Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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3 months later...

It's been 3 months since Kale died, and Trina was heartbroken. I felt so bad for my friend because she would never get to see her mate again.

She'd never get to hold him, have his children, and she would never have that happy ending that she'd been yearning for her entire life.

It broke me to even see her the way she was. Sometimes she would have anxiety attacks crying out with her hand on her chest screaming about how she couldn't live without him.

Sometimes it made me want to thank the Moon Goddess for not taking Lyndon away from me. I mean, yes Lyndon rejected me, but I don't think that I would ever be able to live with myself if he were to go.

Speaking of, if anyone was in the most pain at the moment it would have been Lyndon.

Sometimes he'd run into the woods and not be seen for over a week and when he did return, he had no reason for why he was gone so long.

Alpha and Luna Marta were also mourning, but it wasn't as bad as Lyndon. They even had to take their titles back because they said that for one, they didn't believe an Alpha should rule without a Luna and they also didn't believe that Lyndon was mentally stable enough for the title.

I couldn't even bare to see Lyndon the way he was and every time I did see him, I felt the need to comfort him. Each time, however, I knew that he wasn't mine anymore and we would never be together.

Our bond was completely gone and Mitch now had a special place in my heart. Sometimes when Lyndon and I made eye contact in those rare moments, he'd stare with those dark orbs. I could see that he needed me and a little part of me needed him too, but I knew we wouldn't happen.

I knew we couldn't be and that's what killed that little part inside of me. That was the part of me where Sophie would take a bit of me and give it to Lyndon involuntarily.

"Hey doll, are you okay?" Mitch shook me a little and I forced a smile.

We were all now at the Alpha and Luna's house where Trina, my parents, Lyndon, Mitch, and I had sat for a meeting.

This was the meeting where I would tell everyone my big news. It was terrible timing, but I just couldn't stand staying in this pack without constantly being reminded that maybe it was all my fault.

Maybe if I were more aware of everything then I'd know that Luscious was coming and I could've told everyone sooner. Maybe Kale would be alive if I wasn't so stupid.

I should've paid more attention to my dreams or maybe trained harder. Maybe I shouldn't have allowed Kale to leave Trina and I.

I shouldn't have been so oblivious.

I blamed myself for this, for everything.

That was why I was leaving, with Mitch. We were going somewhere far away and never coming back. I do feel bad for leaving Trina, but I just hoped that she'd understand why I was doing what I was. I hoped she understood why I was leaving.

I was just so overwhelmed and I knew that this was the worst time that I could've announced something so serious, but I knew that I couldn't stay.

"Yeah I'm fine" I trailed as Mitch's arm snaked around my waist. I looked over to Lyndon as his eyes bore between Mitch's arm and me.

He looked absolutely terrible. His once beautiful black hair was now knotty and messy. His once gorgeous mocha orbs were now a surrounded by bags and stuck in a depressing state.

Looking at my used to be mate made me want to cuddle up against him and tell him that everything would get better, but I couldn't.

For the time being, all I could do was squirm and nervously tuck a strand of hair behind my ear knowing that I'd be making things worse publicly displaying my relationship with Mitch.

I knew that it was the wrong place and definitely the wrong time.

Trina sat on my other side as I placed a hand onto her back running it soothingly. She hugged my waist and hummed "The Lost Boys" silently to herself.

I could feel the lump painfully growing in my throat thinking about my decision thoroughly before making a stand. I told myself I wouldn't cry and that I would stay strong for my own good, but I guess I wasn't strong enough.

I just wasn't ready for this, and I couldn't believe what I was about to say.

I was going to make everything worse.

My feet stuck to the floor like glue as I struggled to stay up with all eyes on me.

Mitch grabbed my hand and squeezed gently telling me that it was okay.

I smiled and began, "Kale was my best friend and I loved him. Now as you all know, schools been over for quite awhile now"

I could feel the tears welling as everyone looked with curious eyes," Uh- Mom? Dad? I'm leaving"

My heart sunk as I continued to fiddle with my now sweaty fingers.

My father was the first to speak, "Leaving? As in what? Where are you going? Why?"

I cried hearing the pain in his voice, "I'm leaving the pack. As you know, I am now seventeen and I just can't do this anymore. I know that I am hurting you all and I feel like the more I stay the more I hurt you all. Therefore, I'm going to spend senior year someplace else and make everyone's life easier"

My mother whispered, "So we are going to lose you too?"

I swallowed as Trina spoke out, "You're abandoning me? I thought you were my best friend, Ava you can't"

I sighed with my voice shaky, "I just can't stay here with all these reminders of my broken heart, broken family, and broken everything"

I pointed around as the tears slipped away, "I just can't."

I looked to everyone and turned to see that Lyndon's eyes were once again boring into my own. He blinked a few times as his eyes began to turn a dark shade of black and before I knew it, he was gone out the door.

My mother grabbed onto my father and cried as I did too.

"I'm sorry"


Today was the day that Mitch and I were to leave and I had just finished giving all my goodbyes to everyone.

I looked everywhere for Lyndon, but still he was no where to be found. I didn't want to leave him without saying one last goodbye.

"Ready doll?" Mitch turned to me with sad eyes as we put the bags into the trunk of his car.

I looked to everyone who had stood in front of my house to say good bye and smiled seeing that it was almost the entire pack.

Trina ran up to hug me and it felt as if we had stood there for hours clinging onto one another for dear-life, "I'm going to miss you so much. Please don't ever forget me"

I smiled and let the tears fall,"Trina I love you and nothing will ever change that. I should be asking you not to forget me"

She laughed sadly and let go of me, "Ava I love you too"

I wiped her tears as we shared one last hug. It was then my parents turn to come and hug me.

"Don't get into any trouble and call us", My father spoke while my mother didn't even utter a word.

She just stood there and held me occasionally rubbing my back for affect. I smiled in her arms savoring her scent and how she felt so warm against me.

"I'm going to miss you guys, I love you"

I looked to the crowd one last time and looked down sadly with a sigh.

My father tapped me once more while holding out a piece of paper, "Lyndon told me to give this to you"

I grabbed the paper and pushed it to my back pocket sending out a weak wave to everyone.

"Avalon, wait in the car, I'll be back in a sec" Mitch ran into the crowd as I made my way into the passenger seat.

I took out the piece of paper and began to read,

Dear Avalon,

I am writing this letter, not to make you stay or tell you how much I love you, but to tell you that I am sorry. I am sorry for ever rejecting you and pushing you away. I am truly not good enough for you and I know that you may hate me, but I would just like you to know that I am sorry. I'll miss you and I hope that you remember me on your new journey with Mitch. I believe that Mitch truly is a lucky boy for having your heart and no matter what you may think, you will always have a special place in my heart. I wish you the best and more.


Ps. I guess I shouldn't have rejected you huh?

Authors Note:

There may be mistakes so sorry guys.

I may not be good at writing endings •_• sorry.

This book is DONE! Yay.

Okay so was this good? Honest answer because I don't know if it was a good epilogue to be honest.

I'm editing this entire story- but no major changes and I'm updating more books sometime this week so be ready! :)


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