Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Fade To Black

After smelling that smell, all the answers to my questions had arrived.

Of coarse! Why didn't I think before I acted? I just had to let my emotions get the best of me!

'We are never gonna see daylight again' Sophie intervened.

"Come on now!" my mother said agitation clear in her voice. I just looked over to Trina who grabbed my hand in a feeble attempt to sooth me.

Nothing worked

"Are you sure your ready to see him again?" Trina whispered over in my ear. To be honest I didn't know the answer to that question.

Was I ready?

"Yes. I'm sure" I lied.

Sophie trembled inside of me and whimpered as we walked into the living room to see that Alpha Troy, Luna Marta, Lyndon, my Father, and Josh were all seated in the living room.

I felt trapped.

Luna Marta was the first to get up, anger very well present in her voice.

"How dear you slap your alpha?!" she yelped with venom in her voice. "Have you any idea who your messing with? That is your Alpha, your soon to be ruler, and you dared to put your hands on him?! You make me sick."

At that moment, I fought back the tears threatening to leave the overflowing brims of my eyelids.

As the Luna continued to rant, everyone just watched as I stood alone. They just sat there and let her call me disrespectful things, all because I had one sudden moment of stupid.

My welling eyes then connected with a pair of darkening brown orbs. He furrowed his brows and I watched as they dragged down in anger.

"Mother enough!" Lyndon boomed causing the house to rumble. His alpha was beginning to come out and Sophie jumped inside of me.

After Lyndon's loud outburst, everything and everyone went silent.

The Luna just remained in her position and continued to look from Lyndon to me and out of the blue, smiled brightly.

"She's your mate" Luna stated clapping her hands joyfully.

'She's not going to be like that for long after she hears about the-' Sophie was unable to finish her sentence.

'Didn't he, reject you?' Trina mind- linked interrupting Sophie in the midst. I nodded in her direction.

'She doesn't know, does she?' Trina once again asked as I shook my head in her direction and from the corner of my eyes I could see that Trina looked confused.

Josh on the other hand, looked nervous because he too knew about the rejection. My father and Alpha were both silent.

The last person I looked to was Lyndon who looked as if his mother had just read him like an open-book. His expression then turned into regret causing Sophie to silently whimper.

I didn't know what I looked like. Maybe I was shocked because Luna had just found out along with everyone that Lyndon was mine, or maybe I was sad because he didn't want to be, or was it possible that I was sad at the fact that he was never actually going to be mine.

No matter how many people knew that we were mates, it didn't matter because he rejected me and didn't want me. I wasn't wanted. I was going to become one of those women who shriveled up and died.

All these shades of emotions had suddenly clouded up above me and I felt as though life had just thrown a ton of bricks my way. I was a wall, that had suddenly began to fall.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?" My mother asked me "You look a little blue" She said putting her hand onto my shoulder.

My knees went numb and not in a good sense.

"I think she needs a glass of water" Luna said turning around to face me. She also said something else but it sounded faint. Then, one by one my knees gave out and everything went black.

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