even get the chance"

We all nodded and took out spots around the glass house. Kale gave me a look as he and Trina spoke. I could see the pain in her eyes as she silently begged to stay with him, but I understood why he wanted what he wanted.

He wanted her to stay safe and I'd want the same thing for Ava. I watched as he gave a her a meaningful kiss and mouthed that he loved her.

I loved to watch my brother and his mate. It made me wonder what could have been with Ava and I.

Mitch shook me out of my thoughts and pointed toward the two figures that had suddenly came out of the house.

It was the same old man that I had assumed was Ava's grandfather and her bastard of a brother Josh.

Josh smirked and looked around, "You can come out now, we know that you're here"

It was sad how oblivious he was to the fact that he was being used. I would weep if he didn't, you know, stab me.

Mitch and I stood up and walked over to the two figures causing everyone else to stand, all apart of the plan.

I wasn't an idiot. I knew that Josh would get the message, but what he didn't know was what was about to happen next.

The old man began to laugh, "This is the pathetic excuse of an army that you have brought to defeat me?"

My face didn't move from its serious motion as the man continued on with his cackles.

The man suddenly stopped and looked to me, "Oh son, why so serious?"

He then turned away and we watched as groups of hybrids came from the house and out onto where we were.

It was like a movie scene from Narnia as they came out all dressed in black in perfect formation. I smirked knowing that they were totally not expecting what was going to happen next.

Everyone stood there tensed eyeing one another until I posed in my stance with my pack understanding their cue.

Mitch and I smirked towards each other before each and every member of the pack set off into a sprint in alternate directions. One set going towards the house while the others ran towards the woods.

This was our plan, to confuse the hybrids before we got into the house.

The hybrids sat their adlibbing to one another as Mitch and I sprint into the house, but not before I had grabbed Trina.

We ran towards where we had originally found Ava and made sure that no one had followed. We knew that Her brother and grandfather was still inside, so we knew to be extra careful.

I held onto Trina knowing that my brother would have killed me for breaking my promise.

"Lyndon take me back, I want to be with him" she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

I ignored her and followed Mitch into The room where they held Ava.

We found her looking worse than ever with her head down. Her once beautiful hair was frizzy and stuck to her moist face like glue.

"Ava?" Mitch was the first to call her whereas I couldn't bring myself to speak.

I hated to see her like this, suffering and just weak. She struggled to bring her head up as I ran towards her and tried as hard as possible not to harshly yank the chains off her body.

I shook scooping her in my arms.

"Lyn-Lyndon?" He tone was hoarse as she turned her head towards me in pain.

"Don't say anything, not a word"

It was then Trina's turn to cry, "Ava how could they do this to you?"

She grabbed Ava into a hug and cried harder than ever, "I wish it was me. I wish they'd taken me. You didn't deserve any of this Ava"

Trina cried and cried as Ava weakly wiped away her tears.

Ava turned around and it was like her eyes had brightened at the sight of Mitch.

He picked her up and she smiled a weak one, "Mitch- you saved me?"

Mitch then held her bridal style beginning to exit out of the cell, "Well it wouldn't be a full rescue without me, now would it"

She cheesed towards him causing a pang in my heart.

She'll never feel that way about me again, would she?

There would never be a Lyndon in that picture, and that was when I knew I blew it.

"We have five minutes! Hurry" we ran outside and I watched as they all fought in battle. One wouldn't believe how many hybrid heads were rolling on the ground.

It had gotten so bad that even Josh and Ava's grandfather had gotten back out to fight, but we were still greatly out numbered and I frowned.

"Mitch, hide them so we can just finish this" I ended using my alpha voice.

I then went alongside my brother Kale knowing that if I was indeed going to die here, then there would be no other person I'd rather be next to.

I bit off three heads. Kale twisted off a head of a hybrid and ripped out a couple of hearts.

I smiled in awe, show off.

I could feel that the battle was almost over until Josh had come over.

"You think you'll win? Ha!" He then began with a punch and kick to my gut.

I bent over and took one of the sticks from the ground to stab him with it.

I then did that a numerous amount of times before throwing him towards Kale.

Kale harshly put his fist into Josh's chest and made sure to painfully extract his heart.

I watched Josh's body go limp.

"He was one of our own and I can't help but to feel bad" I said sadly.

Kale spit with it landing onto Josh's black attired boots, "He was an ass"

I then saw Mitch and watched him fight as he turned to me with a smirk assuring me that the girls were okay.

I then got a knock to the head with a very hard object causing me to go stumbling back a few feet.

I turned to see that it was Ava's grandfather, "You'll lose"

I rubbed the back of my head and watched as Kale shifted into wolf form behind the old man.

The man still staring at me smirked, "No son, you will"

I watched as he launched towards me and as Kale jumped on top of him simultaneously.

The old man stopped abruptly with me staring in confusion. He stood there with Kale attached to his neck.

Kale bit down and the old man yelped, but not before doing the unexpected.

The old man smirked and swiftly grabbed Kale flipping him over to his front side. I went over to help my brother, but I was too late.

He gripped the squirming Kale and ended him with a popping sound.

I cried out and watched as my brothers body went limp onto the ground.

It was then when everything went red and all I remember was that the old man also ended up limp on the ground, bloody and messy.

I cried out and ran over to Kale as I shook his fury body.

"No! No!"

He wasn't supposed to die, I was.

He wasn't the one who planned this, I did.

He didn't deserve any of it, I did.

My brother did not screw every good thing that came into his life, I did.

So why was it that the moon goddess allowed this to happen to him and not me? I will never know.

I looked around noticing that the entire pack was already surrounding us. Even though we had won, I found myself all so sad.

Trina then came over and stared blankly at Kales lifeless body.

"Kale!" She went down to his level and cried out to her mate, "Kale!"

"N-n-no! Please don't leave me! Please don't. Kale I love you! Please wake up"

She shook him as if waiting for him to wake.

I put my head down and sat there not knowing what else to do. I didn't know what else to say or yell.

I felt a warm, gentle hand on my back, "Lyndon"

It was Ava.

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